Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 91: That Brilliant Radiance (Part 5)

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Chapter 91: That Brilliant Radiance (Part Five)

Zhao Yi looked to Chu Mo after a long sigh: “But I unexpectedly took a wrong step in life, entering eternal damnation. Old General Fan Wudi privately sought me in the past. He wanted a special military weapon. He found me, and at that time……I was temporarily possessed. I actually asked the old General for a bribe of twelve thousand pieces of silver……”

Zhao Yi face appeared extremely ashamed. His eyes turned red, nearly shedding tears: “I was confused! The old General scolded me. He said I’m insane for wanting money! I didn’t even come to my senses, but rather I harbored hatred towards the old General! But I had no opportunity to hurt him, as a result……I had a thought. I would attack the old General’s grandson. I don’t know what I was thinking. I……I should die!”

Zhao Yi could no longer hold the tears inside. He managed to choke out some words: “The Ministry of Works master craftsman united with a sect’s master metalworker. They added meteor metal with top grade steel to create a carriage. It was originally meant to be a new year’s gift for his majesty. However, I was blinded by selfishness, and I wanted to capture noble son Chu……The thousands of mistakes, they were all committed me alone! I don’t dare cause bloodshed before everyone on this blessed day. I request that the great Grand Secretary and Marshal Fang let me return home. Let me commit suicide!”

Tears streamed down Zhao Yi’s face as he spoke. He sounded completely authentic. Don’t mention other people, even Chu Mo almost believed!

Watching Zhao Yi’s incomparably sincere expression, Chu Mo recalled the interactions between grandfather and Zhao Yi. Was there really this kind of resentment?

But Chu Mo immediately came back to his senses. This was fundamentally impossible! His father is a General, but above the Generals……there is only the Marshal! And there is also the Ministry of War Chief.

The old man had more than enough support and status as a General. He could go directly to the Ministry of Works and seek a weapon.

Seeking a weapon…….a special military weapon!

Chu Mo’s heart became ice-cold when he heard of this, and even more angry!

This Zhao Yi is still deceiving on the edge of death!

If this story were true, then wouldn’t his grandfather be scheming something? Otherwise……why would a General privately seek a special weapon from the Ministry of Works? If he really wanted a special weapon, then why didn’t he report to the higher authorities?

Chu Mo’s pupils showed a cold light. Looking at Zhao Yi, he was unbelievably furious inside: Son of a bitch……his acting is too good! You should join the theater! You shouldn’t be in the court!

Actually several people had the same opinion as Chu Mo.

Everyone here was in the upper circles of Da Xia. They often attended the theater, but after watching so many years, the best performer…….is actually this fourth grade official.

Life is called a play, this is truly so!

Xu Fufu was hiding in the corner. His mouth twitched, and he couldn’t help but whisper: “Shameless!”

An innocent looking maiden was sitting close to Xu Fufu. She also gritted her teeth and mumbled: “Absolutely no sense of shame!”

Xu Fufu didn’t look at the maiden, feeling strange. If the situation wasn’t awkward right now, he would certainly strike up a conversation. However, his heart was filled with rage at this moment.

Some people were furious, and others were overjoyed.

The crowned prince Xia Ying, second prince Xia Xiong, and third prince Xia Hao all looked astonished at Zhao Yi. This was the first time seeing the Ministry of Works assistant’s amazing ability!

Instantaneously improvising, and actually quite appealing!

As far as the truth……is it that important? They all know this matter will ultimately be decided by the emperor.

This most important part is Zhao Yi’s biting words at Fan Wudi!

It is simply profound!

He makes Fan Wudi appear selfless and upright, raining curses at the thought of a bribe. But the essence of this matter……is actually that the old General ‘privately’ sought him, and asked for a special weapon!

This is the most important part!

Because it happened in private, there is no way to counter the claim. It is really like staining the seat of your pants with mud. It looks like feces, so it might as well be feces. Given that the emperor trusts Fan Wudi, he would still feel uncomfortable upon hearing these words.

