Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 96: Hero Medal

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Chapter 96: Hero Medal

“En?” The emperor didn’t seem to hear clearly, somewhat uncertainly looking at Chu Mo, immediately reacting: “You……are declining me?

The emperor was indeed a little aggravated. In his view, Chu Mo is simply refusing.

All the things the thirteen year old brat had been through before leaving Yellow Flame City, they had already been told in his royal study. Could he have really met someone he likes in the six months away? Does he take himself for the grandson of Xu Zhongliang?

Chu Mo nodded: “The princess’s status is honorable, a boy like myself cannot climb so high. Also, I’m not deceiving you. Your majesty, I already have someone I like.”

“Ha ha, I really want to know which house she belongs to. What good fortune they have, they could move the heart of our young hero?” The emperor’s face suddenly showed a smile. He looked to Xu Zhongliang: “Is she from your house?”

Xu Zhongliang’s mouth twitched as he shook his head: “No.”

The emperor looked at Fang Mingtong: “Is it your house?”

Fang Mingtong laughed: “Your majesty, if your servant’s household had someone suitable, would they fight with his majesty?”

“Humph!” The emperor stared at Fang Mingtong, then looked to Chu Mo: “Whose household does the girl belong to?”

“I don’t know.” Chu Mo thought of Qi Xiaoyu. The youth’s clear pupils flashed with a trace of fondness.

The emperor no longer pressed the issue. He could see that Chu Mo wasn’t lying. People can lie, but the eyes cannot tell lies! However, this made the emperor even more uncertain in his heart. He immediately thought of something. While looking at Chu Mo, an odd look appeared in the emperor’s eye: “Can’t be……is it the princess that just rose in the grasslands? The future queen of the grasslands?”

“Cough……” Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang both froze there.

Soon after, Fang Mingtong slapped his chest, saying: “Yes ah, it should be that princess! Chu Mo saved her life, and helped her take down the Hao Yue Clan……that princess would certainly be moved to give herself!”

Xu Zhongliang saw Chu Mo’s facial expression. He thought this must be right nine times out of ten. The women of the grasslands are passionate and unrestrained. Upon meeting a hero like Chu Mo, and him helping with so many things, giving herself away isn’t very strange.

The emperor was already certain inside. He laughed: “So it is like this, it’s truly a good thing!”

Xu Zhongliang and Fang Mingtong both nodded: “Not bad, it’s a good thing!”

Among the powers of Da Xi and Da Qi, the grassland Wang Court appears the weakest, seemingly not having the qualifications to be discussed with the others. However, the people of the grasslands are brave and good fighters. Their horses are known throughout the world. If Da Xia can ally with the grasslands, then they can face Da Qi one hundred percent confident!

This is a huge help, even the emperor was quite moved.

Chu Mo really wanted to explain. There is nothing between him and the grassland princess, but he also understood one thing. If he spoke the truth, then the emperor might immediately explode.

He could never tell the emperor, ‘My wife is a clone……and already disappeared from the world.’ No one would believe if he told them.

Because of this, Chu Mo showed agreement through silence. He and Nuo Yi didn’t have that kind affection, but if he opened his mouth, he believed Nuo Yi would ally with Da Xia. Because this is Nuo Yi’s best option from a political standpoint.

“No wonder you don’t seek my princess. You already have a future queen.” The emperor said to Chu Mo: “However, it can be said, you will always be a person of Da Xia!”

Chu Mo said: “If it really wanted to stay in the grasslands, then I wouldn’t have come back.”

“Good!” Fang Mingtong said from the side: “That’s my hero of Da Xia!”

The emperor nodded with gratification, then pulled out a dark red medal from his robes. He said: “It has already been more than two hundred years since the last Hero Medal. Chu Mo, by awarding you this medal today, it is not only your good fortune, but mine as well! Because this shows that a man of great merit has been born in the nation! You must remember, this blood-colored medal is soaked in the blood of countless Da Xia heroes! Use your life to guard it……it represents honor!”

As he spoke, the emperor seriously handed over the medal to Chu Mo: “Do you understand?”

Chu Mo took the heavy medal, nodded, and said in a low voice: “I understand. I will use my life to protect the honor it represents! I will protect this nation, until the moment I depart!”

Chu Mo’s departure is obviously not death, but the emperor and the rest understood it as that meaning. The idea of ascending to another world is too remote for them, and too imaginary. It is basically impossible.

“One day you will be recognized for the value of this medal. When the time comes., I will give you a grand award ceremony! I will let the whole world know your contributions and sacrifice!” The emperor looking at Chu Mo, speaking somewhat sorrowfully: “You really won’t consider my daughter?”

Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang were both a little speechless. They had no idea what in the world just happened, and thought: Do you want this youngster to marry the grassland princess, or make him marry your princess? Just what are you thinking?

Actually they understood the emperor’s regret. If it was really possible, the emperor would rather Chu Mo marry the Da Xia princess!

Having the grassland Wang Court as an ally is naturally the best. Who could ignore its strength? But not having it…….really wouldn’t be a big deal.

The grassland Wang Court and Da Xia have never been allies, couldn’t Da Xia carry on as before?

Of course, this situation carries a premise. That is, the grassland Wang Court can’t ally with Da Qi. Da Xia would face an enormous threat if that happened.

Da Xia doesn’t have too many of this kind of cultivator, but certainly not few. At the very least, the emperor isn’t lacking.

But if one considers Chu Mo’s age, then it is extraordinary!

A thirteen year old Yuan closure cultivator cannot be found in all of Da Xia!

The highest sects may not necessarily have any. Not to mention, this youth only spent half a year to break into the Yuan closure from the second rank. This speed……it would be difficult for the peerless masters of large sects!

Normally they would need several years……or even ten!

Chu Mo also has a mysterious master supporting him. The emperor viewed these resources with extreme envy.

If he could gather these resources in his palm, then……couldn’t he dominate the world without worry?

Chu Mo shook his head: “Apologies……I……”

“Good good, you don’t have to say, being rejected by a kid is shameful enough.” The emperor showed a helpless expression, waved his hand, then looked to Xu Zhongliang and Fang Mingtong: “You two don’t say anything!”

Xu and Fang both nodded, wryly smiling: “Your servants won’t speak.”

The emperor melancholily said: “Go, go join the new year’s banquet. I must speak with these two.”

Chu Mo looked at the emperor, then said: “That……the upcoming toast?

The emperor waved his hand: “Forget it…..once I see you, I might try and marry off the princess again!”

Chu Mo hastily retreated.