Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 92: Chopping Your Dog Head (Part 6)

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Chapter 92: Chopping Your Dog Head (Part 6)

This brilliant light appeared abruptly, yet was magnificent.

Everyone in the hall subconsciously stopped breathing!

It was an astonishing light.

Just like lightning striking in the dead of night!


Zhao Yi knelt there, but his head soared!

Hot blood sprayed out his neck, like a blood colored fountain splashing high!

“Performing for half a day, wasting so much saliva, racking your brains to come up with shit nonsense! Dirtying the water, false tales, and shamelessly spreading lies……take the blade! I’ll cut your dog head!” Chu Mo’s voice was ice cold, like a stone shattering a mirror.

Incredibly strong!

The banquet hall’s rapt-attention atmosphere completely broke to pieces!

What performance, what rumors, what dirty waters, they all lost to this blade!

Xu Zhongliang was constantly standing beside Chu Mo. At this moment, his eyes opened large!

He is a civilian official. He really had no time to react.

Up until seeing Zhao Yi’s head fly, seeing the cool and elegant blood splatter, his mind was still in a blank state.

But Fang Mingtong on the other hand, that is a little interesting!

He is a rank six cultivator that can move unhindered through the secular world!

A person in the sixth realm……an almighty at the Golden Stone state!

Chu Mo’s blade is fast, but if Marshal Fang wants to block, he could block anything.

But he didn’t block.

Not only did he let Chu Mo strike, but when seeing Zhao Yi’s head soar, the corners of his mouth spread wide, revealing an incredibly overjoyed smile!

“Way to cut that dog’s head!” Fang Mingtong spit out these words, then he took a deep breath: “I was just about to chop his dog dead myself! My status is too high, I would lose face cutting the head off that dog.”

He turned to Chu Mo and laughed: “Little guy……I like you more and more. You’re indeed capable……he he. Ha ha ha ha! What a good cut! Cut off his head in one slash! So happy! So Happy! I’m getting drunk tonight!”

Xu Zhongliang held his forehead, while standing from the side. He didn’t know what on earth was going on. The corners of his mouth twitched, so angry he didn’t know what to say.

He thought to himself: Fang Mingtong, you bastard. Why didn’t you stop him? How could you not know Chu Mo was attacking? This is fun and all, but now what? Do we execute without trial? Are we lawless?

Several women in the hall shrieked at this time. They were terrified.

Don’t mention the women, how many men had witnessed such a bloody scene before?

Several people were pale. They all stared at the youth, eyes filled with terror.

He dares lift the blade and kill a man, right in the presence of the princes, all while standing next to the Marshal and the Grand Secretary.

This kind of courage and resolution is truly too intense!

Even if the emperor were standing there, this youth……he would probably act the same!

Xu Fufu looked excited from the corner: “Ha ha ha. Little black Chu, such courage, well done! He’s direct! This type of dog official should have his dog head cut off!”

The young group sitting with Xu Fufu were all gasping for cool air. These young nobles could be overbearing tyrants, they could tell someone to kill, but few have the courage to personally kill someone.

The thing that made Xu Fufu feel strange is the innocent looking girl. Her eyes appeared disturbed, but the corners of her mouth curved up, all while softly looking at Chu Mo.

“Can’t be?” Xu Fufu was completely dumbstruck. He suspiciously looked at the girl, then looked at Chu Mo. He thought: ‘Is this right? Shouldn’t she be scared by this scene as a girl? It seems……she’s also taken a fancy to my brother? The heaven’s have no logic!’

The crowned prince’s face was pale. His two hands slightly trembled beneath their sleeves. His expression towards Chu Mo was both shocked and angry.

The second prince Xia Xiong’s face sank. He looked at Chu Mo, secretly harboring murderous intent.

The third prince Xia Hao’s face was unsightly. His eyes were full of disbelief. He angrily glared at Chu Mo while walking over towards him: “You……how dare you?”

“Pah!” Chu Mo spat at Xia Hao’s face.

The peak rank three cultivator, spitting at a rank four cultivator……whether intentional or not, Xia Hao couldn’t dodge!

Spit hit his face!

“Little animal! You’re seeking death!” Xia Hao roared. His Iron Bone aura suddenly broke out. He pulled out the double edged sword at his waist, advanced at Chu Mo, and immediately slashed.

Fang Mingtong slightly squinted. He was just about to act, but he saw the look in Chu Mo’s eyes.

It was a brave invincible confidence!

Fang Mingtong suddenly understood the youth in that moment, so he peacefully stood to the side, and didn’t act.

Xu Zhongliang was yet worried: “Fang Mingtong!”

“Let them fight!” A low awe-inspiring voice sounded from behind the two.

Xu Zhongliang started to shiver. In this world, there is only one who can scare the Grand Secretary!

“Don’t turn around, I want to watch! Heh, what a splendid drama. You two just sit and wait for me. Turn around and there will be problems!” The deep awe-inspiring voice continued talking.

Xu Zhongliang didn’t dare turn around. Fang Mingtong also didn’t dare. Their mouths twitched, and they gave each other a slanted glance, both were holding rather excited expressions.

Everyone in the banquet hall had eyes on third prince Xia Hao and young Chu Mo. No one paid attention to who was behind Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang. The person wearing a yellow robe could have come at any time.


[TL: Sound of weapons striking]

There was an enormous sound.

It was the sound of Xia Hao’s sword breaking, then, an incredibly sharp blade rested on the prince’s neck.

“You should also die!” Until the point when Chu Mo’s icy voice sounded, everyone seemed to be in a dream. The entire hall was scared silent!

“Speak, why should he die?” A dull voice made the whole hall violently shiver.

Then……the first reaction of these people was a plopping noise, like a frog jumping in a pond, the sound of falling to one’s knees.

Then several people followed after.

“Long live the emperor!”

Crowned prince Xia Ying and second prince Xia Xiong both kneeled to the ground with pale complexions. Their heads lowered, yet everyone could see their expressions.

Fang Mingtong and Xu Zhongliang helplessly looked at each other. They turned around, faced the yellow-robed man, and kneeled: “Your majesty!”

Only three people were left standing in the entire hall.

One was the yellow robed man, Da Xia’s emperor!

And the other two, one was Chu Mo, and the other……has an incredibly sharp blade on his neck……third prince Xia Hao.

Chu Mo blinked a few times. He looked at the emperor and said: “Your majesty, you really want me to speak?”

“Little bastard, you still aren’t kneeling for the emperor!” Xu Zhongliang stared daggers at Chu Mo, and spoke in a low voice.

However, a big smile grew on Fang Mingtong’s face. He stuck a look at Chu Mo, and his eyes were full of praise. He thought: ‘Atta boy! No matter what, I want you in the military. If you don’t become a ferocious ever-victorious General, then never speak my name again!’

The emperor waved his hand: “No need to kneel, speak!”