Murdering Heaven Edge - Chatper 68: Rather Complicated

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Chatper 68: Rather Complicated

“The prescription ah……” Chu Mo dragged out the words. He saw Xia Jing was about to burst, and he dully said: “Very simple, it can cure your defect! Not only will the prince return to his former glory, but it will also give him little princes and princesses……it will be no problem. But if they are all princesses, then you can’t cause me trouble. That is a personal problem.”

Xia Jing soared out of his seat. His eyes were red, and he stared into Chu Mo: “You aren’t cheating me?”

“Must I be cheating you?” Chu Mo plainly looked at Xia Jing: “What good would deceiving you do for me?”

“What do you want?” Xia Ying still fixated upon Chu Mo, and asked in a deep voice.

This problem is his greatest pain! If it can be cured, then not only would it resolve resentment for Chu Mo, Xia Jing wouldn’t hesitate to kneel down and bow his head to Chu Mo!

“What I want is very simple.” Chu Mo looked at Xia Jing: “First, the resentment between you and I is wiped away starting today! You don’t seek men to kill me, and you no longer oppose me. As soon as I discover something like this, our agreement is cancelled. Because this medicine……you need to take over a long period of time! So, don’t have any dark ideas towards this young master. In addition, watch after your scumbag son Xia Jie. Don’t let him be the same as you, going out and harming people.”

Xia Jing was absolutely shocked, he raged: “Those are rumors!”

“Whether they are rumors or not, you know inside.” Chu Mo coldly smiled: “The second, once you recover to normal. You must become a normal man again. You have several beautiful women here in the Prince Mansion, don’t go out harming people!”

“After being able to return to normal, who would do such things?” Xia Jing’s face was extremely dark. He said it through clenched teeth, and he no longer stated it was a rumor.

“Third, grand prince, I know you are no longer the Grand Secretary, but you still have mighty power in your hands. At a crucial moment, you must help me when I need it.”

Xia Jing’s pupils suddenly flashed a cold light, and he focused onto Chu Mo: “Young man, what are you thinking of doing?”

“Don’t misunderstand. Be at ease. I’m not going to revolt. I’m not that foolish. I just want to live many years.” Chu Mo said.

“Good, so long as you aren’t thinking to revolt, I will use my power to help you at a crucial time!” Xia Jing promised extremely straight-forward. He at last revealed the slight manner of a powerful person.

Before, he was practically completely suppressed by the young Chu Mo. This was actually a very unimaginable thing. This also clearly states one thing. That aspect not working……is an incalculable blow to a man.

“Anything else?” Xia Jing looked at Chu Mo, and he asked in a deep voice.

“Nothing else. Prince Xia Jing, I am young, but I am not a greedy like the peers of my generation. I am a man clear in my grudges! When I have hatred, I must announce it! When I have gratitude, I must repay!” Chu Mo stood up as he spoke. He looked at Xia Jing and simply said: “I can start refining medicine for you right now to prove I’m not lying. But……your illness has already sunken in very deep, so you require a large quantity of medicine. You must be mentally prepared for this. You must prepare a stand-alone room at your Prince Mansion for me to refine medicine, and you must not disturb me.”

Xia Jing nodded then said: “That is no trouble, just tell me whatever ingredients you need! I will send people to make preparations! In addition, I will not conceal this from you. In order to cure my illness, I have accumulated many drug ingredients in the Prince Mansion over the years. The Prince Mansion has an enormous stockpile of ingredients! I have even secretly requested help from several sects, but……there has never been any hope.”

When it comes to Xia Jing, what is a large amount of medicine to him? Given his high position, so long as it exists in the world……he can certainly acquire it.

Chu Mo looked at Xia Jing: “Good, I am tired today. I will pay you a visit early tomorrow morning. I will write down a list of all the medicines needed.” Chu Mo secretly thought: I hope you won’t be frightened at that time.

Xia Jing nodded, then he said in a deep voice: “Then, I won’t be seeing you off. You should know the way out.”

Chu Mo smiled, stood up, waved his hand, and then turned to leave. He simply followed his path of destruction out, naturally he couldn’t get lost.

Xia Jing’s eyes flickered as he watched Chu Mo’s figure disappear out of sight. His eyes were filled with complexity, and he finally sighed after a long time: “Mister Wei Chi, do you feel……this young man’s words are reliable?”

A flat voice passed through the air: “Rather complicated.” then it no longer stirred.

It was an irrelevant answer, and only two words, but Xia Jing’s eyes suddenly shined. His dark face was like a riverbed that was dry for many years. It was suddenly drenched with large amount of water, and an incomparable life force once again resumed.

Rather complicated!

Mister Wei Chi said the young man is rather complicated!

Does that mean the young man isn’t cheating him?

Xia Jing couldn’t state clearly his feelings for Chu Mo at this time.

To say hatred……really hatred, after all this young man crippled his only son. In addition, he came smashing in with such noise. Not only did he turn the Prince Mansion to ruins, but he also said such nasty words, making him want to tear Chu Mo to pieces.

