My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1582

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A family of three happily went back to the house, where Qin Xiaobao was busy making arrangements. She brought a dish to the table. She looked forward to the end of the war. She wished her cooking skills could be recognized by her son. He praised her from the heart: "son, if you wash your hands, you can taste the dishes your mother made."

"Well, I\'ll try it." At the end of Zhan Li, he picked up his chopsticks and put a clip of fried thin meat shreds with green peppers into his mouth. Well, the meat was in his mouth. He had only one idea. He wanted to spit it out, but he choked up Qin Xiaobao\'s eyes and swallowed the shreds with a smile.

To be honest, he didn\'t eat less stir fried shredded pork with green peppers before. The thin meat that others stir fried with starch is still something. It tastes smooth, fragrant and tender, which is called delicious.

Look at the thin meat shreds fried by his mother. I don\'t think they have a good command of the heat. After that, the meat tastes very old. It\'s like eating a rubber band. It\'s full of chewing.

"Son, mom, this dish is good." Qin Xiaobao is very happy to see Zhan limo take a big bite of her fried meat. He really thinks his cooking has improved a lot.

"Mom, I\'ll try this again." Just take a mouthful and boast. I don\'t think I can believe it after boasting Qin Xiaobao. At the end of the war, I just went out and tasted several dishes.

After tasting, he concluded that the dishes cooked by his mother were really hard to eat, and his mother\'s cooking skills had not improved at all: "Mom..."

When he saw the end of the war, Qin Xiaobao understood. His eyes dimmed a lot: "the dishes made by my mother are so terrible."

Qin Xiaobao\'s cooking has not improved, but at the end of the war, he saw Qin Xiaobao\'s love for himself and a mother\'s love for her son.

If Qin Xiaobao doesn\'t love him enough, she doesn\'t have time to cook in person.

In such a way, at the end of Zhan Li, I really think these dishes on the table are delicious. They are really the most delicious delicacies in the world: "Mom, it\'s only a few months away. How can you improve your cooking so fast?"

Qin Xiaobao actually has self-knowledge, but when she was praised by the war, she was happy: "really?" At the end of Zhan Li, he didn\'t answer Qin Xiaobao with his mouth. Instead, he replied to Qin Xiaobao with his actions. He ate all the meals Qin Xiaobao cooked. After eating, he felt his stomach full of food. He didn\'t forget to say a few words to please Qin Xiaobao: "Mom, when I have time to go home, I will eat the food you made."

At the end of the war, Qin Xiaobao was in a state of disbelief when she was desperately eating the food made by Qin Xiaobao. Now when she heard that he praised her progress in cooking, she was so excited that tears rolled in her eyes: "son, do you know what you are talking about?"

In the past, Zhan Li always hated his mother\'s cooking was not delicious and tasteless. He took a gun to compare his head and didn\'t want to eat it, but now it\'s different. After going through some things, he saw the ups and downs of the world, and instantly let him understand some things.

It\'s a very happy thing that a family can live together safely, healthily and healthily.

He wants to enjoy the love while his parents are still alive and his mother can cook for him.

He didn\'t want his parents to be gone one day, so he missed his mother\'s cooking and his father\'s shoulders, which blocked him from countless storms.

At the end of the war, he smiled: "what\'s the matter with you, madam chief? Are you going to cry for your son and husband just because your son praises you for your good cooking? "

Qin Xiaobao glared at him: "you little boy, tell me quickly, did you take the wrong medicine?" At the end of Zhan Li\'s life, he crowded into the middle of Zhan Nianbei and Qin Xiaobao and sat with their hands on their shoulders: "Dad, mom, I\'ve met you two as my parents. I\'m really happy and satisfied. If there is an afterlife, I hope I can be your son

Qin Xiaobao reached out to explore the forehead of the war: "fever?"

In the past, this kid always said that he was sent by their husband and wife as a gift, always blaming their husband and wife for not loving him.

This boy thinks that their husband and wife not only don\'t love him, but also think of ways to bully him. Today, they suddenly become so filial and considerate. Qin Xiaobao can\'t accept it for a while: "boy, what are you calculating?"

At the end of the war, he pretended to be dissatisfied but said, "Mom, I\'m your son. How can you not believe me?"

Qin Xiaobao said, "it\'s not that I don\'t believe you, it\'s that you are so strange today." "Mom, I didn\'t have a fever, I didn\'t calculate anything, I just grew up. Before, I didn\'t listen to you. I would do whatever I wanted. I never thought you would worry about me. From now on, I will be a good person. Take good care of yourself and never let the elder worry about me again. "

Qin Xiaobao said with satisfaction, "it seems that my son has really grown up?"

War from the end: "well, really grown up."

Qin Xiaobao suddenly felt sad: "but your mother didn\'t want you to grow up so fast. She thought how good it would be if you were always a child, so she didn\'t have to leave her father and mother to go out alone to fight and suffer."

At the end of the war, it doesn\'t matter: "Mom, people say that only when they suffer from hardship can they become human beings. If your son can endure hardship today, he will have a future

Qin Xiaobao also understood: "it\'s just that I still worry about my son." Zhan Liming said: "Mom, you know, there are two female soldiers in our flying eagle team. Those two women are born with a big gap in physical strength compared with us, but their usual training intensity is the same as ours. They have never cried out a word of bitterness or tired. I should do what she can do. I sincerely admire their unyielding spirit, and I will learn from them. "

When it comes to the two women soldiers, Qin Xiaobao has some gossip to ask: "I heard that you and the two girls in your team are not compatible. How can you praise them today?"

Zhan said: "it\'s true that I hate that woman, but her spirit and attitude are worth learning. I\'m a man with a clear distinction between public and private affairs. "

Qin Xiaobao said again, "by the way, I asked you boy, did you leave your home phone number to your little girlfriends? " the end of the war disagrees:" yes, what\'s the matter? " Qin Xiaobao said, "what\'s the matter? What\'s the matter. I\'ll tell you that I\'ve been staying at home these days, and I\'ve received at least a dozen landlines a day, all of which are from your little girlfriends. I want to move because of the noise. "