Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 94: No Childish Game (Part 8)

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Chapter 94: No Childish Game (Part 8)

The emperor led Chu Mo, Xu Zhongliang, and Fang Mingtong to a secluded place in the palace. As soon as they entered, he looked at Chu Mo and plainly asked: “Speak, what happened?”

Chu Mo said: “At evening, a royal guard wearing a talisman at the waist came to pick me up in a carriage. I believed your majesty, Marshal Fang, or Grand Secretary Xu sent him to pick me up, because of this, I entered without any hesitation.”

“We indeed sent a carriage to pick you up.” The emperor raised his brows while looking at Chu Mo: “But it must have arrived late.”

“The carriage didn’t have any windows. I wasn’t suspicious because the majority of royal carriages don’t have windows!” Chu Mo said.

Fang Mingtong said from the side: “It prevents hidden attacks.”

Chu Mo nodded: “In the end, I didn’t travel far before feeling something was wrong. The corner we turned was clearly away from the Royal Palace!”

“You could determine this?” Xu Zhongliang looked shocked.

The emperor also appeared extremely shocked.

Only Fang Mingtong, he said from the side: “What’s the big deal? If a soldier doesn’t have this ability, then that is completely unacceptable!”

“He is only a child.” Xu Zhongliang softly sighed.

“He will soon be a soldier.” Fang Mingtong said.

“You two……don’t interrupt!” The emperor was a little mad.

Chu Mo continued speaking: “I started to suspect, and I asked the driver several questions. In the end, his answers were like a donkey’s lips on a horse’s mouth. I immediately felt something wrong. As a result, I smashed a fist into the carriage, thinking to break out.”

“Dragon-like power is extremely powerful, don’t mention a measly carriage, not even the Prince Mansion gate could withstand your kick.” Fang Mingtong chuckled to the side.

The emperor gave a quick glance to Fang Mingtong, then said: “And after?”

“My fist couldn’t break through the carriage.” Chu Mo plainly said.

“How could that be?” Xu Zhongliang completely didn’t believe. He is a government official, but he is still knowledgeable about the martial realms.

Fang Mingtong immediately said: “Don’t tell me that carriage……was actually sturdier than the Prince Mansion gate?”

The emperor angrily said: “Can you stop mentioning the Prince Mansion affair?”

Fang Mingtong chuckled a moment, then he shut his mouth. He really wanted to give the emperor another jab. Because he always treats the emperor as a younger brother, the emperor is always in a bad mood.

Chu Mo said: “The carriage was entirely forged from top grade steel with added meteorites. The Ministry of Works and a master sect forger worked together! If this wasn’t used to grab me, I bet this would have been a new year’s gift for your majesty.”

The original facts were like this. An incredibly sturdy carriage for the emperor is no strange thing.

But the problem is, this carriage just captured Chu Mo, and he almost didn’t escape. Then Chu Mo says these words to the emperor. If the inside of the emperor’s heart was in a good place, then he would feel blamed, how could he take this news as a good thing?

Because of this, the emperor’s face darkened as soon as Chu Mo spoke these words.

Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang stealthily glanced at each other. They both secretly thought: ‘This little bastard……he doesn’t fool around! Truly ruthless enough!’

“Then how did you get out?” The emperor asked.

Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang were both extremely interested in this question.

Chu Mo somewhat shyly smiled: “My master……gave me a magic weapon! I used it to cut open the carriage, then I escaped.”

“Master……magic weapon!” The emperor’s pupils, at last they focused with a serious color.

Yes, this youth was chased out of Yellow Flame City by the emperor’s younger brother only half a year ago. He had such an unbelievably magnificent change in a mere half year. If someone said there wasn’t a terrifying figure in the background, then the emperor wouldn’t believe.

