My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1595

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Some nurses couldn\'t believe their ears and repeated carefully: "Mr. Qin, do you really want to hold the baby to that woman? Aren\'t you afraid that woman will do something else? The more indulgent a woman like that is, the more she will be

As a nurse, it has nothing to do with how these people make trouble with her. The nurse doesn\'t know why. She said two more words today.

Qin Yinze said in a deep voice, "hold it, now."

He didn\'t want to see the child again, and when he saw it, he thought that he had been fooled.

The nurse didn\'t understand what happened, but when she saw Qin Yinze\'s gloomy face, she didn\'t dare to say more or stay more, so she quickly took the child away.

As soon as the nurse left, Qin Yinze called Pengshan. Pengshan didn\'t know that there was such a big event. When he entered the door, he was still smiling. The master got a big fat boy. He must be in a good mood. The people under his hand are better these days. However, after entering the house, Pengshan found that the situation was not right. The master didn\'t laugh, and he seemed to eat people.

He unconsciously touched his neck: "Sir, you have something to do with me."

Qin Yinze\'s fierce eyes swept over and said coldly, "Pengshan, you are brave!"

"Sir, I......" Pengshan doesn\'t know what he did wrong. He looks to Jirou for help. I hope Jirou can help him.

However, Ji Rou, who knows that she is always willing to help them, just looks at him and doesn\'t come out to speak for him as usual, which makes him feel something serious inside.

Over the years, Pengshan and a group of subordinates have sincerely accepted the hostess Ji rou. They are good to Ji Rou, and Ji Rou is good to them. They have made mistakes. If Ji Rou can forgive them, he will plead for them, which makes their life much better.

Qin Yinze knows that Ji Rou is always courting for them, but he also allows Ji Rou to do so. In fact, he does this so that everyone can see the good of Ji Rou, let everyone sincerely work for Ji Rou, think about Ji Rou, and really regard Ji Rou as their master mother.

However, Ji Rou won\'t meddle in such affairs. The premise she helps these subordinates is not to make trouble for Qin Yinze.

Pengshan cried in his heart: it\'s over!

I haven\'t been cleaned up by the master for a long time. I\'m afraid I can\'t run away this time.

"You don\'t know what\'s wrong with you?" Qin Yinze\'s voice is cold again.

Pengshan said sadly, "Sir, please tell me clearly that I really can\'t remember my courage and don\'t know what I did wrong."

Qin Yinze controlled the impulse of kicking Pengshan\'s feet: "whose child is that?"

Pengshan\'s second Leng unexpectedly asked foolishly, "which child?"

Qin Yinze said, "which child do you say?"

Pengshan finally reflected dully, and even thought that Qin Yinze\'s question was funny: "Sir, you are funny to ask this question, isn\'t that child your wife\'s?"

Qin Yinze knew that Pengshan had an elm head on its head, but the conversation just now let him know that Pengshan had nothing to do with this matter: "give you two hours to check and see which link is wrong, and tell me the result."

Pengshan also foolishly insisted: "Sir, why isn\'t that child yours?"

Pengshan remembered clearly that he saw the woman sent to the operating room with his own eyes, and he waited until the operation was finished. After the operation, the doctor told him that the operation was successful, and then he could observe for a few days. There was no big problem.

After the operation, the woman asked him to stay in a place and be monitored 24 hours a day. In addition to him and a doctor, there was also a nurse. The woman could hardly see anyone else. Which link was wrong? Why didn\'t he notice at all?

Qin Yinze looked at the past, and his eyes sank a little: "what do you say?"

Pengshan said quickly, "well, don\'t be angry. I\'ll check."

Looking at Pengshan\'s back, Ji Rou couldn\'t help laughing: "look at you. What did you do to Pengshan. He ah, with such a master as you, I\'m afraid he\'ll live in fear every day. " Qin Yinze\'s eyes suddenly softened when he looked at Ji rou. He poked at her nose and said, "it\'s his blessing to meet such a master as me. Someone else has kicked him away. Besides, I punished him usually? It\'s not that he made a mistake himself, and I don\'t know where the mistake is.

I didn\'t punish him extra, and I\'m very worthy of him. "

Ji Rou said with a smile: "mmm, you are not only a good husband and leader, but also a good father in the future In a word, you are good. "

Qin Yinze: "don\'t you think so?"

Jirou: "I said you are."

Qin Yinze suddenly holds her face and lowers his head and kisses her lips: "look at your little mouth, it\'s more and more slippery."

He said a pun, let Ji Rou blush: "baby will hear, don\'t mess with our baby."

Qin Yinze covers Ji Rou\'s stomach: "Dad is talking to mom, baby don\'t eavesdrop."

Ji Rou: "OK, childish, I\'m a little tired. Let\'s go home."

After seven months of pregnancy, Ji Rou has a big stomach like she is going to have a baby, so she is very tired every day.

Qin Yinze quickly helped her: "you must be tired running to the hospital these days. I\'ll have a good rest at home from tomorrow. I\'m not allowed to go out without my permission. "

"Bully!" Ji Rou smiled and said, "Qin Yinze, don\'t you go to see that woman? Don\'t confront her face to face? "

Qin Yinze carefully supports Ji Rou: "who does she think she is? Strictly speaking, she doesn\'t even count as a runner beside me. Do you think it\'s necessary for me to see her? "

What Qin Yinze wants is the result. He doesn\'t need to solve these problems at all. Because that woman is not his child\'s surrogate mother now, it has nothing to do with him.

Jirou shook her head: "you! How can we be so affectionate and so heartless? "

This man has a deep affection for her. When he treats her tenderly, he can melt her heart.

This man is merciless to other women. He can break one\'s heart when he is merciless.

But his treatment was right. The woman had nothing to do with him. He didn\'t need to see her.


Just as they were going home, the nurse took the baby to the pregnant woman\'s ward.

Surrogate mother is to give birth to children for Qin Yinze and Ji rou. The treatment is quite good. It\'s an independent ward with complete decoration equipment. Strictly speaking, it\'s no worse than five-star store.

But she enjoyed such treatment, but she did something deceiving. The child estimated that she knew who it was. Seeing that the nurse really brought the baby, the woman was very surprised, not surprised, but there were a lot of unclear emotions.