My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1575

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Whether she is selfish or cruel, Ji Rou insists on doing so.

Since that woman chose to be a surrogate mother, she should know that she has nothing to do with her after the birth of the child. She has taken the money she should take to go to her own life, and then don\'t pester their family and their children.

Qin Yinze: "this is nature. It was signed in the contract. "

"What if the contract is signed? If you don\'t be cruel, you will be upset by others." Ji Rou glared at him, "Mr. Qin from minluo City, what has become so childish? More childish than I am. "

Qin Yinze: "what\'s the problem?"

Jirou said, "you should not meet this surrogate woman. Why do you accompany her in the hospital?"

This is a point that Ji Rou can\'t think of all the time.

Qin Yinze is rich and powerful. There is no need for him to come forward to find a surrogate mother. As long as he says a word, those people under him can help her, but they let her run into Qin Yinze in the hospital to accompany the surrogate mother in the birth examination.

Is this an accident or someone did it on purpose?

It\'s not that Jirou is willing to think more, but after experiencing so many things, Jirou finally has more than one heart.

Qin Yinze confessed honestly: "I heard that you pregnant women are likely to suffer from depression during pregnancy. That woman has been ill for several days, and she is unwilling to take medicine. Her mood is close to collapse. I just came out to take her to the hospital for birth examination with all kinds of helplessness."

The problems that Ji Rou thought of, Qin Yinze thought of long before looking for a surrogate candidate, the contract was also signed, but pregnant women are not willing to eat and not willing to see a doctor outside the scope of the contract, but also out of the plan.

Jirou said, "if you accompany her to the birth examination, she will get better?"

Qin Yinze: "I really shouldn\'t."

If it wasn\'t for the fact that the woman was pregnant with his and Jirou\'s children, the woman would have nothing to do with him even if she was terminally ill.

Jirou said, "I can\'t accompany her anymore."

Qin Yinze: "No."

Jirou smiled: "every time I check in the future, you must accompany me."

Qin Yinze: "silly."

Before her birth examination, he didn\'t accompany her because he didn\'t know. Now that she is pregnant and the fetus is extremely unstable, he would like to find a place to support Jirou and her baby, let alone accompany her in the birth examination.

Their two children, he will not miss every moment of their growth.

Unexpectedly, just then, there was a noise outside the door.

"This lady, this is a private ward. You can\'t go in."

A soft female voice came again: "I have nothing else to do, but I want to see Mr. Qin once again. After meeting him, I will make it clear that I will never appear in front of him or his wife again according to the contract."

Qin Yinze holds Ji Rou, who wants to get up, and says in a soft voice, "don\'t worry. I\'ll take care of this."

Jirou holds his hand: "it\'s not about you alone. It\'s about us two. No matter what you do, let me know."

Qin Yinze nodded: "well, you have a good rest, take our baby to have a good rest. Don\'t let strangers outside disturb our baby. "

Ji Rou smiled: "don\'t worry."

As long as he is still there, as long as he is Qin Yinze who loves her and loves her, she will not be afraid of anything, and she will protect their two children better.

Thinking of the near future, there will be a lovely little guy like Lele and Lu Lu called her and Qin Yinze\'s mom and Dad, and that happiness will overflow.


Seeing Qin Yinze come out, the tears flowing from the corner of her eyes fell. She wiped them: "Mr. Qin, I know that Mrs. Qin may have misunderstood our relationship. Let me go in and have a word with her. Let me explain to her." Qin Yinze\'s eyes fell coldly on the woman. Even though she was so fragile that she could faint at any time, he had no pity for her: "my wife didn\'t misunderstand, you don\'t need to explain. Even if my wife misunderstands me, I know I have nothing to do with her. I don\'t need you as a stranger to explain. "

His words, very ruthless, heard the woman\'s ear very harsh, she opened her mouth, what else she wanted to say, but Qin Yinze looked coldly, but did not say a word.

Qin Yinze: "Pengshan."

Pengshan stood out in a hurry: "sir."

Qin Yinze said, "are you eating or shit?"

Pengshan: "Sir, I\'ll take people away."

He feels wronged. This woman is now pregnant with the master\'s child. She insists on coming here. He stopped her, but her attitude is too strong. He is afraid to hurt the child and dare not stop her forcibly. At this time, the master left all his mistakes to him. He is pitiful to have such a master.

"Mr. Qin..." The woman looked at Qin Yinze pitifully, her eyes were shining, she seemed to have a lot to say, but at last she only said a simple sentence, "I\'m sorry to have caused you and Mrs. Qin trouble these days. I won\'t do it in the future."

Qin Yinze didn\'t respond to her.

Pengshan wisely dragged her: "let\'s go."

After Pengshan took the woman away, Lu Xi said, "this woman is pretty, and my elder brother doesn\'t really care about her?"

Qin Yinze looked discontentedly at Lu Xi: "what do you mean?"

"I don\'t think you know how much pressure my sister-in-law has been under these years because she has not been able to bear children," said Lu. I just want to remind you that you must always be good to your sister-in-law. You must not let others get into a hole and hurt your sister-in-law and her baby. "

Because Lu Xi\'s mother committed suicide because of the insertion of the third party. Lu Xi hated the third party. She didn\'t want any relatives around her to be hurt again. So she said two more words when she knew that she shouldn\'t be talkative.

Qin Yinze: "you can rest assured."

Lu Xi: "you must let your sister-in-law rest assured. My sister-in-law is at ease so that she can raise the baby. The baby in her womb can\'t stand any more trouble. "

At this time, Qin Yinjian, who had just left for a while, came back. Seeing that there seemed to be some gunpowder between Lu Xi and Qin Yinze, he hurriedly protected Lu Xi in his arms: "Lu Xi, what\'s the matter? Did you make big brother angry? Or did big brother make you angry? "

Lu Xi smiled, "you made me angry."

Qin Yinyu: "me?"

"I\'m going to stay here with my sister-in-law," said Lu. "If you have something to do, you\'ll go back to Jiangbei first, and I\'ll go back later." Now she is the daughter-in-law of the Qin family. She should help the elders to bear some responsibilities, so that they can have fun and don\'t worry about the children\'s affairs.