My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1581

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Knowing that Zhan Liming is going home, Qin Xiaobao starts to be busy early in the morning. She can\'t cook. In order to make Zhan Liming eat a meal made by herself, she is so serious for the first time. In a busy morning, she really made several dishes that look good.

The dishes are all ready for the table, but Zhan limo hasn\'t arrived home yet. Qin Xiaobao has looked at Zhan Nianbei several times at the door of his house, and hasn\'t waited for him to come back. She anxiously looks at Zhan Nianbei: "Zhan old man, do you think Zhan limo\'s kid will not come back again?"

Zhan Nianbei said: "he called not long ago and said that he would be back in a moment."

Qin Xiaobao craned his neck and looked at him again. "Then why haven\'t I seen him?"

Zhan Niang\'s Beiyu center of gravity said: "that kid doesn\'t have long wings. It always takes some time to get home. If you don\'t have time, you can\'t come back even if you look at your neck. Why don\'t you sit down and have a chat with me for two cups of tea?"

Qin Xiaobao stares at Zhan Nianbei discontentedly: "Zhan Nianbei, if it wasn\'t for Zhan limo, that kid looks like you, I really want to think he\'s not your own son. My son didn\'t go home for such a long time. He was injured and rescued. You who are Laozi don\'t worry about him at all. "

Zhan Nianbei said: "have you ever heard an old saying that heaven will give you a great responsibility, so you must first work hard and starve your body and skin. All these things that Zhan limo is going through now will become the most precious wealth in his later life. "

Qin Xiaobao disagreed: "but not every successful person has suffered first."

Zhan Nianbei said, "then tell me the stories of some successful people who have not suffered When Qin Xiaobao thought about it, he really couldn\'t remember who\'s successful. Even her wooden brother, known as the emperor of business, didn\'t succeed casually. He suffered a lot before the success and never let himself idle after it. The workload of a day is more than that of ordinary people.

She sighed: "yes, every successful person is not easy to succeed. Including chief Zhan and my brother and sister-in-law. "

Zhan Nianbei said, "that\'s right."

Qin Xiaobao said: "I am clear about the situation, but when I think of that boy\'s life is likely to be in danger at the end of the war, I will still be nervous and worried. After all, you Zhan\'s family is so unique. If there\'s anything wrong with him, you Zhan\'s family will have no successor. "

Zhan Nianbei said, "what has no successor? Do we have a throne to inherit? "

Qin Xiaobao is trying to find a reason to care for her children. Zhan Nianbei, a man who doesn\'t follow her, has to fight against her. She gets angry instantly: "Zhan Nianbei, if it\'s not for your old age and nobody wants it, I will divorce you." Zhan Nianbei said, "you, a couple of decades, often talk about divorce. If you didn\'t know that you are heartless and heartless, you\'d hurt our feelings. Now that our children have grown up, you have to take good care of your temper. When I\'m here, I can let you protect you, but in case I\'m not here, who will let you protect you? "

Qin Xiaobao roared: "Zhan Nianbei, what nonsense are you talking about?"

Zhan Nianbei: "I mean in case, I don\'t really want to leave you alone. What are you nervous about?"

Qin Xiaobao bit his lips, and his voice trembled slightly: "Zhan Nianbei, I warn you, don\'t say such nonsense again, or I\'ll be rude to you."

Qin Xiaobao never thought that Zhan Nianbei would leave her, because she never dared to think what would happen if she didn\'t have Zhan Nianbei in her life. When she was very young in her life, she believed that Zhan Nianbei had been fighting. If he\'s gone, she won\'t live.

Zhan Nianbei gets up and walks up. He drags Qin Xiaobao to his arms and holds him: "Qin Xiaobao, I will accompany you all my life, and I will never leave the world without you."

Qin Xiaobao shook his fist and beat him hard: "anyway, you remember it for me, such nonsense can\'t be said again."

Zhan Nianbei nodded, "OK, I won\'t say."

Qin Xiaobao added: "Zhan Nianbei, you know that I can\'t even cook well. I guess I\'m a waste man without you. You\'ve looked after me for so many years, and you\'re so reluctant to leave me. I\'m sure you won\'t leave me behind. "

"Of course not." Just after the end of Zhan Li\'s speech, there was a sound of cars outside the yard. Qin Xiaobao looked up and saw their special car. She sent out to pick up Zhan Li\'s car early in the morning. After waiting for most of the morning, she finally returned the boy who didn\'t love returning home.

She added: "Zhan Nianbei, remember that, no more nonsense."

Zhan Nianbei: "yes, my chief\'s wife!"

…… Just after the car stopped, Zhan Li opened the door and jumped out of the car. Seeing his parents waiting for him at the gate, he was stunned. This was the first time in his 20 years\' life that he enjoyed such treatment. For a while, he was a little excited. He immediately went forward and gave a standard military salute: "good first commander, good chief

madam, your son is back."

Zhan Nianbei said, "you don\'t have to pretend in your own home."

At the end of the war: "Dad, your son has made progress, how can he come to you and become a pretence. I tell you, I don\'t like to hear that. "

Zhan Nianbei said with a smile, "OK, it\'s your progress. I despise you."

War away from the end: "this is almost." "You little boy, you still know to come back. I thought your heart was wild. I don\'t know which direction the door is heading." Qin Xiaobao went to the end of the war and looked at his son\'s last injury. She was relieved. "You have been looking at you all morning. Tell me how you can compensate me."

At the end of the war, he said, "I\'ll do whatever the chief\'s wife orders me to do. I\'ll never say anything."

Qin Xiaobao said, "from childhood, you only know how to make your mother happy by saying sweet words. When did you listen to me?"

Zhan LiMao said, "well, I used to be a son who didn\'t understand. Now that your son has grown up, he will never do anything wrong again. He must be nice to hear you. "

Before the end of the war, he didn\'t say so much, but he said it quickly, forgot it quickly, and never took it seriously. This time Qin Xiaobao didn\'t rest assured: "today, my mother cooked several dishes in person. If you really want to be a filial son, then finish the meal I prepared."

In the past, Zhan Li would surely answer, "Mom, it will kill you to eat your food."

Qin Xiaobao is also ready to be ridiculed by Zhan Liming. However, he hears Zhan Liming say, "yes, my mother!" Qin Xiaobao was stunned, and then smiled: "both of you know how to make me happy in this way."