“This is a talent!” Xia Xiong’s eyes lit up as he watched Zhao Yi. Xia Xiong slightly wanted him to live! As a result, he looked over to Xia Hao.

The three brothers could practically read each other’s minds since childhood.

Because of this, the third prince Xia Hao stepped forward. He seriously spoke: “These matters……I am responsible. I never thought Zhao Yi would blunder so greatly in a moment of weakness!”

Xu Zhongliang and Fang Mingtong’s expressions didn’t change in the slightest. They maintained a tranquil expression since the beginning.

Xia Hao stood up at this moment. Fang Mingtong burst into laughter: “Do tell, speak speak.”

Fang Mingtong’s attitude made several people unable to hold back a smile. Everyone could see the Marshal didn’t believe this nonsense. He didn’t even take the words seriously!

Xu Zhongliang stood there with downcast eyes, like he changed into a statue. But who would dare look down upon this Grand Secretary. Everyone knew, once this man opened his mouth, this matter would be settled!

Xia Hao sighed with a look a guilt: “Zhao Yi told me about his story with the old General back then. Everyone knows the old General and I……have a little disagreement. So the great Zhao wanted to ally with me, all to make things difficult with the old General. But I am a prince! At the same time, I am also a person of Da Xia. I have a disagreement with the old General, but how could I do such a thing? In the end, I strictly refused!”


Chu Mo’s was extremely angry, to the point of laughter. Standing there, his young and handsome face filled with ridicule.

Xia Hao seemed to not notice at all, saying: “I must speak a moment about mister Zhao, he considers state affairs of utmost importance! As a result, mister Zhao takes things too seriously. Zhao said he must display a show of strength to the old General! He was going to kidnap the General’s grandson for several days, making him worry. It was entirely in spite!”

Xu Zhongliang and Fang Mingtong were expressionless. Several people in the banquet hall were slightly moved.

The third prince is also extremely formidable!

With these words, he took the murder case of Zhao Yi wanting to assassinate Chu Mo, and changed it into Zhao Yi wanting to scare the old General. He also added testimony to the old General privately seeking Zhao Yi for a special weapon.

Now, Zhao Yi would at most only be imprisoned a few years. The situation is merely extortion and kidnapping, not murder……and now it won’t be easy for Fan Wudi to clean the dirty water.

Apart from extremely dense people, everyone present is extremely intelligent, including the women and teenagers.

Several people looked over at Xia Hao with terror in their eyes.

He is a prince that can fight and plot……he’s really too terrifying!

Xia Hao continued acting: “I scolded mister Zhao back then, but I… only a military General. Sometimes I can be a little headstrong, and I didn’t tell my older brothers. I also didn’t report it. I believed……mister Zhao was only bullshitting. Who would have thought, he actually acted so foolishly. I am also to blame!”

The crowned prince Xia Ying finally stood up. He showed a grieved expression, looking at Xia Hao: “You fool! Is this some small thing? Why didn’t you tell me? You’ve made me angry to death! Return, I will go report to father, and have you severely punished!”

Xia Hao lowered his head, completely ashamed: “I am guilty……”

Xia Ying looked over to Zhao Yi. He spoke with a regretful expression: “Mister Zhao, you are a fourth grade official of the court. How could you be so short-sighted? The old General certainly requested a special weapon for the country and people! The old General has been completely loyal, and upstanding his whole life. You actually tried to bribe him? Are your brains full of lard?”

Zhao Yi collapsed to his knees, bursting into tears: “I should die. I should die ten thousand times!”

“Today is a day of celebration. It is not the day to handle this matter. I think you should go home and await punishment! I will report this to the emperor after the new year. The emperor will decide your punishment!” Xia Ying shook his head and sighed.

“I am guilty……I will obey……” Zhao Yi cried even more intensely, as if he suffered a heavenly wrong. He choked back tears,

The hall was brightly illuminated.

A brilliant burst of light suddenly shined within!

This brilliant radiance eclipsed everything in the hall.