Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 97: Chen Xingxue

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Chapter 97: Chen Xingxue

After Chu Mo left, Fang Mingtong asked the emperor: “Your majesty, do you really plan on marrying a princess to him?”

Xu Zhongliang also looked at the emperor, eyes filled with interest. Chu Mo is indeed outstanding. Anyone could tell. He has an extremely promising future. However, even though Chu Mo is outstanding, the dignified emperor of Da Xia shouldn’t bother taking the initiative in marrying his daughter to Chu Mo.

Da Xia is a nation of the secular world, but there are several talented people! Moreover, from a father’s perspective, finding an amazing talent may not necessarily make for an amazing marriage.

The emperor looked at the two and sighed: “I understand your meaning. I am a dignified ruler, and don’t have many princesses. I wouldn’t dare say they all grew up into amazing beauties, but they are at least all pretty. Do you think I fear being unable to marry them off? The real problem is that girl Xingxue……it seems……she rather likes the boy!”

“What? Princess Xingxue……likes Chu Mo?” Xu Zhongliang was slightly shocked. He immediately smiled: “Actually thinking about it, this is very reasonable. Princess Xingxue spent many years in the sect, and she is quite pure. She encountered such a situation the first time she entered the world. Having feelings for Chu Mo, the person that saved her, is more than normal.”

Fang Mingtong muttered: “If it is princess Xingxue, then she really matches the boy!”

The emperor sighed: “Forget it, these children are always emotional. I won’t pay any more attention to them, let them be. I called both of you here today for a reason. I just received a piece of news, Da Qi they……”

A guard stepped out of the shadows as soon as Chu Mo left the room. He respectfully guided Chu Mo towards the banquet hall.

The emperor’s guard was naturally aware of all today’s events. Because of this, he didn’t dare treat Chu Mo as an ordinary teenager. He was extremely polite when it came time to bid farewell.

The atmosphere already recovered its liveliness when Chu Mo return to the banquet hall. It was like nothing had ever happened. But when Chu Mo’s figure appeared in the doorway, the whole banquet hall’s atmosphere slowed down!

A famous person is a shady tree.

[TL: This phrase signifies the problem of having influence. The traditional meaning is that people will gather under an influential person like a shady tree on a hot day. I think the author could be twisting the traditional meaning here, and saying that an influential person can change the mood.]

Chu Mo dared cut off a fourth grade official’s head in front of the whole new year’s banquet hall, the top nobles of Da Xia, the crowned prince, Grand Secretary Xu, and Marshal Fang. The nerve is too dreadful!

The important thing is, cutting off the head like nothing!

This is too terrifying!

Chu Mo looked all around, discovering the crowned prince and the second prince already disappeared. They must not have had the face left to stay, and decided to see the third prince Xia Hao off.

Making Xia Hao go is the same as cutting off the crowned prince Xia Ying’s arm.

“His majesty the crowned prince must hate me.” Chu Mo thought to himself, but he wasn’t afraid at all. Because even if this didn’t happen, the separation between Chu Mo and the crowned prince is too deep!

Was Zhao Yi done seeking him trouble? He fabricated those false words, fooling the gullible. Without someone behind the scenes inspiring, and borrowing a hundred nerves of steel, then Zhao Yi wouldn’t dare do such a thing!

But no matter if it was the emperor, Grand Secretary Xu, or Marshal Fang……no one would bring this matter up again, and try to handle it.

Chu Mo didn’t even ask any questions……it isn’t that he is politically unaware, but rather that Chu Mo quite understood the situation. The crowned prince was certainly involved, but the emperor ought to stop it from spreading for the time being.

According to Chu Mo, this matter certainly won’t be forgotten.

So long as the crowned prince no longer seeks trouble, Chu Mo wanted to find an opportunity to clear the situation. Chu Mo doesn’t have any deep grudges with the crowned prince. His grandfather declined their recruitment, but he has still benefited Da Xia. Why are they aiming at Chu Mo?

“Chu Mo……is here!” Xu Fufu’s loud voice came from the corner. Chu Mo’s face immediately showed a smile. Right after, Chu Mo faced that direction and walked over.

