Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 90: All Can Act (Part 4)

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Chapter 90: All Can Act (Part 4)

Don’t mention the three princes, the entire banquet hall never thought this would happen.

These people were all in a state of disbelief, nothing more, but one person was terrified!

That is the Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Yi,

This elegant, refined, and scholarly middle-aged man turned completely pale when he saw the two big-shots stand beside Chu Mo.

When he heard those words of Fang Mingtong: ‘Because your daddy personally sent this invitation‘, Zhao Yi could no longer support himself. His legs went soft, and he collapsed to the floor.

The crowned prince and the second prince were originally standing beside him, but they stealthily slipped several steps away to the side.

When Zhao Yi looked to the crowned prince for help, he only saw an incredibly icy glare!

The Ministry of Works assistant……is no small official. He is the second in command for one of the six ministries. Zhao Yi had been government official for many years, and he immediately understood the crowned prince’s expression.

After understanding, his spirit was completely crushed!

The third prince Xia Hao hollowly laughed at this time. He bowed to Fang Mingtong in respect: “Marshal……I have no problems, my mistake!”

Then he turned to Chu Mo and smiled: “I am sorry noble son, I don’t know you, so I have temporarily wronged you. Please see forgiveness!” Xia Hao’s eyes still carried a trace of disdain, because it was very hard for others to see his eyes when looking at Chu Mo.

However, Chu Mo noticed.

He is provoking!

Chu Mo soared with anger on the inside. His heart broke out in fury.

Chu Mo is young, but he had joined the new year’s banquet three or four times. He didn’t speak often with the three princes, but they were definitely acquainted.

Xia Hao pretended not to know Chu Mo since the very beginning, even pretending all the way until now. He acted like this was the first meeting.

Chu Mo coldly laughed to himself: Who said the third prince is only a warrior? He is a royal child……this level of scheming, it is truly amazing.

Chu Mo really wanted to snarl at Xia Hao: “Scram!”

But Chu Mo knew, if he fought with Xia Hao right now, then……the assassination attempt would likely go unsettled.

The topic would be shifted. Who would keep paying attention?

Because of this, Chu Mo faced Xia Hao and showed a shy smile: “Your highness, royal people often forget. We have actually met several times. No matter, third prince is so busy. It is not strange to forget a small child like myself. You have the right to question me. How could I blame the third prince?”

Chu Mo could feel Xu Zhongliang and Fang Mingtong relax a breath.

These two big shots were worried about the same thing. They feared Chu Mo fighting with the three princes.

Like that, the justification……would be lost!

They sent a carriage before, but it never received Chu Mo. They heard Chu Mo was already taken by a carriage from the palace, and the two already knew something happened.

Who knows better than them when a royal carriage is sent? They are the ones responsible for it!

Before they could even react, there was another set of news. Chu Mo was carrying a person, and he angrily stormed into the banquet hall. When the two first heard, they reasoned a big unforeseen event must have happened. They must protect Chu Mo from any accident at the moment. Otherwise the emperor would never forgive them.

Xia Hao was waiting for the youth to turn hostile. He didn’t believe the youth could endure such clear provocation.

However, he actually gave the first blow!

Chu Mo’s reply was laced in satire, yet actually unassailable!

Chu Mo’s age became his best weapon!

Damn it! Xia Hao cursed to himself. He snorted, flicked a sleeve, and then walked to the crowned prince.

The Yuan Closure warrior that Chu Mo was holding, he finally realized the surroundings. He was completely petrified!

He stared dumbstruck at Zhao Yi sitting on the floor, then his body violently trembled. He is a Yuan Closure cultivator, not some ordinary hit-man. He suddenly had a clear understanding.

‘At this moment……my death is the best outcome! At least my family would be safe!’

The Yuan Closure cultivator shouted: “Chu Mo……you used devil magic to infect my mind, trying to frame the great Zhao Yi. Your plot won’t succeed! I will die……to prove my innocence!”

He raised a fist, then struck at himself with the dragon-like Yuan Closure power.

With a fist that can cut a mountain into gravel, smashing a human skull couldn’t be easier.

The crowned prince’s eyes immediately shined!

The second and third prince’s eyes……also lit up!

Of course, the brightest eyes belonged to the Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Yi!

“Want to die?” Fang Mingtong coldly sneered all of the sudden: “Are you trying to play around in front of me?”


An extremely crisp noise.

No one could see Fang Mingtong move!

The suicidal Yuan Closure cultivator spun around ten times, then crashed to the ground.

The smack knocked him out. But on the man’s face……there wasn’t even the slightest wound.

Chu Mo shook inside: This is the power of a man who can move unhindered through the world? It is too terrifying! His power control has reached an amazing degree of precision. Chu Mo could stop the man from killing himself, but he could never do it with such precise control.

Chu Mo also reacted extremely quick. He faced the sitting Zhao Yi and snarled: “Zhao Yi! Speak! Why do you want to harm me?”

Zhao Yi subconsciously looked at the crowned prince. As a result, the crowned prince didn’t even look at him this time. Xia Hao stood beside the crowned prince. He had a gloomy expression. His pupils chilling.

Zhao Yi’s heart sank. He knew there is no escape today.

If that Yuan closure cultivator successfully committed suicide, then……there was a slight chance. Even before the Grand Secretary and military Marshal, no one could convict him. The dead cannot testify.

Some things don’t need proof, but some others……must have proof!

But the problem is that man didn’t die.

‘He isn’t dead……I naturally shall die!’ Zhao Yi immediately thought to himself.

He struggled up from the floor, showing a self-depreciating smile: “I, Zhao Yi, bitterly studied for ten years. I set my heart on standing out among my peers. I wanted to bring honor to my family……in the end, I entered the royal court. I received the emperor’s kindness and had a meteoric career. I became a fourth grade official in the end, the Ministry of Works assistant.”

At this time, no one noticed a group of people appear in the royal banquet hall entrance. They originally thought to enter, but they halted there.

Everyone’s eyes were on Zhao Yi. No one noticed the scene at the entrance.

“I wanted to repay the emperor’s kindness. I wanted to do good and real things for the common people. I’m afraid it wasn’t enough, leaving behind a tarnished name, disgracing my ancestors.”

Zhao Yi stood already stood up and started moving. His originally pale face started to fill with color.

His vision swept across Xu Zhongliang and Fang Mingtong, emotionally saying: “The Ministry of Works is a peaceful place. The people there are the best of Da Xia. I am very happy there. I found a direction in my life. I always worked hard……just like my countless worthy predecessors, I wanted to leave a legacy!