My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1589

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At the end of the war, he also had this idea in his mind. At this time, Zhuang Momo coincided with his idea. He looked at Zhuang Momo and then at Hu Qiaoqiao and Jia Zhuangsheng\'s second student: "Miss Hu, what do you think of this opinion, Mr. Jia?" Jia Zhuangsheng said: "I think Momo\'s proposal is very good. It\'s much safer to build a temporary residence on those big trees than other places on the island. There are beaches on the sea, but as long as the tide rises, the beaches will be flooded. It\'s not safe for us to build temporary shelters on the sand. Secondly, there are many brambles and thorns in the forest, and we don\'t know what kind of creatures will come and go. In contrast, it\'s our best choice to build a temporary shelter on a big tree. "

Hu Qiaoqiao nodded and agreed: "Momo and Jia have reached the point of analysis. I raise four hands to agree."

Xiao Jia said with a smile, "raise your third and fourth hands and let me have a look."

As soon as Hu Qiaoqiao raised his foot, he would kick Xiao Jia: "see, my third hand and fourth hand."

"If it\'s a hand, I have a fifth," said Jia

"The fifth hand? Where do you have the fifth... " Speaking of this, Hu Qiaoqiao suddenly understood what Jia Zhuangsheng\'s fifth hand meant. He raised his foot again and quickly kicked Jia Zhuangsheng. "Jia Zhuangsheng, dare to play hooligan in front of my mother, be careful that my mother has abandoned your fifth hand." Just now, we were worried that the atmosphere of living on the island was not easy to change for the better in a moment when the two were fighting. Seeing that everyone was relaxed, Zhan took the opportunity to say: "OK, let\'s listen to your suggestions. And I also want to say a word to you, the four of us don\'t want to come out for training this time, we just want to go out for a holiday, so think about it, and feel happy in an instant. " Zhuangmomo cooperated and said: "that\'s it. I\'ve seen some documentaries before. Some people go to Amazon on their own. Amazon is a tropical rainforest, where poisonous snakes and other things can be seen everywhere, but there are still people running there. What a good chance we have now, or the troops are throwing them in helicopters

At the end of the battle, he said, "look at your stinginess."

Zhuangmomo: "of course, no one is as rich as you and your son."

Zhan Li stared at her at the end and didn\'t want to quarrel with her: "now let\'s find a suitable tree to build and see what\'s suitable for building a nest."


With the efforts of four people, we soon found four trees with good geographical location and suitable for temporary residence. After finding the big tree, we will work together to find some branches, leaves, barks, etc. as the materials for temporary shelter.

It took about an hour to build their own nests. It is said that the small nest is not inappropriate, because they are built at will on the big tree. They can sleep in the nest at night, and can see the beach not far away when they lie in the nest during the day. At the end of the war, they are very optimistic: "look, our invincible forest view and sea view double view houses have been built successfully, happy

welcome tourists to visit and stay, the price is fair, and choose our house absolutely I will not suffer losses, and I will never be deceived. Never miss it when passing by. "

Hu Qiaoqiao sits on his nest, hangs out his half legs and jokingly says: "our war childe is optimistic."

Jia Zhuangsheng also extended his head out of the nest: "our war master has always been like this, but you are lack of the eyes to find his advantages."

Zhuang Momo: "..."

These people have learned to flatter the end of the war, and depending on the situation, it seems to work for the end of the war.

Hu Qiaoqiao and Jia Zhuangsheng boasted, but Zhuang Momo didn\'t. at the end of the war, he picked up a tree and threw it at Zhuang Momo: "Zhuang Momo, can\'t you boast about me? Praise me and I will die

Zhuangmomo patted off the branches thrown from the end of the war: "they all boasted. I\'m not alone."

Zhuang Li said stubbornly, "yes, they all boast, and you are the only one left. Can\'t you boast about me?" Just now, she thought that the man at the end of the war is actually reliable. In a short period of time, she could take everyone to build a temporary residence. Look, just now she thought he was good. This man played with his temper in an instant. Zhuang Momo didn\'t have a good way of speaking: "Mr. Zhan, the road people are living in the wild,

not playing games, can you not be so naive?"

War from the end said: "who said we are playing in the wild survival?"? Who says we\'re not playing games? We\'re here today, aren\'t we just playing a game? "

Zhuang Momo sighed, "forget it, I\'m too lazy to fight with you."

But Zhan limo didn\'t want to. He didn\'t hear zhuangmomo praising him. He just felt upset: "zhuangmomo, why can\'t you boast about me when you just said so much nonsense? Can I waste your saliva or something? " Zhuang Momo knows the temperament of the end of the war. He is a multifaceted man who can do great things and play hooligans. Pretending to be a rogue is also a strength of him. If you keep fighting with him, she will not be able to finish the next thing today. She surrenders: "OK, how are you, Mr. Zhan? You are the best,

people admire you."

When he heard the voice of Chuang Mo Mo deliberately pretending to be a whine, Zhan Li felt numb on his scalp and gooseflesh all over his body. He despised him and said: "Chuang Mo, speak well. If you don\'t have a woman\'s appearance, don\'t speak in a woman\'s voice. "

She is a woman, what is no woman\'s appearance like a woman\'s voice.

At the end of the war, the words were like a knife, inserted into the heart of Zhuang Momo, which made him angry and bleeding. He wanted to scold him back, but it was the most important thing to unite when he wanted to go out. Forget it, bear with it. Bear with it, and everything will pass.

Seeing Zhuang Mo choking, Zhan Li was happy and whistled happily: "it\'s almost noon. Let\'s see what we can get."

"There are fish, shrimp and crabs in the sea," Jia said

War away from the end: "then go to catch."

Joe Hu: "I can really catch it."

Zhuang Momo: "ha ha --"

the war is not good again: "Zhuang Momo, what\'s your strength?"

Zhuangmomo: I\'m afraid you\'ll be eaten by fish when you catch fish

Hu Qiaoqiao: "Momo, everyone is in the mood. Don\'t pour cold water."

Zhuangmomo took the lead in getting down the tree: "well, you are responsible for catching fish, I am responsible for drying salt, let\'s find a way to get a big meal."

Hu Qiaoqiao said with a smile, "yes, this is the Zhuang Momo I know." Zhuangmomo has never been a quitter. The reason she said that just now is that she wanted to kill the spirit of the war. To be honest, sometimes when she saw the high spirited and proud appearance of the war, she was very envious.