Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 98: I Can’t

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Chapter 98: I Can’t

“Wh-……what? You you you……you can’t do martial arts?” Xu Fufu looked at Chen Xingxue with an expression of ‘Are you kidding me?’ His eyes were full of disbelief: “You come from a sect, and you’re telling me you can’t do martial arts?”

“Who told you people from sects must be able to do martial arts?” Chen Xingxue’s face was very tender, flashing with a trace of shyness, and a little anger. She seriously looked at Xu Fufu and said: “Must everyone from sects be able to do martial arts?”

“……” Xu Fufu appeared speechless. He muttered: “You haven’t even cultivated a little bit?”

“I have!” Chen Xingxue softly spoke: “I already broke through the Yuan closure.”

“I say……are you messing with me?” Xu Fufu’s mouth twitched. He looked at the delicate and beautiful maiden before himself: “A third rank Yuan closure realm talent, and you’re telling me you can’t do martial arts?”

Chu Mo was also a little speechless while looking at Chen Xingxue.

Chen Xingxue said: “A person’s realm and the ability to do martial arts……they aren’t necessarily related. My realm was dependant on pills to increase, but I don’t like to kill.”

She was probably a little embarrassed as she spoke, and explained: “I’m an expert at refining medicine. I don’t like studying martial arts.”

Xu Fufu’s realm isn’t high, and he had a tough time comprehending Chen Xingxue’s explanation. Chu Mo obviously understood. This is a person from the Da Xia’s royal lineage. She grew up in a sect, but she spent all her time on refining pills.

She relied on pills to increase her realm, strengthening her body, and possessing a longer life than ordinary people. She practically can’t get sick, but she has never cultivated any martial skills. Because of this, she possesses dragon-like power, but she doesn’t know how to use it.

“Princess Xingxue, that’s already in the past. You don’t need to pay attention to it. But I have a suggestion, you really should study a few basic martial skills. Even if you don’t like it, you should still study.” Chu Mo looked at Chen Xingxue: “At the very least……you can defend yourself.”

Chen Xingxue looked at Chu Mo. She lightly nodded: “My mother said the same thing, but……but I really don’t like it. And I’m rather slow, I could never learn.”

Chu Mo smiled: “Slowly slowly study. You certainly can do it!”

“Yes.” The maiden’s face flushed a dull red while softly responding, then her bright starry eyes gazed at Chu Mo. She softly asked: “I heard you can refine medicine?”

Their conversation wasn’t loud, but the spotlight on Chu Mo was too great tonight. Several people paid attention, even if they were hidden in the corner.

When Chen Xingxue asked Chu Mo this, several people nearby looked at Chu Mo with shining eyes.

Chu Mo didn’t need to look to feel their vision, his scalp already started to tingle.

Xu Fufu swept a glance at the people pricking up their ears, and softly said: “A powerful medicine refining ability, he can even cure prince Xia Jing’s illness. There will likely be several people seeking you for medical treatment later on.”

Chu Mo shook his head, and slightly smiled to Chen Xingxue: “Do you think I look like a person who can refine medicine?”

“Ah?” Chen Xingxue never thought Chu Mo would have this response. She was immediately shocked, looking completely perplexed.

The person who tried to violate her was her royal brother, but she became aware of this after the fact. Chen Xingxue is a naturally good person. After becoming a little mad, she felt Xia Jie suffered a deserved punishment, and she gradually stopped thinking about it.

Prince Xia Jing is her dear uncle after all, so she still paid attention to Xia Jing’s affairs. It was no secret in Yellow Flame City that Chu Mo was helping Xia Jing cure his illness. She already knew this a long time ago. She always wanted to talk with Chu Mo about his experiences refining medicines and exchange ideas.

“Doesn’t everyone say you are refining medicine for my uncle? In addition……I heard……” The maiden spoke to here. He eyes showed a bashfulness, and she embarrassingly stopped talking. Because this subject was a little unspeakable for a girl like her.

“How could I have that ability?” Chu Mo shook his head, clearly denying.

The people listening all around, their faces all showed a clear expression of disbelief.

Who are you deceiving? After you caused trouble in the prince mansion, not only were you unharmed, but prince Xia Jing also treated you as a guest.

Prince Xia Jing wantonly purchased each type of medicine in Yellow Flame City. This has been known for a long time. This group of people couldn’t believe Chu Mo’s words.

“Oh……” Chen Xingxue clearly believed. Her impression of Chu Mo was really too good.

After she was saved, the somewhat thin and tall figure of Chu Mo had been deeply stamped in her heart. It had settled for such a long time, without dissipating, and actually becoming clearer.

Chen Xingxue was extremely happy after hearing Chu Mo could refine medicine. She thought they had a common interest, but she couldn’t help being somewhat disappointed after hearing Chu Mo’s denial.

Chu Mo smiled and said: “I really don’t have that kind of ability. My master refines the medicine!”

“So it is like that!” Chen Xingxue’s eyes lit back up. She adoringly said: “Your master must certainly be amazing!”

“He is very amazing……” Chu Mo muttered, and then he thought: ‘The strongest cultivators on the four continents are all ants in master’s eyes. Of course he is amazing.’

“Can I pay a visit to your master if there’s a chance?” Chen Xingxue looked at Chu Mo with anticipation.

Xu Fufu immediately understood those eyes. He thought: ‘Does this princess really want to see little black brother’s master? Clearly she wants to use this opportunity, and try to come in contact with little black brother.’

Chu Mo clearly didn’t understand, or perhaps……he understood everything, but pretended not to know: “My master’s whereabouts are always changing. He is elusive, even I cannot find him.”

“Then…..then I, can come play with you without a reason? I, I want to study martial skills.” Chen Xingxue drummed up all her courage while looking at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo looked to the beautiful maiden. The corners of his mouth twitched as he said: “Your majesty the princess wants to study martial skills. No matter if it is inside the sect or in the royal palace, shouldn’t there be countless people who can teach you? My martial skills……are all for killing. They are quite bloody. I’m afraid they don’t suit the princess.”

The surrounding people who were all listening couldn’t help but think: ‘Is this kid an idiot, or is he playing dumb? The princess is obviously flirting……and he actually keeps refusing. We can all see this without trying!’

Some of the younger nobles enviously looked at Chu Mo, but they didn’t dare show this. The teenager is too terrifying, and they didn’t want to provoke him.

Chen Xingxue pitifully looked at Chu Mo. Her starry eyes were like water.

Xu Fufu couldn’t help but say from the side: “The princess can come to the Gluttonous Ogre if she is bored every day.”

Chen Xingxue immediately raised her guard at Xu Fufu: “What are you thinking of doing?”

“……” Xu Fufu didn’t know what in the world just happened. He at last understood, the emperor or someone else, they had instructed the princess on how to act with Xu Fufu. It’s to the point where Chen Xingxue raises her guard to the highest point when she looks at Xu Fufu.

“I was only giving you a clear path……don’t feel grateful or anything.” Xu Fufu couldn’t help but return a haughty look, not feeling like speaking.

Chen Xingxue cautiously looked at Xu Fufu, then she said to Chu Mo: “I have some business. I must go……someday I’ll visit noble son Chu to pay my respects.”

Chen Xingxue stood up as she spoke. She faced Chu Mo and slightly bowed, then she immediately headed to the door of the banquet hall, disappearing from everyone’s line of sight.