My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1586

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It\'s not that Zhuang Momo gave Hu Qiaoqiao a powerful hug: "Qiao Qiao, come on!"

Hu Qiaoqiao: "well, let\'s cheer together! Don\'t disgrace the women in our team! "

Zhuangmomo said, "your performance has always been very good. When did you disgrace the women soldiers in our team?" "I mean later," Hu said. My family has been a soldier for two or three generations. After my grandfather and father retired, they always yearned for life in the army. So under their influence, I went on the road of becoming a soldier without hesitation. But I don\'t want to retire as soon as I\'ve been in the army for

years. I want to make more military achievements with my own efforts and hope that I can spend my whole life in the army. " Zhuang Mo Mo nodded and agreed: "we should all work hard to fight for a look."