Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 93: Too Splendid (Part 7)

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Chapter 93: Too Splendid (Part 7)

Xia Hao understood his father too well. His two legs went soft after hearing these words, and he directly kneeled down.

Chu Mo’s Murdering Heaven yet didn’t leave the prince’s neck.

The only two left standing in the banquet hall were Chu Mo and the emperor.

The emperor slightly wrinkled his brow: “Why all the kneeling? This is the new year’s banquet. Since when are we so formal? Get up get up, everyone rise!”

Everyone started to rustle up. Everyone was standing in the banquet hall. There was only one person left kneeling……the third prince Xia Hao!

Xia Hao lost all the color in his face at this moment. The depths of his pupils filled with dread.

Chu Mo looked to the emperor and slowly said: “Brilliant master emperor, forgive my rudeness……”

The emperor smiled, then shook his head: “I still haven’t forgiven you.”

Chu Mo slightly smiled: “Xia Hao, is a prince of Da Xia. He should be an example for the government officials and the people! He should be honest, just, generous, and good hearted! But he is amoral, a liar, petty, and deceitful to the sovereign……so to say he should die, it is no exaggeration!”

“Eh?” The emperor looked at Chu Mo with interest: “How is he amoral, a liar, petty, and deceitful to the sovereign?”

“Zhao Yi is a dog official! He was accused and trapped by me after I exposed his plot. He was afraid for his family, so he decided to lie through his teeth, concocting lies out of thin air. And he slandered one of our country’s greatest Generals. A dog official like him should have his head cut off a hundred times!” Chu Mo coldly said: “And what did the third prince do? He helped slander an upright loyal Da Xia General, and helped conceal the shameless rumor. The prince once tried to recruit my grandfather, and was scolded as a result. He hates my grandfather to the core because of this, and has been waiting for revenge. That event is irrefutable. I believe your majesty must already be aware!”

The emperor’s expression didn’t change. He looked at Chu MO and said: “Continue speaking.”

Chu Mo icily spoke: “What else is there to say? The facts are displayed! Xia Hao and Zhao Yi are colluding! They are birds of a feather! He is shameless. Don’t tell me he isn’t an amoral, petty, lying thing? Don’t tell me he doesn’t deserve death? Just because he wears the glittering gold garments of a prince, he can act outside the law as he pleases? Don’t tell me he can casually frame someone? Don’t tell me he can dirty innocent people?”

Chu Mo looked over at the expressionless face of the emperor: “If this is Da Xia, then I am not a person of Da Xia!”

The remarks put the whole banquet hall in silence. Everyone gaped at the young man.


Xu Zhongliang sighed to himself. He thought: ‘You little thing, fancy that I praised your commanding presence. Now you actually dare say these words in front of the emperor.’

‘Even if everything you said is right and backed by facts, but what about the emperor’s face? The third prince should die?……he is a prince! He is the emperor’s flesh and blood!’

‘Forget about the Hero Medal, you might not make it out of the Royal Palace in one piece.’

‘But even if you throw caution to the wind today, you must protect your safety. As for later on……it cannot be changed!’

Chu Mo severely berated Xia Hao, like having dogs blood poured on. Xia Hao knelt there, scolded stupid. His face turned green to white, white to red, red to purple, and purple to black……this is the first time since birth that the supremely high status prince suffered such a serious attack.

The emperor was also somewhat stunned by Chu Mo’s beratement. That solemn face slightly twitched. He seriously looked at Chu Mo, and Chu Mo returned the look without any hesitation.

In all of Da Xia, there is no one that dares look at him like this.

This made the emperor feel extremely fresh. He looked at Chu Mo with a playful smile: “Little guy. The one you curse……is yet my son. The dog head official you just killed was personally appointed by myself. Heh, he is a dog official, so what does that make me? A dog emperor?”

The thousand plus people in the hall turned deathly pale. They subconsciously wanted to kneel.

The emperor waved his hand: “Is it your business? Seriously watch!”

Xu Zhongliang stared at Chu Mo with every bit of intention he could muster. He believed Chu Mo would certainly understand the meaning. He should hurriedly kneel to the ground and beg forgiveness as a child……that is the best thing he should do!

Chu Mo only laughed: “It depends, how will your majesty handle today’s affair! What does the dog official Zhao Yi have to do with your majesty? Even the Royal Palace will have a few cockroaches and rats inside. If everything could be blamed on your majesty, then being an emperor would be too tiring.”

The emperor couldn’t help but laugh: “Ha ha ha ha, stinky child. Your words……have made me happy! It is simply too logical! Should all the feces be placed on my head?

Chu Mo said to the emperor in a whisper: “A few dog official’s aren’t your majesty’s fault, but your son’s lack of discipline……that is your majesty’s fault.”

The emperor dully looked at the kneeling Xia Hao: “Do you hear? This guy says your father is to blame for your mistakes.”

Xia Hao foolishly knelt there, his face green, red, and purple, then suddenly……he cried like a little baby.

“Father, your son should die……son should die……your son has made father lose face, please punish me father!”

“You should be punished, set off and journey through the night. Go to the northern border. Don’t come back to Yellow Flame City for another ten years!”

These words were like thunder from a clear sky!

They made everyone in the banquet hall tremble!

The emperor……is actually sending away the third prince!

Not a single question, not a single word between the two, just like that……he is sent away?

And this is new year’s night, he won’t spend another one in Yellow Flame City for many years. He is directly driven off!

What exactly is going on? What is the emperor favoring Chu Mo for?

And this favor isn’t the size of a mountain…….but bigger than the sky!

Would the favoritism from the emperor actually be at this level?

Several people had only one question: ‘Chu Mo’s actions are just short of disgraceful, why hasn’t he been given a word of blame?’

And at this time, the criticism came.

The emperor dully looked at the foolishly kneeling third prince Xia Hao, then swept his gaze over to the kneeling crowned prince Xia Ying and second prince Xia Xiong. Those two princes didn’t dare make a sound. The emperor said to them: “What are you two kneeling for? Why haven’t you left?”

He then ruthlessly looked at Chu Mo: “Your rotten weapon is still at my son’s neck? Don’t tell me you wish to cut his dog head?”

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched. He put Murdering Heaven away and muttered: “I wouldn’t dare……”

“Looks like you would even dare attack me! Do you dare? Get the fuck out of here and follow me! I have some things to ask you!” The emperor ruthlessly stared at Chu Mo, then he looked over to Xu Zhongliang and Fang Mingtong: “You two also get the hell out and follow!”

The emperor put both his hands behind his back and walked out as he spoke.

He left countless people scared out of their minds in the banquet hall.

Several people were scared stiff. They thought this was the most amazing and terrifying day in their lives.

The first and second grade officials that had been in the court for twenty years, they have never seen the emperor favor a person like this.

If they didn’t look so much different, they would suspect orphan Chu Mo was the emperor’s secret son!

At this time, the people with this thought numbered more than one or two!