My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1576

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Qin Yinze: "..."

Qin Yin looked discontentedly at Lu Xi: "how long are you going to stay?"

Lu Xi thought about it, looked at Qin Yinze, and said to Qin Yinjian, "let\'s forget it. I believe big brother can take good care of his sister-in-law. I stay here as a light bulb. He will be upset when he sees me. "

As soon as Lu Xi said this, the brows of the two brothers stretched out at the same time, so that Lu Xi knew that she had stayed to take care of Ji Ruzhen, who was not to be seen.

She added: "your brothers haven\'t seen each other for a long time. They should have something to say. I\'ll go to talk with my sister-in-law first."

Qin Yinyu: "go."

Lu Xi comes to Jirou\'s hospital bed again. This time, she will be more relaxed: "sister in law, you and brother have made it clear."

Ji Rou nodded, "I\'ve made it clear, but I always feel a little uneasy. It seems that something is going to happen."

Lu Xi: "sister in law, please let me know if you are upset. If I can help you anything, I will do my best to help you. " In some words, Ji Rou is not good at telling Qin Yinze that she is worried about Qin Yinze\'s self accusation, but she can tell Lu Xi: "Lu Xi, Qin Yinze told me that the reason why he would accompany the surrogate woman to the hospital is because she was ill and was unwilling to let the doctor treat her. In desperation, Qin Yinze was worried about the children in her womb, so she took the time to accompany her. "

"Do you doubt this woman, sister-in-law?" said Lucy

Jirou nodded: "it\'s not that I want to doubt her. After all, she is pregnant with the children of Qin Yinze and me. We should always be careful. " Lu Xi said, "sister-in-law, don\'t say you doubt it. I doubt it, too. I\'ve seen other people looking for surrogacy before. Surrogacy women don\'t see employers at all. After the baby is born, the employer gives money to take the baby away. The surrogate doesn\'t know where his baby is going. I don\'t know what she\'s trying to do to force big brother to come out and meet her in this way. " "That\'s what I can\'t think of, so I\'d like to ask you to do me a favor." Jirou takes out her cell phone and turns it to a phone number. "Lucy, take your cell phone and write down this number. This number is my best friend\'s. her husband\'s influence in minluo city is not small. You contact her and ask her to help me

check that woman. Remember to remind her that it\'s better not to let her husband know what it is. "

Lu Xi asked, "sister in law, why don\'t you contact her in person?" Ji Rou said: "if I contact Qin Yinze personally, that villain can be found out once he checks. I don\'t want him to know until things are clear.". After all, all he has done is for my good. It\'s because it\'s related to me. He\'s nervous. Sometimes he can\'t think it\'s so comprehensive. "

Ji Rou\'s worry, Lu Xi can understand, she should say: "OK, this matter to me to contact."

In the past, when her mother had an accident, Lucy was still young and couldn\'t help. Now she won\'t let anyone hurt her family.


At the end of Zhan Li\'s day, Ji Rou got a call from her and her baby. The next afternoon, when he knew about the minluo incident, Zhan Li was as happy as a child. He hung up the phone and turned around to pick up Liu Jinshan, the leader of the team: "Liu team, I love you."

Liu Jinshan quickly broke off his hand: "let go of the war. In the army, two big men say what they love or not, which makes people can\'t help thinking more. "

One of his big men said love to another big man, how to listen to this, how to feel uncomfortable.

At the end of the war, Liu Jinshan was released: "Oh, I\'ll make a joke with you. Why should I be serious. Although there is not a decent woman in our team, I will not change my normal hobbies at the end of the war. "

Liu Jinshan said solemnly: "the family affairs have been solved. Next, don\'t drop the chain again and take part in the training well. Soon it will be the end of the year to assess, what kind of test results you want, so that you will not lose face to your Laozi, you should have a number in your heart. "

At the end of the war: "don\'t worry. I will not disgrace old Zhan. "

Liu Jinshan: "to you, I feel very good."

He spent nearly a year in the army at the end of the war. In this year, Liu Jinshan also knows about this boy. As long as this boy uses snacks a little and has the chance to make several contributions, he will surely take over Jiangbei military region in the future.

Zhan Li waved at the end of the war: "you are always busy, I\'m leaving."

At the end of Zhan Li\'s time, he came out of Liu Jinshan\'s office and met Zhuang Momo, his sworn counterpart. He glanced at Zhuang Momo. Zhuang Momo looked at him with a disdain, no, not a disdain, but a look of surprise and disdain.

At the end of the war, he looked down at his clothes and said, "Zhuang Momo, what kind of eyes are you looking at?"

Zhuangmomo: what eyes can I have

At the end of Zhan Li\'s reign, danger chuckled: "haven\'t you seen such a handsome man?"

Zhuang Momo: cut

At the end of the war: "if you want to cut anything, I will say that there are so many women who love me, and I don\'t care about you."

Zhuang Momo looked up and down at the end of the war again: "I\'m afraid that a beautiful girl like you won\'t attract your attention."

At the end of the war: "what do you mean?"

Zhuangmomo: what do I mean? You have a clear mind. You don\'t want to face

At the end of the war: "do you need to be beaten

This man and woman, he has tried not to provoke her. She\'s better. She\'s against him everywhere. I don\'t know if it\'s true, as those people in the team said, Zhuang Momo just wanted to attract his attention and make him think that she is different from other girls.

Well, there are so many women pretending to be noble. The girls who tried to attract his attention in the past are more or less self-conscious. But this Zhuang is a man and a woman. I\'m afraid he doesn\'t know how to write shame. He has nothing to do with her.

Zhuangmomo quickly took a step back. He was far away from the end of the war, as if he had bacteria on his body. Not only today, but also in the next few days, zhuangmomo saw that he was far away from the end of the war, even in training.

Hu Qiaoqiao sees that Zhuang Momo seems to be bored with the end of the war and has some more disgusting emotions. After training, he returns to the dormitory with Zhuang Momo and asks, "Momo, what happened between you and Zhan Gongzi?"

Zhuangmomo shook his head. "No."

Hu Qiaoqiao obviously did not believe: "no? No, then what are you avoiding him for? "

There is one thing that Zhuang Mo has been holding in his heart for a long time. He has been holding it for a long time. He wanted to talk to someone for a long time, but he knows that this kind of thing can\'t be said indiscriminately. It will not only affect the end of the war, but also their captain.

But if this situation is not stopped in time, everyone will learn from Zhan Liming and use their bodies to lure their superiors, then what will their flying Eagles look like. Think about it. It\'s terrible.