My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1584

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At the same time, Zhuang Momo is saying goodbye to his family: "Grandpa, parents, second sister, I\'m going to the army now." Zhuang Momo performed well in the army. Last time, Grandpa saw her on the TV again. Grandpa finally felt that his granddaughter was no worse than other\'s grandson. This time, Zhuang Momo went home, and grandpa\'s attitude toward her also improved greatly: "Momo, alone in the army, be careful. Don\'t Hurt where you touch. The family will worry about it "

In the past, even if Grandpa was good to Zhuang Momo, he would not express it directly. He always taught Zhuang Momo with a serious face. Now he can make grandpa treat him like this. Zhuang Momo\'s heart is also happy: "Grandpa, I know. Your health is not good. You should take good care of yourself. "

Grandpa Zhuang said, "well, don\'t be such a woman. Go to the army."

Zhuang\'s father and mother also said, "Momo, mom and dad have nothing to do with it. They just hope you can make more phone calls at home when you can make a phone call. Let\'s listen to your voice."

Zhuang Momo nodded: "Mom and Dad, I remember. Let\'s all go inside and don\'t send any more. "

Zhuang Yindi, the second sister of Zhuang Momo, carries a simple bag of Zhuang Momo\'s luggage: "Grandpa, mom and Dad, I\'ll take him downstairs."

Zhuangmomo said, "no need, second sister."

Zhuang Yindi looked at her and said, "I want to send my sister. What are you doing?"

Zhuang Mo has no choice but to follow Zhuang Yindi to go out and enter the elevator. As soon as the elevator door is closed, Zhuang Mo immediately says, "second sister, I\'m so good now. Don\'t buy me wigs or other things later. It\'s very annoying to wear them on your head." Zhuang Yindi stared at Zhuang Momo and couldn\'t help but reach out and pinch her ear: "my silly sister, why are you so stupid? Do you see what you look like now? Even if you cut a shallow flat head, you also need to turn your skin black. There is no such thing as a girl of your age. I\'m going to tell you that if you go on like this, who will treat you as a woman? Do you want to get married? "

Zhuang Momo murmured: "second sister, I\'m still young, I don\'t think so far. Besides, I don\'t think it\'s bad for a person to live a lifetime. Why do women have to marry? "

Hearing this, I wish I could turn Zhuang Mo\'s ear off: "Zhuang Mo, you really want to piss me off."

Zhuang Momo: "elder sister, I\'m going back to the army, and I won\'t be angry with you when I go back to the army." Zhuang Yindi wanted to wring Zhuang Mo\'s ears off, but she also felt sorry for her sister. She was reluctant to give Zhuang Mo a heavy hand: "I shouldn\'t have let you be a soldier at the beginning. I used to be a boy, but now I\'m deliberately done by you. Even I wonder if you are a woman."

Zhuang Yindi loves her sister very much. She is afraid that the boy will not marry her. She specially spent money to buy some skirts, wigs, skin care products, etc. for her sister. She wants her sister to live like a woman.

However, her sister can\'t understand her mind at all. She just doesn\'t want the gift she bought. Last time I went home, Zhuang Yindi forced Zhuang Mo to dress up. She also forced her to wear the wig she bought. She dressed up as a beautiful girl. This little girl\'s facial features are exquisite. If she dresses up casually, many people will be compared. Even when she looks at her, she will be moved. Those smelly men will definitely be moved.

Who knows that Zhuang Momo said it\'s too troublesome after wearing a wig, but she didn\'t want to wear it again. She spent a lot of money on the skirt she bought. The little girl turned around and donated it. She bought the maintenance products for the little girl. The little girl turned around and gave them away.

If this girl was not her own sister, Zhuang Yindi thought she would strangle her.

Zhuangmomo replied quickly: "you say it\'s a man, I\'m a man. There\'s nothing wrong with that."

Zhuang Yindi suddenly thought of something, and her eyes widened with surprise: "Zhuang Momo, don\'t tell me, you like women."

"Second sister, what are you thinking?" Zhuang Momo has a headache. Her second sister\'s brain hole is too big. She just thinks that dressing in Unisex in the army can save a lot of trouble and facilitate her daily training, and don\'t let the male comrades in the team think that she is a girl.

Zhuang Yindi said, "Zhuang Momo, tell me quickly, is the girl you like waiting for your Huqiao Qiao outside?"

Being pestered by his second elder sister, Zhuang Mo was so angry that he quickly vomited blood: "elder sister, I told you to stop talking nonsense. How can you give me the right number to take the seat?" Zhuang Yindi said in a hurry, "take your seat to the right number? So I guessed it right. You really have a secret that can\'t be said between you and that Joe Hu. I\'ll tell you, I\'ve never seen a friend you brought home to play with. Last night, you went to bring back a woman for the first time. To say that there is no special relationship between you,

I will certainly not believe it. " Zhuang Momo stroked his forehead: "second sister, I really have a special relationship with Hu Qiaoqiao, because there are only two female soldiers in our recruit team, I and her. We train together and live in the same dormitory. Of course, our feelings are better than others. But this time I took Hu Qiaoqiao home, just because her home is not in Jiangbei, and I can\'t go back on the last day of the holiday. I\'ll tell you, if you say it again, you\'re not my second sister. "

Zhuang Yindi shook her head and said, "look at you, you are guilty."

Zhuang Momo: "..."

She said so much, her second sister still has to think, she doesn\'t want to explain.

The elevator door suddenly opened. Zhuang Momo wanted to take the backpack in Zhuang Yindi\'s hand: "sister, I\'m leaving."

Zhuang Yindi grabs Zhuang Momo\'s hand and says with heartache, "Momo, please talk to the second sister. If you two really love each other, I will try to help you. Such a big thing, you must not hide in your heart alone, a person holding for a long time to hold back the disease

Zhuang Momo: "second sister, the more you say it, the more outrageous it is."

Just when Zhuang Mo was speechless, Hu Qiaoqiao, who was waiting downstairs for Zhuang Mo, suddenly appeared in front of their sisters, adding: "sister two, we are not the kind of relationship you imagined, we are innocent."

In fact, Hu Qiaoqiao\'s words are nothing, but in combination with Hu Qiaoqiao\'s empty expression and her deliberate glance at Zhuang Momo, it is almost indirect to tell Zhuang Yindi that there is an improper relationship between her and Zhuang Momo.

Zhuang Yindi: "..."

Zhuang Momo: Hu Qiaoqiao, you want to kill me

Hu Qiaoqiao deliberately put on a look of grievance: "Momo, what\'s wrong with me saying that? This is not what you asked me to say to your family. Oh... No, I was wrong. I\'ll shut up right away. " Zhuang Yindi stroked her forehead and her mouth was O-shaped: "..."