My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1580

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Zhuang Momo, an unmarried girl, has never held such a small child. When Zhan limo handed over the child, she seemed to be at a loss. But she could not refuse such a naive and lovely child. She took the child from Zhan limo clumsily, carefully holding it in her arms, gently comforting: "baby is good, baby does not cry, mom and dad are all there Your side accompanies you, we are all reluctant to leave you do not care! " Zhuang Momo is usually in the army, dressed neutral, and has a loud voice. For the first time since the end of the war, he saw her so gentle, and his eyes fell on her face. For a few seconds, he could not move away. A voice suddenly pops out of his heart. Actually, look at her carefully. Her facial features are very delicate. If she keeps her hair long, washes her face, and dresses a little more like a woman, she should still be able to see.

At the end of Zhan Li\'s life, he was shocked by the idea in his mind. He shook his head hard and shook away the idea that he shouldn\'t have in his mind.

In zhuangmomo\'s arms, the baby not only stopped crying, but also smiled inconceivably. Again, he shouted, "Mom..."

Zhuang Momo holds the baby to Hu Qiaoqiao and says, "Qiao Qiao, you see how lovely the baby is. She laughs at me and calls me mom."

"Momo, you give the baby to me, and I want to hug you too," Huqiao Qiao said excitedly

The baby is white and fat, especially cute. Anyone who looks at it can\'t help biting her. Hu Qiaoqiao wants to hug her, but she just met the baby. The baby even kicked her calf and refused to let her hold her. At the same time, she cried.

Hu Qiaoqiao: "ah, what\'s the matter? Baby, I didn\'t hit you. "

"Joe Joe, maybe the child doesn\'t know you. He\'s afraid of life. Then don\'t hold her." Zhuang Momo gently patted the child\'s back and coaxed the child with a soft voice. "My baby is lovely. My mother is holding you. She won\'t give you to others. She won\'t cry or cry."

Hu Qiaoqiao: "..."

What, are they all seeing their baby for the first time?

Why is she a stranger? She can\'t hold her. Why is it that Zhuang Momo can let the child call her mother and not give up holding her.

Under the comfort of Zhuang Momo, the crying child miraculously stopped crying again, and pressed his little face tightly to Zhuang Momo\'s arms. He was a wronged baby. He finally hid in his mother\'s arms and was not afraid of anything else.

The child\'s instinctive actions softened Zhuang Mo\'s heart. In such a moment, Zhuang Mo quietly made a decision in her heart. She would do her best to support the child and become a part of his life.

Children these two parents, once again let people go to children of the old man broke down crying. The child\'s grandfather was still calm. Seeing the baby mistaking Zhan limo and Zhuang Momo for mom and Dad, the child\'s grandfather sighed: "because my son and my daughter-in-law need to work around, they don\'t stay at home all year round. After the baby\'s full moon, her mother went back to work after her maternity leave and left the baby in the care of our elders. The child is a little over one year old from the full moon to now, and the real time with her parents is very little. This time, her parents haven\'t seen her for a month. Just because I haven\'t seen you for a long time, the little guy\'s memory is still growing, so I think you are her parents. Please don\'t abandon them. "

At the same time, Zhan limo and Zhuang Momo said, "it\'s too late for us to like babies. How can we dislike them?"

The grandfather said: "if we didn\'t miss our children too much and want to hug our children too much, our parents wouldn\'t go home on the cruise ship that night when we were on duty.". If they come back the next day, they will not... "

Speaking of this, Grandpa wiped a tear and sighed sadly: "maybe this is fate. Those two children are doomed to accompany their parents and children to the present. I\'m glad that they can go on hand in hand in the future. " Zhan wants to give the old man a hug, but he knows that his hug doesn\'t have much effect. The only thing he can do is to help several old people raise the child together: "uncle and aunt, if you don\'t dislike it, we want to recognize the baby as a dry daughter, and we will take pictures of her together in the future."

At the end of the war, the first one got the consent of Zhuang Momo. She said: "uncle and aunt, if you agree, all of us who are here today are willing to be the parents of our children. We will all protect their children and grow up together."

The child\'s grandfather was so excited that he burst into tears Our baby\'s parents left her behind, but there are so many people who love our baby together. Our baby can grow up as healthy and happy as other children

The original idea of Zhan Li and others was to visit the families of the dead. When they went back, the man had a title of Godfather and the woman had a title of godmother.

But Hu Qiaoqiao, the dry mother, was a little uncomfortable. On the way back, he glared at Zhuang Momo discontentedly: "Momo, we are good friends. We are good sisters. But why does the baby only call you mom, but not me?"

Thinking that the baby dislikes himself, Hu Qiaoqiao felt like a needle sticking in his heart: "I want to hold her because she is really cute. Even when I cry, she is still very popular, but I am full of enthusiasm, but the baby doesn\'t look at it."

Seeing that Hu Qiaoqiao even eats the baby\'s vinegar, Zhuang Mo can\'t help being funny: "you are already the child\'s godmother. What else do you care about?"

Hu Qiaoqiao is not happy in his heart: "the children we went to see together, everyone wanted to take good care of the baby, but the baby didn\'t call me a dry mother at the end."

Someone answered, "maybe the baby wants to call you Godfather."

Hu Qiaoqiao stares at the past discontentedly: "the baby didn\'t even admit his mistake, how could he mistake me for a man?"

Zhuang Momo recognized the meaning of Hu Qiaoqiao\'s words, and put his hand on Hu Qiaoqiao\'s shoulder: "Hu Qiaoqiao......"

Hu Qiaoqiao knew that he had said something wrong, so he quickly changed his attitude: "Oh, I\'m just joking with you. Don\'t take it seriously. Don\'t take it seriously."

"Don\'t make any more noise," Zhan said at the end of the war. "We have several families of the victims who haven\'t seen them. We can\'t make fun of them."

Everyone gathered up their emotions and set off for the next family member of the victims to continue to visit their families. The rest of the vacation was spent on the families of the victims, but there was no complaint. The team members who lived in or near Jiangbei had a day to catch up with their parents.