Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 95: Apology (Part 9)

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Chapter 95: Apology (Part 9)

“He isn’t one of those who became a General right upon entering the military.” Chu Mo spoke with a gentle voice: “My Grandfather never started a family. From a small soldier, step by step, he accumulated achievements to become a General. He has given his entire life to this country. His military service is outstanding he he. He has almost never lost a battle! The Fan household had no persons of note before my grandfather. There were no government officials in the family, so my grandfather had no background. My grandfather doesn’t have a prestigious reputation among the people because few know of him.”

The emperor was silent.

Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang were also both silent, only their eyes flashed with a trace of feeling.

Especially Fang Mingtong, when this grand military Marshal joined the service, he served under Fan Wudi for a short period.

However, the Fang family is Da Xia’s heroic house. Fang Mingtong cultivated in a sect since he was a child. His tyrannical power, outstanding ability, and his family support got him promoted very fast.

It could be said, Fang Mingtong really has the ability and qualifications to be Da Xia’s military Marshal. No one would call this into question. But the problem is, if Fan Wudi had the same family history, today that tough old man would be no mere General!

“I once asked grandfather, ‘Why don’t you pay attention to your reputation?‘ Grandfather said to me, ‘What is a reputation? They are like clouds in the heaven, all just floating. They are blown away with a gust of wind.‘ I asked grandfather, ‘Then what are you?‘ He told me, ‘I wish to be a mountain! A mountain along the border……one our enemies cannot cross!‘”

Chu Mo’s eyes became slightly red. He continued saying: “If it wasn’t on account of me, Yellow Flame City might not even have a Fan household. But because I’m here, Yellow Flame City has another General’s household. A shabby……General’s household! But even so, he cares about me his grandson. Do you all know? Up until yesterday, ever since my grandfather brought me back ten years ago, the Fan household hasn’t had a single maid! Yesterday I took in several maids, because I feel there are some things I cannot do as one single person. Even though it is like this, I am still worried. I wonder if my grandfather will scold me when he returns.”

Chu Mo slightly raised his head, sucked in a deep breath, and said: “The Fan household is quite rundown. There is one building inside, without many rooms. I brought back some Yuan beast materials when I came back from the grasslands. I exchanged them for money so one-armed uncle could repair the broken buildings. I gave the leftover money to the widows of veterans that gave their life in battle, who have no one else to look after them. Because over the years…….this is what my grandfather has always done! But does he have a reputation for this? No!”

Chu Mo’s voice wasn’t loud. It also wasn’t intense. However, the three men present, they all had a feeling of great understanding.

Even the uninhibited and bold Marshal Fang Mingtong couldn’t help but remain silent.

Chu Mo added: “Do you know why my grandfather does so many good things, yet he is still unknown?”

The emperor was silent, not uttering a word.

“Because, he never used his own name to do these things!” Chu Mo earnestly added: “The name grandfather uses, is Da Xia! Grandfather makes people tell the widows he aids, ‘It is the country that assists you! The nation has not discarded you! The emperor hasn’t discarded you!” Your majesty, if you feel my grandfather lacks the qualifications to act this way, then please personally tell him. Tell him he is wrong!”

“He……isn’t wrong!” The emperor was silent a moment. He then spoke: “He does good.”

“Then, this old man that has gone through the battlefield, a soldier like him who has given his whole life to the nation, would he do the things dog official Zhao Yi slandered?” Chu Mo slowly asked.

“He couldn’t.” The emperor sucked in a deep breath, then softly spoke: “I……am wrong! I give you an apology!”

“Your majesty!” Xu Zhongliang and Fang Mingtong both had a chilling feeling, both horrified.

The nation’s ruler personally gave someone an apology. What does that mean? Regardless of what it means, in short……nine times out of nine it is a bad thing!

The emperor yet waves his hand: “You two don’t worry about anything. Right is right, wrong is wrong. The words I spoke were wrong. Although, I originally wanted to test the temper of this little guy, but I was a little too frivolous. I have carelessly harmed old General Fan who is worthy of respect.”

Chu Mo was a little stupefied at this moment. He wondered what is going on? Test me? Why test me?

The emperor faced Chu Mo, who was misunderstanding. He laughed and said: “I wanted to see, what kind of person is the youth that rescued my daughter!”

“Ah? Chu Mo was truly a little shocked. He foolishly added: “Rescued your daughter? That rumor……is true? This… is this possible?”

“You know that rumor?” The emperor seemed to smile without smiling.

Chu Mo honestly nodded: “I heard after returning, but I always believed it false.”

“It is true.” The emperor dully spoke: “She is not from one of my concubines. Her mother is a sect disciple. I unexpectedly met her sixteen years ago, then I had her.”

Chu Mo’s heart was pumping, never expecting to know a secret of the emperor.

“Later on, her mother returned to the sect. She gave birth to my daughter there, because of this, she has always grown up in the sect. She finally brought her back to meet me this year. I hold shame in my heart, feeling that I owe this daughter much. Because of this, I have kept this matter secret. I haven’t been as strict to her like the other princesses. I never thought that event would happen later on.” The emperor’s face revealed a trace of anger: “Fortunately she didn’t suffer any harm, otherwise……”

The emperor didn’t continue speaking, but the murderous aura in his eyes was clearly showing.

But continuing on, the emperor slightly smiled: “First you saved my daughter, then you gave enormous achievements in the grasslands. A Hero Medal……I feel it isn’t enough. Speak for yourself, what do you want? Perhaps……for your grandfather?”

Chu Mo shook his head, and very seriously said: “I didn’t know who she was when I rescued her. Even if I suffered retaliation for this, and was chased out of Yellow Flame City, I’ve never had any regrets, I’ve never complained, and I’ve never sought any payment. On the grasslands, I only wanted to do good things for my country. I changed my name as a result, at the same time, I wanted to prevent any trouble for the future. I even more didn’t wish for payment.”

“Contributions naturally must have rewards. Do you take me for a man that doesn’t reward and punish?” The emperor said: “How about I make your grandfather an official?”

“No!” Chu Mo crisply answered: “Grandfather has fought for his position today. Ever since childhood, grandfather taught me to fight for everything myself.”

“Then, how about you marry my daughter?” The emperor revealed an strange smile. He spread it out for so long, finally revealing his thoughts.

A teenager like this with a good background and great achievements, if he could come to the emperor’s side, then it would be a heavenly benefit!

Xu Zhongliang and Fang Mingtong were slightly shocked, but their two faces immediately showed a wry smile. They looked at each other, both thinking: ‘The emperor really likes this teenager!’

A royal princess, is that someone anyone could marry?

Chu Mo yet wrinkled his brow, saying: “I already have someone I like.”