My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1592

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Qin Yinze said: "I don\'t want to be nervous, but because of you and the baby, I can\'t control myself."

His words, listen to a warm heart of Jirou: "you ah, where there is a little bit of Qin Yinze I knew that year. It\'s like a wife slave. "

Qin Yinze, the man who protects her, is really to the point of magic Zheng.

She ate the food, he went to the fresh supermarket to buy it himself, and after buying it, he stared at the kitchen to make it. The meal was so, there was no day off. And this period of time, he is still learning cooking. If his cooking is good, I think he has to go to the kitchen to help her cook. Qin Yinze was worried about her food safety. However, it\'s not necessary to be nervous until she moved a little. His whole divine scripture is tense.

For example, if she wants to go out, she must be accompanied by him. If she wants to go out, she can\'t be accompanied by her mother. So these days, either she stays at home or she must be accompanied by him. Most of the time, Jirou feels that she is going to be choked by his nervousness.

But what Qin Yinze has done, Ji Rou can understand. He is worried about her and her children, so she will do what he arranges and never let him worry more about her and her children.

Hear Ji Rou say so, Qin Yinze picked pick eyebrow, a little dissatisfied: "no matter what kind of me, you must like it."

Well, I just said that he was not like him, but this bullying was no different.

If she really doesn\'t like him, she thinks he can really bully her to continue to like him, otherwise he will let her disappear from the world.

However, Jirou never worries about such a situation. To be honest, she loves this man so much that she can\'t bear to live with him. How can she dislike him.

In her eyes, no matter what he looks like, she loves him.

Because his transformation is only for her. When facing other people, he is still Mr. Qin in minluo city. He is a big man who everyone is afraid of, and a big man many people can\'t climb.

Her Ji Rou is to repair the blessing of several lives, in exchange for his love.

In order not to let Qin Yinze continue to worry, coupled with the fact that such a small child can\'t be held for too long, Ji Rou turned around and carefully handed the child to the nurse: "Miss nurse, please take the child back to the nursery for birth care, thank you."

The nurse took over the child and said politely, "Mrs. Qin is not polite. It\'s our responsibility to take care of the child."

When the nurse took the baby away, Ji Rou said to Qin Yinze, "she helped us to have such a healthy and fat child, but I don\'t think you look very happy. What happened?" "For a moment and a half, I can\'t accept the fact that I am a father." Qin Yinze\'s heart is choking, but he doesn\'t want to bring this emotion to Ji rou. The child has come to the world. No matter how he comes, he and Ji Rou\'s children. He should shoulder a father\'s responsibility of

and love the child well.

Jirou stabbed him in the chest: "Xiaojian is so much younger than you. Now his children are four years old. As the eldest son of the Qin family, as the elder brother of Ranran and Xiaojian, your child was born today. Tell me that you are not ready to be a father. "

Qin Yinze gently hugged Ji Rou in her arms and pasted her large palm on her raised abdomen: "it\'s not that she was not ready to be a father, but that she couldn\'t react for a while. But give me another day and I should be able to adjust to the fact that I have children. "

Ji rouwo is in his arms, holding his waist tightly, murmuring: "in the future, no matter what happens, our baby and I will accompany you, so don\'t be sad, don\'t be sad, and always be good, understand?"

Qin Yinze nodded: "of course."

The reason why Jirou said such a thing is that Dai Li helped her find out some things. The child that the surrogate mother was pregnant with may not be the child of her and Qin Yinze, but this is also the suspicion of Dai Li and Ji rou. They can\'t give strong evidence.

Before taking out the evidence, Ji Rou asked Dai Li to keep the secret with her. After the baby was born, she quietly did a DNA paternity test. If the result is confirmed and the baby is not theirs, she told Qin Yinze.

If it is confirmed that the child is theirs, she asks Daley to find a way to quietly destroy the information she has found, and she will personally apologize to the surrogate mother. In order to ensure the authenticity of DNA parent-child identification, DNA parent-child identification center needs to be identified twice by different identification staff, especially for the conclusion of excluding parent-child relationship like them, which is even more sloppy. Only after two experiments by two identification staff, can

draw a conclusion. Dai Li secretly helps the trusted appraisers contacted by Ji rou. She has already given money to speed up the emergency to let them get the results, but it will take at least three days to wait for the results to come out, so Ji Rou will have to wait three days to know whether the baby just now is her and Qin Yinze\'s child. During the three days of waiting, Ji Rou will take time every day to visit the baby in the hospital, tease the baby, talk with the baby, take over the work of the nurse and feed the baby herself. Although it\'s not sure whether the baby is her own or not, Ji Rou\'s care for him is similar to her own son\'s.

Today is the third day of the baby\'s birth and the day of DNA parent-child identification. Ji Rou is worried about the result because she is so anxious to know. When she takes care of the baby, she is absent-minded and looks at the mobile phone which is put aside from time to time. She wants to take care of her children, and Qin Yinze naturally wants to accompany her. After two days of heart building, today Qin Yinze is willing to reach out and hold the child. When he holds the child, he finds that Ji Rou is a little upset. He holds the child in front of Ji Rou: "son, ask your mother what\'s the matter? Let her say it. We two men will help her out. "

Ji Rou can see that Qin Yinze didn\'t accept this child very much at the beginning. After these two days of getting along with each other, plus that the children are angels and are in the same place, Qin Yinze also has feelings with the children, especially listening to him, Ji Rou\'s heart is slightly quivering.

Qin Yinze has accepted this son. If the DNA parent-child report proves that the child is not theirs, then Qin Yinze will be very sad. Because she was worried about Qin Yinze, Ji Rou began to hesitate again. If the baby is not their child, would she like to tell Qin Yinze the truth?