The people in the banquet hall couldn’t help but clear a path for the handsome teenager.

Chu Mo suppressed a smile. Everyone gave friendly expressions with the teenager that was about to turn fourteen.

Chu Mo could clearly feel the affectionate, fearful, or cold attitudes towards himself coming through their smiles.

He didn’t care very much, and walked in a straight line towards Xu Fufu.

But when he looked back towards Xu Fufu, Chu Mo’s vision hung on quiet maiden sitting in the corner, and he was slightly shocked. He thought: ‘I never imagined……she is actually here.’

The maiden raised her head and looked at him in this moment. A pair of innocent eyes, carrying several parts of bashful curiousness, concentrated onto him. The maiden’s face turned red when she saw Chu Mo look over, but she still gave him a shy smile.

Xu Fufu looked silly from the side, with an unimaginable face. He even began to suspect: ‘Who is the real playboy of Yellow Flame City?’

Then Xu Fufu noticed, Chu Mo slightly nodded to the delicate and pretty maiden. Xu Fufu couldn’t help but give a haughty look: “Ah……I’ve been had!”

Chu Mo already arrived at Xu Fufu’s side by this point. He sat beside Xu Fufu, and noticed his sluggish looking smile: “What’s up with the look? Did big sister Mei dump you?”

Xu Fufu didn’t pay attention to Chu Mo’s joke, sweeping a look over to the young maiden: “Little black brother, who is that girl? Why does she always stare at you?”

Chu Mo didn’t turn his head. He seemed to smile without smiling: “What? Do you like her?”

“Is that a joke? Would I compete with my brother?” Xu Fufu had an expression of ‘don’t look down upon me’.

Chu Mo simply said: “She is a princess. If you want to be a groom, then go for it.”

Xu Fufu’s expression immediately became slack. The corners of his mouth violently twitched, and he muttered: “I know who she is…….”

The graceful maiden suddenly stood up from her seat, walked to Chu Mo, softly bent at the knee, and gave Chu Mo respects: “Last time we met in a haste. I was scared stiff, and I didn’t have the time to thank you for saving my life. At last I finally see you. My name is Chen Xingxue. Thank you for saving my life noble son Chu!”

“Chen?” Xu Fufu curiously looked at the graceful maiden: “You aren’t……?”

The graceful maiden looked at Xu Fufu, then simply said: “I took my mother’s name.”

“Ah ah ah, understood.” Xu Fufu suddenly realized.

Chu Mo said: “I merely saw injustice on the road and helped. Who wouldn’t act? Princess is too kind.”

“Noble son Chu wasn’t the only person on the road that day, but you were the only one that helped.” Chen Xingxue looked at Chu Mo: “Can I sit here?”

Chu Mo just remembered the topic that the emperor circled around for a long time. A strange feeling suddenly rose inside. He wanted to refuse, but didn’t know how to say no. He could only nod: “Of course your majesty, this is your territory.”

Chen Xingxue’s face turned slightly red. She softly said: “I’m also very unfamiliar with this place.”

Xu Fufu couldn’t help but ask from the side: “Your majesty the princess, I have one question. I really don’t understand something. May I ask you?”

Chen Xingxue looked to Xu Fufu: “My father said not to talk with you……”

“……” Xu Fufu didn’t know what in the world just happened.

Chu Mo couldn’t resist smiling. He softly whispered: “A true father!”

Xu Fufu said without a choice: “Your majesty the princess, you are too suspicious. I am not like you think.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. I don’t know why father said that to me.” Chen Xingxue embarrassingly looked at Xu Fufu: “You can ask anything.”

Xu Fufu asked: “I heard the princess grew up in a sect?”

“Yes.” Chen Xingxue slightly nodded.

“Are the disciples from sects quite strong? On that day, why didn’t the princess……” Xu Fufu uncertainly looked at Chen Xingxue: “I shouldn’t……”

Chen Xingxue is innocent looking, but she is no fool. She saw what Xu Fufu was indicating, and her face became red. She softly said: “I……can’t do martial arts.”