My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1579

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After returning, Zhan Li immediately used his contacts to prepare some materials. Of course, the most helpful one was Qin Yinjian, who was in Shengtian.

Although Shengtian had already donated a lot of money at the beginning of the rescue, it was nothing for Shengtian, a charity enterprise, to go to visit the families of the victims at the end of the first hearing of the war. Qin Yinyi\'s pen was full of money and materials.

Seeing a truck of materials, Zhan Li calls Qin Yinjian at the end of the war: "Qin Yinjian, thank you for helping me!"

Qin Yin said, "I am helping the families of the victims, not you. I need you to say thank you to me."

At the end of the war: "thank you. Hang up. "

Most of the time, at the end of the war, Qi was bullied by him. Now everyone has grown up. He still can\'t walk out of the shadow of Qin\'s bullying.

Before he hung up at the end of the war, Qin Yin added: "we are family, your business is my business, don\'t say thank you to me. And you, after a busy trip home, you participated in the rescue this time, but the little aunt worried about bad, have time to accompany her. "

At the end of the war:

Usually, he and Qin Yinjian are always wrong. They can\'t say a few words when they meet each other, but they always think of each other for the first time and try their best to help each other.

Qin Yin said again, "go to work."

It wasn\'t until Qin Yinjian hung up the phone and the war was over. Hu Qiaoqiao on the side called him: "Mr. Zhan, you are so powerful. We won\'t go empty handed to visit the families of the victims in just one night."

Zhan Li said, "it\'s not me, it\'s my brother."

In front of Qin Yin, Zhan Li never said a good word to him, but when he mentioned Qin Yin in front of outsiders, he couldn\'t hide his pride and pride. He was very glad to have such a cousin who grew up with him.


The first family they visited was the family of the young couple.

The parents of the two families apparently haven\'t come out of the shadow of losing their children. They are sitting in front of the hall with their children in their arms. Someone has entered the house, and they don\'t seem to notice. The baby in the old man\'s arms didn\'t understand anything, but the atmosphere at home affected her. She cried loudly, trying to attract the attention of the old people in this way. It\'s the grandmother who should be holding the baby. She said, "baby, cry. It\'s best to cry your mom and dad back."

Finish saying, her tears brush DC together with the child, crying while shouting: "you two ruthless guys, how can you bear, how can you bear to leave our four old people and your infant children."

As soon as the child and grandmother cried, the other three old people began to wipe their tears.

Seeing this picture, Zhuang Momo and Hu Qiaoqiao all follow to wipe their tears, and they can\'t say any more words of comfort.

For these bereaved family members, they can only cry as a channel to vent their grief. They should be allowed to cry well. If they cry too much, they will forget their bereaved pain temporarily.

Zhan liming, Zhuang Momo and Hu Qiaoqiao couldn\'t bear to disturb them, so they stood at the door and watched them sad and looked at them sad.

After a long time, the families of the victims were in a slightly stable mood. When they saw the last party of the war, they instantly recognized: "you are the soldiers participating in the rescue?"

Zhan Li nodded: "yes. I also invite my uncles and aunts to mourn. "

The child\'s grandfather said, "thank you! You\'re working hard! "

During the rescue, many family members met with the rescue workers. They are sincerely grateful for these soldiers who are desperately trying to rescue. But because we didn\'t deal with everything in our family, we didn\'t have time to thank the rescuers. War from the end said: "this is what we should do, but you, please cheer up.". If your children are spiritual, they certainly don\'t want to see you so sad now. Now that they have left, you four elders must be up and take good care of our baby.

grandpa nodded: "we all know, but..."

Thinking of the two lost children, the old man began to wipe tears again. The most painful thing in the world is that the white hair people send the black hair people, and this most painful thing makes them meet several old people together. Children are their dependence and sustenance for the rest of their lives.

Now there is no way for the two children. How can they go on in the future.

At the end of the war, he said, "uncle and aunt, we have brought you something this time. Of course, these things are not as important as your children, but these are our little thoughts. Please accept them. If you need anything in the future, you can come to us. "

The old man was moved and said: "we are very glad to have you. Thank you! Thank you for your hard work! Thank you, leaders and our motherland for never giving up the dead compatriots. "

Zhan said, "uncle, you don\'t have to be polite. These are all things we should do." Hearing the stranger\'s voice, the crying baby suddenly stopped crying, blinked at the stranger who appeared at home, stared at them for a long time, the baby suddenly opened his arms, said in her soft, sticky voice: "Dad, hold!

he was mistakenly recognized as a father by his children. He was very surprised at the end of Zhan Li\'s life. After his surprise, he was deeply hurt. Such a small child can\'t remember his parents\' appearance clearly, but his parents have thoroughly learned from her life and can\'t grow up with her any more.

War from the end of the two steps forward, carefully said: "Auntie, can I hug the child?"

The child\'s grandmother tearfully handed the child to Zhan limo\'s hand: "child, this is the hero who saved your parents at that time. You have to remember them. When you grow up, you have to be a hero for the country and the people, just like them. "

The baby can\'t understand it, but she blinks at the stranger in front of her. When her eyes fall on Zhuang Momo, she stops. She looks at Zhuang Momo, and after a while, she calls out two incredible words: "Mom!"

Zhuangmomo\'s heart quivered: "baby."

She is still young. She has been in the army for only one year. She has been in the army for a long time. She has not had time to think about her personal problems. Now she is called mother by a doll. She has a lot of mixed feelings.

War from the end of the reaction is very fast: "baby, do you want a mother hug?" The child even nodded: "yes."