My Husband, Warm The Bed - C1561

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Antangi was so spiteful and dancing that he didn\'t notice that Qin Yinjian\'s face would be gloomy after every word he said. When he finished, Qin Yinjian\'s face could only be described as black as black carbon.

After finishing, he smiled and looked at Qin Yinjian: "President Qin, that was probably the case in those days."

Qin Yin gave a word to Antin Jie with a cold face: "get out!"

Antinger: "..."

This is what the president asked him. It\'s not what he wants to say. Now he\'s telling the truth. What\'s wrong? President adult is physiology period chaos or how, move to get angry easily, let them these people work very hard.

Qin Yinjian: "get out, don\'t let me see you again."

"Mr. Qin, I\'m your special help. My job is to take charge of your work. If you let me not appear in front of you, how can I carry out my work?"

Qin Yinjian: "go to ask the administration department to rearrange a job for you. If you don\'t want to do it, go home with your wife. "

Mr. Qin, what did I do wrong

Qin Yinjian is eager to tell antinger that his mistake is to marry his wife, and to sprinkle dog food in front of his single boss who is eager to marry his wife at present. That\'s all. His boss is to teach him a lesson. In the future, antinger can know what can be said and what can\'t be said.

"President Qin, Lu Xi is not really reluctant to go with you to get the card. Maybe she hopes there is a more important ceremony before getting the card. After all, your identity difference is here, and it\'s possible that she doesn\'t have a sense of security."

Antangi came to Qin Yinjian with the goal of promotion and salary increase. He thought that he could solve such an important thing as the president. The president finally got a beautiful girl and gave him a salary increase with a stroke of his pen.

At the critical moment, he moved out of Luxi again to rescue him. He hoped that Luxi would become his Savior as many times as before. "You should immediately organize people to plan out several marriage proposals, and present them to me for a look. If I succeed in my proposal, I can leave you alone in the matter just now. " Sure enough, once again, Lu Xi became the Savior of antinger. He decided to go home in the evening and put Zhang\'s photo at home for him to offer. In the future, if things don\'t go well, he would worship Lu Xi. Maybe everything can be solved.


When he came out of the president\'s office, he immediately found several excellent employees of the planning department to organize them to do a big event. When everyone was waiting for him to announce what kind of big order it was, he said, "proposal plan."

The planners complained: "we Shengtian have at least 10 billion cases. When did we help people plan their marriage? Don\'t be a joke, will you? "

"What if I said it was Mr. Qin\'s proposal?" he said

The planners shut up collectively, and even thought it would be a special honor to participate in the president\'s proposal planning. Knowing that everyone agreed, and waiting for his next sentence, antinger deliberately pressed the time, waited for a while, and then said: "Qin Yinjian wanted to propose formally to Lu Xi, but he didn\'t say anything about other requirements, but I know the only condition is to let Lu Xi agree with him, as long as Lu Xi answered

in response to his proposal, then the promotion and salary increase of those involved in the planning are not a problem 。 On the contrary, if Lucie doesn\'t agree to his proposal, then everyone, like me, is likely to pack up and leave. "

It\'s not that antinger scares everyone with the identity of president\'s special assistant, it\'s because he has just experienced something that almost lost his job. This time, he can use Lucy to keep his job, and he will certainly not have such good luck next time. The president didn\'t ask for a proposal, so it was called a big request. The planning department was immediately launched by the colleagues from antinger. They didn\'t dare to delay for a moment, because the work they had done before had nothing to do with the proposal planning. For a while, they didn\'t know where to start, so someone proposed to look at the proposal online first.

After reading it, we all agreed that these proposals are very vulgar, and their chief executive would not like them. So we thought together, thinking about them all are old-fashioned stems, which makes the ordinary planning elites feel headache.

At this time, everyone turned their attention to antinger: "with the help of ante, our Qin always proposed to Lu Xi. Qin always didn\'t know what style Lu Xi liked, so let\'s plan. In fact, in the end, Lu Xi only nodded."

Antinger understood what they meant: "wait, I\'m going to ask Lucy what kind of proposal she likes. I\'ll tell you later." Antinger once again lamented that Lu Xi was indeed his lucky star and could help him out the next time.

Antinger went back to the Secretary office to find Lu Xi, but Lu Xi wasn\'t there. When he asked, he knew that Lu Xi had been called into the office by the president.

Lu Xi is in Qin Yingu\'s office. Antinger dare not go in easily, so he has to wait at the door. After waiting for a long time, he finally waits until the door opens, but Qin Yingu is not Lu Xi. Antinger is about to meet up, and he turns around to run.

Qin Yinyu just caught him: "antinger, go to get Lucy\'s cup and pour her a cup of boiling water."

"What happened to Lucy?" Antinger craned his head to see what was going on in the office, but Qin Yinjian stood in the door like a mountain. He saw nothing, so he said, "OK, I\'ll go right away."

Antinger thought that he could see Lu Xi when he brought boiling water, but Qin Yinjian took over the water cup and said, "go to do what I told you. Don\'t hang around in front of me when you\'re OK. I feel very annoying looking at you."

It\'s actually jealousy.

Qin Yin is envious of the fact that people like Anting Jie have women\'s stickers, while he is the president of Shengtian, and even his own women are uncertain.

In the past, Qin Yinjian didn\'t even dream about it. He even had a day when he was jealous of Anting Jie. It\'s a bad taste.

Antinger, who didn\'t find Lu Xi, went back to the planning department in a gloomy way: "I\'m sorry that Lu Xi was taken by President Qin. I can\'t even see her face. The next thing to be planned is for everyone to think about it with their own brains."

"With your knowledge of Lucy, does she like luxury or simple style?" said the director of planning

"Lu Xi is a very good girl. She is usually very good at talking. She is also wholehearted to our president Qin," said an Tingjie. This time she was mainly dissatisfied that Qin always didn\'t formally propose to her, so she had to take her to get the marriage certificate. " After listening, the chief planner clapped: "it\'s not that Lu Xi doesn\'t want to nod his head, but our Qin is a bit slow. He didn\'t propose to other girls, so he wanted to lead them to get the marriage certificate. To be honest, if I were a girl, I would not agree.

Of course, we, Mr. Qin, have the same level. We can take it another way. " An Tingjie, director of white planning, once said: "President Qin is not good at this level."