But ever since he heard the prescription, Xia Jing felt……he actually doesn’t hate Chu Mo that much!

“If……I can truly recover, even at my age I could have another ten children without problem! ” Xia Jing’s eyes splashed with a rare light of hope. He mumbled: “Hope……is real! If you dare cheat me, I will exhaust all my wealth, exhaust all my means, I will fight to the death before letting you go!”

Hopelessness isn’t terrifying, because one has already come to the end of the road. There is nothing else to be expected. What is terrifying is to come back from death’s door, only to discover yourself at another impasse!

That is something that truly causes a person to collapse.

Chu Mo strolled away like he was on a walk, right out of the Prince Mansion ruins. The guards along the way already received orders, but each one stared at Chu Mo like an enemy.

They wanted to break his skull, and they couldn’t understand why the boss let him go.

The boss’s only son was ruined by him. He ran away half a year ago, and now he comes swaggering back. He even brazenly broke his way inside. Two of the Prince Mansion’s great followers died at his hands. The whole Prince Mansion was torn down by him……even the Prince Mansion gate was smashed to ruins.

This is simply a slap in the face!

But the Prince actually let him go…….

Since when has the prince been this restrained? A person comes attacking his some, and he actually just endures?

The family members of the cabinet members formed a group to watch the lively activity…….they saw Chu Mo swagger out of the destroyed Prince Mansion gate, and they all stared foolishly. They were completely puzzled!

Chu Mo saw the large group of people gathered outside when he left the gates. Xu Fufu and Miao Yiniang were also in the crowd of people.

Xu Fufu smiled when he saw Chu Mo. Pleased with himself, he looked over at Miao Yiniang: “Ha ha ha ha.”

Miao Yiniang was thoroughly shocked. She had actually already arrived some time ago, and she was just about to charge inside. She had come from a sect, but she lived in Yellow Flame City for many years after all. How could she not know the significance of the Prince Mansion?

It is truly a place of great dangers!

Chu Mo broke in all alone, even the Prince Mansion gate was smashed down. The owner Xia Jing holds old grudges and is given new anger. How could he just let Chu Mo go? She was held in place by Xu Fufu. He said Chu Mo certainly wouldn’t have trouble.

As a result, she didn’t have to wait long before Chu Mo actually emerged!

There wasn’t even a speck of dust on his body. His hands were empty, and his face was peaceful. It looked like he had just eaten a meal and gone for a stroll.

Everyone was filled with shock towards this outcome. They practically all stared foolishly.

“How is this possible? Could it be prince Xia Jing isn’t home?

“Xia Jing practically never comes outside!”

“The gate was turned to rubble by him. Isn’t this a smack in the face? And the offender strolls outside as a result?”

“I heard some people died inside……I really didn’t believe Fan Wudi’s grandson could come out alive.”

“Incredible…….could noble son Chu Mo be carrying an imperial edict from the emperor?”

“That’s a real possibility. Do you all remember that rumor? I cannot say, perhaps this time noble son Chu Mo received an imperial decree to come make trouble!”

“Don’t carelessly talk about royal business. I’m going home. I have to tell my family not to mess with that little bastard Chu Mo. That boy is too complicated!”

There was not a person of simple status in the crowd. Their eyes all carried terror as they looked at Chu Mo and murmured.

Who has the courage to break into the Prince Mansion and cause trouble? And then when it’s all done, they come out intact. The only person who would dare do this in all of Da Xia is the emperor. And now……another has appeared.

Soon after, the personnel in the Prince Mansion silently cleaned up the wreckage. None of them looked outside, and it added another layer of mystery to this event. Chu Mo smashing down the Prince Mansion was the talk of Yellow Flame City even after several years.

“You, you aren’t hurt?” Miao Yiniang quickly walked over to Chu Mo. She appeared deeply concerned. She wore a veil that covered up her extremely gorgeous face, but her slender waist was slightly discernable under her garment, and she made several men hot and bothered.

The great majority of men here had eaten at the Gluttonous Ogre. They didn’t have many opportunities to meet the owner, but several of them still knew Miao Yiniang. They all felt a little startled seeing her appear here.

“Why has Miao Yiniang also joined the crowd?”

“Do they still not know? The Qing province’s noble son, Zhang Qingyu, caused trouble at Gluttonous Ogre just now. He was taught a lesson by Chu Mo. Then that provincial governor’s noble son gave away Xia Jie’s name. Otherwise noble son Chu Mo wouldn’t have come and caused trouble at Prince Mansion in a fury.”

“So it is like this. But what does this have to do with Miao Yiniang?”

“That I don’t know.”

The comments of others didn’t enter Miao Yiniang’s ears. She only looked at Chu Mo, deeply concerned.

Chu Mo smiled: “No problem, why have you come? Didn’t 2Fu tell you I would be fine?”

“I……how could I know that young master Chu possesses such magical ability? You cause trouble at the Prince Mansion, then you can leave free and easy?” Miao Yiniang couldn’t help but say annoyed.

Xu Fufu smiled from the side: “Big sister, your words can be trusted. If you agree to bet, you must accept losing!”