My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1585

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She couldn\'t say anything more, only vaguely heard her heartbreak. Their family raised their younger sister as a boy since childhood. It\'s OK. There\'s something wrong with it. Just now, she said that she would help her little sister to find a way, but she just wanted to talk.

Now the truth is in front of her. What should she do?

For the sake of my little sister\'s happiness, I let go.

But their thoughts are more traditional. I\'m afraid it\'s hard to accept the little sister.

Zhuang Yindi is very tangled. She doesn\'t know what to do, but she is more distressed. She is distressed about how to go after her sister.

"Second sister, it\'s not what you think. Don\'t worry about it. I\'ll go first." Worried about Hu Qiaoqiao\'s nonsense, Zhuang Momo drags Hu Qiaoqiao to the outside. Just after walking far, Hu Qiaoqiao laughs at Zhuang Momo and says, "Momo, how are you? I\'m doing well."

Zhuangmomo was so angry that he could hardly breathe out fire. He couldn\'t help but increase his voice: "Hu Qiaoqiao, you are going to kill me, and you are doing well."

Joe Hu scratched his head. "What\'s killing you? I\'m trying to help you."

Zhuangmomohuo Avenue: "can you help me? How can you help me? " Hu Qiaoqiao hugs one arm of Zhuang Momo and shakes it gently: "Momo, your second sister wants to dress you up beautifully and arrange a blind date for you. You don\'t want to, so you lie that you are gay. As soon as I know that you have this idea, I don\'t care about my personal reputation and deliberately let my second sister misunderstand us that we really have a relationship. You said I didn\'t help you. Can I still hurt you? "

Zhuang Momo really wants to bite Hu Qiaoqiao: "who told you that your second sister is arranging a blind date for me?"

"Isn\'t it?" Hu Qiaoqiao smiled sheepishly, thought about it carefully, and then said, "Mo Mo, if the second sister doesn\'t want to arrange your blind date, why are you busy helping you dress up and send this to that as soon as you go home?"

Zhuang Momo: "because my second sister loves me more than anyone else, she would like to give me all the good things in the world. How can she force me to go blind date?"

The second elder sister Zhuang Yindi\'s heart, Zhuang Momo, will not be confused, but she has her own way of life, and may not think that what is good is what she wants.

Hu Qiaoqiao finally realized that he seemed to have helped out, and scratched his head awkwardly: "Momo, just now I overheard your conversation with the second sister, I thought she was forcing you to have a blind date. I know you certainly don\'t want to, so I thought of a way to help you. I\'m sorry! "

Zhuangmomo nodded Hu Qiaoqiao\'s forehead: "Hu Qiaoqiao, you are a waste of your brain not to be a screenwriter.

"Hu Qiaoqiao giggles a way:" be, wait for me to retire hind I turn a profession to do a screenwriter

Zhuang Momo: "Hu Qiaoqiao, you deliberately annoy me."

Hu Qiaoqiao holds Zhuang Momo: "Momo, this is my fault. I should be punished for my mistake. I\'ll wash your clothes for a week. "

Zhuangmomo: OK, it\'s up to you

Joe Hu: "it\'s up to you."

How to do, she suddenly has a kind of feeling of being trapped by Zhuang Momo.


I don\'t know if it\'s fate. Zhuang Momo and Hu Qiaoqiao met Zhan Liming and others on their way to Canada.

Zhan LiMao and Hu Qiaoqiao did not refuse to take a ride with them. In order to save money and fuel, they got on the car.

After getting on the bus, both of them pushed Xiaojia out and left the war to the last man. He was upset and said, "I said, two ladies, I\'m such a big man, can\'t you see or what?"

"Mr. Zhan, you are so bright. Sitting in this car, you can blind our eyes. How can we not see you?" Hu Qiaoqiao said

Zhuang Momo nodded and cooperated.

At the end of Zhan Li, he glared at Hu Qiao Qiao and looked at Zhuang Mo maliciously: "Zhuang Mo, I have something to ask you."

Zhuangmomo said, "what\'s the matter?"

Because of the previous rescue and condolences to the families of the victims, the relationship between the end of the war and Zhuang Momo has been eased a lot. When the two meet again, they can politely say a few words without quarreling.

At the end of the war, he stared at Zhuang Momo for a long time, and then slowly asked, "Zhuang Momo, do you have a sister or sister?"

Zhuang Momo watched warily at the end of the war: "why do you ask?"

But Zhuang Momo\'s vigilance was useless. Hu Qiaoqiao nearby replied quickly: "Momo has two elder sisters. They are super beautiful beauties. When a man sees them, he can be moved to do everything for them."

It\'s not huqiaoqiao\'s exaggeration. In her opinion, the two sisters of Zhuang Momo are really so beautiful, especially the walking posture, the elegant and beautiful temperament. It\'s just to give her another 100 years to practice huqiaoqiao\'s temperament. I don\'t think she can practice that temperament.

At the end of the war, he was suddenly excited: "really? Do you have any pictures of them? "

At the end of Zhan Li\'s excitement, it wasn\'t because of hearing about the beauty, but it was most likely that the two sisters of Zhuang Momo were the beauty he met in the hospital on his last vacation. Last time he didn\'t find the woman, he went back to the army. Later he asked someone to check it for him. But after so long, the man didn\'t contact him. He was about to forget about it. Not long ago, about half an hour ago, the man he entrusted suddenly called to tell her that the beautiful woman was Zhuang Momo.

Not only the name is the same as Zhuang Momo, but also the home address is the same as Zhuang Momo But at the end of Zhan Li, I remember very clearly that the beautiful woman I saw that day had long hair and snow like skin. Her face was as tender as a boiled egg that had just broken its shell. Look at Zhuang Momo. He has shorter hair, dark skin and strong body. He doesn\'t look like a woman. There\'s nothing similar to the beautiful girl he saw last time. So these two Zhuang Momo are just the same name. They are definitely not the same person.

The same name, the same home address, but looks totally different, so they are definitely not the same person. After thinking about it, Zhan Li finally comes to the conclusion that it is likely that the sister of Zhuang Momo signed the name of Zhuang Momo. In fact, the beauty is not Zhuang Momo at all.

After having such an idea, Zhan limo can\'t wait to confirm with Zhuang Momo. He happens to meet Zhuang Momo on the way back to the army, so the opportunity comes. Zhan limo doesn\'t want to miss it, so Xiao Jia asks Zhuang Momo and the two of them to get on the bus and go together.

"No photos But next time the army is off, let Momo take you back to their home. " Zhuangmomo knew that Zhan Li\'s last bitch was lecherous. She was not only good at women, but also good at men. Now her claws want to reach out to her two elder sisters. How could she let Zhan Li\'s last wish: "Zhan childe, my two elder sisters have their own sweethearts. I advise you to give up your ideas as soon as possible, or I won\'t be polite to you."