My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1596

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It was she who proposed to see the child, but when the nurse actually carried the child back, she was afraid that the secret she had kept for ten months would be found: "Miss nurse, this Did Mr. Qin ask you to bring the baby to see me? "

She said it pitifully, a pitiful look that may cry at any time, but the nurse had no pity for her. To be honest, the nurse despised this kind of woman, and it was not what ordinary people would like to do to sell their uterus first.

But even so, it\'s their own choice. They use their body organs to make money without harming others. However, the woman who clearly took the employer\'s money, but also wanted to pester the employer to not let go, and wanted to see the child made the nurse look down on her: "since you take the money of others, then you know that the child has nothing to do with you after birth. You don\'t eat or drink just to meet children. Do you think it\'s useful for you to do so? " The woman said pitifully, "I know that I know all about it. I know that I should not see the child. I know that I should take the money and disappear from Mr. Qin\'s eyes forever. But after all, this child was born in October when I was pregnant. I still feel a little reluctant. Don\'t worry, I\'ll give the children back as soon as I see them. I\'ll go far and never disturb their family\'s life again. "

"You don\'t have to give it back. Keep it for yourself." Pengshan\'s voice suddenly came from the door, and then his big figure appeared in the room. Surprised, the woman opened her eyes, and the eyes suddenly turned red, "what do you mean, Mr. Peng?"

Pengshan waved to the nurse to go out first. When there were only two of them left in the ward, he asked slowly, "tell me, how did this child come?"

The woman stared at Pengshan in surprise. "Mr. Peng, what do you mean by that?"

Pengshan roared: "I have a bad temper. Don\'t let me repeat the question. Tell me honestly how the child came?" The woman bit her lips, and she looked sad and wronged: "how did the child come? Others don\'t know. Don\'t you know Mr. Peng? You came to me and asked me to be a surrogate mother. Before the surrogate, I had never had any relationship with men. At that time, you were in the operating room all the way during artificial insemination. And the next 24 hours. Who do you think this child belongs to? " Peng Shan was hesitant to listen to the woman\'s reasonable statement. Yes, he found the man and confirmed that he was a clean baby. Later, he asked people to look at her. She had never been in contact with others. Except for the operation, she was unlikely to have another child.

But it\'s more impossible for his family to wrongly a good man for no reason. To be exact, it\'s more impossible for him to say anything without evidence. Pengshan\'s head has always been inflexible, and he can\'t think things thoroughly. His greatest advantage is his loyalty to Qin Yinze, which is also the reason why Qin Yinze has used him for so many years and hasn\'t changed people. So when facing some problems, others can think it through a little. However, when he comes here,

he just can\'t think it through. Seeing that Pengshan was soft hearted, the woman said: "Mr. Peng, I am a clean girl. I sold my uterus because my family is poor and my mother has a serious illness and needs treatment. So I am so humble that I sold my uterus. I don\'t think any girl is willing to sell her body in this way if she\'s not driven to despair. "

The woman\'s voice was soft and weak. With her pear blossom and rain expression, Pengshan felt sad. It made him have the idea of whether the master was wrong for the first time.

After all, this girl is really not a bad girl. These days, she is very good to these people. She has never been able to boast with "dragon seed" in her belly.

Usually, she would cook for her caregivers in person. Her cooking skill is not bad, so her caregivers like her.

Pengshan asked again, "is this child really my master\'s son?"

The girl wiped her tears and stubbornly forced the tears back from her eyes. She was unwilling to cry in front of Pengshan: "whose is it besides him? Can\'t I have a baby by myself? "

If she cries, she makes noise and she quarrels, Pengshan has some cruel ways to clean her up, but she is such a clear and soft wind that can blow, but she still stubbornly does not shed tears. Such a girl is heartbreaking.

So Pengshan\'s heart softened: "well, maybe we made a mistake. You take your child to rest first, and I\'ll ask about the situation."

The woman bit her lips. "Well, thank you brother Pengshan."

Brother Pengshan!

Pengshan only felt gooseflesh all over his body. Damn it, women are trouble. The woman puts the child beside her and gently takes the child\'s hand to her mouth and kisses and kisses: "baby, you are so lovely. When you grow up, you will be like your father, and you will be more lovely. You have such excellent parents, they will give you a bright future, I will not worry about you

. But you must remember to be filial to them and love them. They are the closest relatives in the world. "

The baby didn\'t cry or make noise. He was sleeping with his eyes closed. He didn\'t know if he heard her. But he\'s only three days old, small and small. Even if he hears it, he won\'t remember these words.

After watching this scene, Pengshan felt that this woman really didn\'t look like a schemer. When he went out, he dared to call Qin Yinze: "Sir, are you sure that the child isn\'t yours and his wife?"

Qin Yinze and Ji Rou are on their way home when they suddenly get a phone call from Pengshan. He hasn\'t opened his mouth yet. Who would have expected Pengshan to say that? Qin Yinze is furious: "I said Pengshan, is your child getting worse and worse. No, have you ever gone out with your head? " In front of other people, Pengshan is vicious, but in front of Qin Yinze, he is worse than a little daughter-in-law who is angry. Qin Yinze used to be so fierce, he certainly dared not even speak, but today for the sake of that poor woman, he went out: "first, just I asked that woman, she said firmly that the child is you and your wife. Look at the way she talks and her attitude. It\'s not like she\'s lying. Do you really see if you\'ve made a mistake? "

Qin Yinze suppressed his anger: "forget it, you don\'t have to worry about it. You should contact Chu Yuan immediately and let him take care of it."

Against a scheming man, Pengshan naturally can\'t count on it. It seems that Chu Yuan has to deal with this matter.

Pengshan: "Sir, I......" Then, Pengshan heard the busy phone call. The owner of his family disliked his brain and left the job to another person. This was not the first time for him. Sometimes he thought it was useless.