Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 99: Between Brothers

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Chapter 99: Between Brothers

Xu Fufu looked at Chu Mo after Chen Xingxue left: “You hurt her heart.”

Chu Mo sighed: “That’s better than deceiving her.”

“A a a, I say, don’t direct that at me. I don’t deceive people. You’ve started a big fire tonight. Things still haven’t completely settled down after cutting off the dog official’s head. In that case……let’s go to the Gluttonous Ogre? What’s the point in being here?” Xu Fufu looked at the fake smiles on the surrounding nobles, casting the words out of his mouth.

“Good! Let’s go.” Chu Mo experienced many things tonight, and his heart wasn’t calm. He stood up, stepped out the side door with Xu Fufu, and sped away.

Several people finally felt relaxed after Chu Mo left.

Even they didn’t know why. He is clearly only a teenager, that’s it, but the pressure he gave them was enormous.

At the same time, Chu Mo’s words circulated through the crowd.

“Didn’t I just say he is merely a thirteen or fourteen year old teenager, and that’s it? how could he have that much ability? Now we finally know, he has a powerful master supporting him!”

“Didn’t Chu Mo spend seven or eight days refining medicine in the Prince Mansion?

“Idiot, that’s just rumors! Chu Mo is amazing, so would his master be any less? Didn’t you hear……he comes and goes without a trace. Wouldn’t entering and exiting the Prince Mansion without a trace be nothing?

‘The guards at the Prince Mansion……they aren’t that weak?”

“Of course they can’t be called weak, but the problem is, would the Prince Mansion guards stop Chu Mo’s master? He is giving medicine to their master!”

“That’s right……”

“Looks like we need to get closer to that teenager.”

“Yes, who would dare say they don’t need to use other people?”

A group of top level nobles discussed the teenager at the new year’s banquet. It was a rare occasion.

But these people could be considered having ‘opened their eyes’. They probably won’t forget today for decades. The name Chu Mo used to be somewhat unfamiliar to them, but now it has entered their eyes.

Chu Mo and Xu Fufu walked on the Royal Palace road. The guards didn’t obstruct their way when they saw the two. On the contrary, they secretly sized up Chu Mo.

The news of what happened in the banquet hall already spread through the Royal City. Several people wanted to personally see the audacious teenager.

The two breathed in the fresh night air, and looked off into the distance at the gorgeous blooming fireworks, constantly rising in the night sky. Both maintained silence.

Xu Fufu finally said after a long time: “Fourteen!”

“There’s still a little time.” Chu Mo said.

“At fifteen you can join the military, sixteen you can take a wife……little black brother, we will soon grow up.” Xu Fufu seemed a little emotional.

Chu Mo blinked once at Xu Fufu: “So sentimental, isn’t it a bit unlike you?”

“You want to leave after the new year. I just hate to part, you are my only brother. Won’t I be much more lonely after you leave?” Xu Fufu said: “I know, my reputation isn’t great in Yellow Flame City. You saw……princess Chen Xingxue never even looked at me, and she even guarded against me like a thief. Although I’m not mad, but on the inside, I’m still a having a hard time.”

“You deserve it.” Chu Mo said without any emotion: “Who make you spread your nickname far and wide?”

“Fine, the past several years were really a little mischievous, but haven’t I been good in the most recent two years?” Xu Fufu’s eyelids drooped, and he muttered: “But it’s still no good. It seems people need a long time to establish a reputation, and it must be obtained bit by bit. However, one incident is enough to destroy a reputation. Later on, one must work incredibly hard to recover……I’m afraid it’s even ten times harder than before.”

“Actually……your reputation isn’t that bad.” Chu Mo looked at Xu Fufu and said: “At the very least, you still have me, big sister Niang, and big sister Mei.”

“Yes ah. And only these friends.” Xu Fufu raised his head, and looked at the twinkling stars in the night sky. He blurted out: “One day……you won’t leave me will you?”

Chu Mo was touched. He swept a glance at Xu Fufu and smiled: “Why are you suddenly asking like this?”

“I feel you’ve changed too much over the past sixth months, it’s hard to believe. To speak the truth, if we didn’t grow up together, I would even suspect you weren’t really you? Do you understand what I’m saying?” Xu Fufu looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo was silent a moment, then nodded.

“I really am a little afraid so to speak. I’m afraid you will suddenly disappear from this world.” Xu Fufu said: “I’ve heard that once a person reaches a certain level in cultivating, they can break through the void, entering into another world. I think, you will one day……”

Chu Mo was silent a moment. He then said: “If that day comes?”

Xu Fufu stopped walking, looked at Chu Mo, and seriously said: “You are my brother, my best brother! If that day truly comes, then I will certainly grieve! But I’m not the same as you. I have too many close relatives here after all. If that day truly appears, I will carefully protect our business ventures! I will certainly look after grandpa Fan. As brothers, we either break through the skies together, or, one stays behind silently guarding and blessing. In short……I can’t slow you down, right?

Chu Mo looked at Xu Fufu, then thumped two hands on his shoulders: “A guy like you……how could you suddenly become so serious. It’s a little unusual.”

“Yes ah, we have to grow up. You have changed much more than me!” Xu Fufu revealed a trace of a smile: “But, I wish the best for my brother!”

“Actually……you should start working hard now, not too late.” Chu Mo looked at Xu Fufu: “You don’t lack in talent, you’re just too lazy.”

“I ah……forget it. I just want to be happy in this life. I don’t want to become immortal!” Xu Fufu chuckled: “Cultivating is too painful! Which beauty isn’t carefree when drinking fine liqueur? My greatest dream is to drunkenly lie with beauties!”

Chu Mo laughed: “You don’t wish to hold the power of the world?”

Xu Fufu showed his teeth: “This is the Royal Palace! Careful when you speak, you aren’t worried others will hear you and cause trouble?

Chu Mo smiled: “Alright, I already have more than enough troubles.”

The humor between the two brothers was clear as day.

The two already strolled to the Royal City gates at this time, but they discovered a large group of people, and dozens of loaded wagons lined up on the street.

The two walked out of the Royal City, and someone from the group saw them. Both parties were shocked.

“Chu Mo!” A deep voice filled with hate came from one of their mouths.

Xu Fufu stared, just about to say something, but then was pulled to the side by Chu Mo. Chu Mo looked at the man: “Now his majesty the third prince recognizes me?”

This wasn’t just any group of people. The crowned prince Xia Ying, the second prince Xia Xiong, and the third prince Xia Hao had gathered here. They were seeing Xia Hao off.

Xia Hao’s pupils flickered with concentrated murderous intent. He looked at Chu Mo and coldly said: “You’re quite good, I remember you!”

Chu Mo smiled: “Your majesty the third prince, you must clearly understand one thing.”

Xia Hao coldly looked at Chu Mo.

The crowned prince Xia Ying and second prince Xia Xiong appeared expressionless, but their eyes seemed extremely ice-cold.

Chu Mo said without any concern: “Even if you want to let me off easy, I don’t want to let you off easy!”