“Then I questioned the driver using torture, seeking who sent him.” Chu Mo’s face exposed a trace of anger: “As a result, he coughed up the Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Yi. I still didn’t believe at that time. I don’t have any grievances with Zhao Yi. Zhao Yi is a Ministry of Works assistant, why would he seek me trouble?

The emperor jumped in with a question: “Didn’t Zhao Yi say, there is a grudge with your grandfather?”

Chu Mo suddenly raised his head. Those distinct black and white eyes seriously looked at the emperor.

The regal emperor of Da Xia was suddenly hit by Chu Mo’s vision, making him have a guilty conscious. He couldn’t help but want to avoid Chu Mo’s gaze.

“Emperor……do you also believe Zhao Yi’s words?” Chu Mo’s voice was somewhat icy, like a gust of wind in winter.

The emperor was slightly startled, and he squinted at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo continued speaking: “The emperor believes an old General who has been ever loyal to Da Xia, and has fought his entire life for the emperor……is someone who would do something like that?”

Xu Zhongliang looked bad from the side. He complained to himself that the emperor shouldn’t have spoke those words, but he said: “Chu Mo, the emperor didn’t have that meaning!”

Fang Mingtong also said: “The emperor only unintentionally spoke, just a casual remark, that’s it.”

The emperor finally reacted at this time. The person the emperor is facing, he is definitely not the ordinary General grandson from half a year ago. Furthermore, there is a terrifyingly powerful person behind the scenes, setting off an overwhelmingly unrestrained young hero!

The words the emperor just spoke, if he said them half a year ago, they wouldn’t be the least bit serious. Chu Mo is just a child that’s it. When the emperor speaks with him, it is a form of flattery upon him. And Chu Mo dares nitpick?

But the emperor saying these words to the current Chu Mo, it seems to be somewhat frivolous!

The dignified king of a country, to make him bow his head in mistake is highly unlikely. So the emperor somewhat awkwardly smiled, and said: “Continue speaking.”

Chu Mo slightly squinted. He could feel the thoughts of Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang at this time. They must certainly be very nervous. They were both afraid Chu Mo would make a universally shocking action.

Chu Mo wasn’t so foolish, but on the inside……he was truly a little disappointed in the emperor.

Perhaps the emperor’s words were careless, but careless words are precisely the most frightful!

Because careless words often signify……what the heart is feeling!

Chu Mo suddenly smiled and slightly shook his head. He said: “Emperor, I don’t know why Zhao Yi seeks trouble for me. You need to ask your eldest son the reason……his royal highness the crowned prince! As far as the origin, I don’t wish to interpret. I believe you just saw everything.”

“Chu Mo you……” Xu Zhongliang could feel the scene before him darkening. His greatest fear has finally come. This rebellious teenager has finally revealed his most bloody side, and he dares become directly hostile with the emperor.

Chu Mo waved his hand, softly saying: “I’m only a child. I cannot grasp the many big matters of the nation. Even more so, I cannot grasp the grudges in the royal court. Zhao Yi slandered my grandfather and wanted to harm me. He is a dog. That rank three Yuan Closure driver, your majesty can decide to kill, detain, question, or release him. As for my achievements on the grasslands, if you wish to award me a Hero Medal, then I am very thankful for your recognition. However, I executed a fourth grade official without instruction, which was wrong. The two cancel each other out. If there isn’t anything else, I wish to return home.”

“Just the dog official Zhao Yi? One thousand of him aren’t worth a Hero Medal!” Fang Mingtong somewhat angrily looked at Chu Mo: “Do you take the Hero Medal as childish game?”

The emperor’s facial expression also become a little unsightly. He never thought, his casual words, they unexpectedly had such a huge response from the teenager.

Chu Mo raised his head, looked at Fang Mingtong, and then looked at the emperor: “Of course the Hero Medal is no child’s toy. It carried a heavy history for Da Xia, a medal for the countless heroes stained in blood!”

“You know and you still……”

Chu Mo seriously spoke: “But my grandfather’s reputation, it is no childish game!”