Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 89: Unimaginable (Part 3)

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Chapter 89: Unimaginable (Part 3)

Everyone foolishly stared at the youngster dressed in splendid attire. He stood in the entrance, covered in dirt, standing tall, straight, and handsome, yet his eyes held a clear icy look of rage……his left arm carried a person, and the right still held a long shining blade.

“Ministry of Works Zhao Yi, come out!” Chu Mo’s roar echoed through the whole banquet hall.

A few people who weren’t paying attention, still happily talking. Chu Mo’s voice made them tremble, then slowly turn to the entrance.

Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Yi was sitting together with the three princes. He was also frightened by Chu Mo’s thunder-like voice. Looking towards the entrance, his whole body uncontrollably shook. He was first shocked after seeing Chu Mo, but then his expression largely changed after seeing the man Chu Mo carried.

Third prince Xia Hao’s brow wrinkled. He roared from a distance away: “What family’s little brat snuck in? So rude, this isn’t just any place!”

His voice was also like rolling thunder, exploding in the banquet hall, so piercing that many covered their ears.

“Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Fan! Come out!” Chu Mo paid no attention to third prince Xia Hao, intimidatingly roaring again: “You dare play stupid? Come out!”

Chu Mo lifted the Yuan Closure warrior by the collar, raising his body high. Then he stuck Murdering Heaven into the ground. The blade pierced into the hard brick floor like it was tofu.


Chu Mo slapped the person, waking him up. He didn’t give the any time to react, icily asking: “Speak, who sent you to kill me?”

“Young master Chu……young master Chu……Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Yi sent me……I don’t know anything else!” The Yuan closure cultivator was abruptly woken up by Chu Mo. He didn’t know where he was, and still believed himself in the small road, so he loudly shouted.


There were already over a thousand people assembled at the banquet hall.

The resounding words of the Yuan closure cultivator shocked everyone. They all slowly looked at Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Yi, still standing by the prince.

Zhao Yi was forty years old! He is often well dressed, personable, and very scholarly. His face deeply redded, and his forehead quickly perspired. He snarled with a warped face: “Slander! This is simply slander!”

The Yuan closure warrior held by Chu Mo heard Zhao Yi’s voice. He shouted: “It’s him, noble son Chu……this is Zhao Yi……he sent me!”

“Bullshit!” Zhao Yi’s neck turned red. He felt everyone’s attention, and he started to feel faint. Could he possibly be prepared for this?

The third prince Xia Hao strode over to Chu Mo at this time. He icily shouted: “This is the royal new year’s banquet. Where did you spawn from? You dare make trouble here? Are the guards all dead? Why haven’t they grabbed him for me!”

Guards had heard the noise at the entrance and gathered over. They immediately surged with energy after hearing the third prince’s command. They faced Chu Mo and circled around him.

“Let’s see who dares!” Chu Mo shouted. He lifted up the invitation: “I carry an invitation. I have broken no rules! On what grounds can you grab me? Beat it!”

The guards saw Chu Mo’s invitation, and immediately hesitated.

The third prince Xia Hao yet quipped: “Teenager, you have come in carrying an invitation, but it is an invitation for a second grade official. Little animal, do you know what kind of place this is? Do you believe everyone is as brainless as you? You carry a fake invitation……and you dare grandly enter inside here?”

Xia Hao shouted to the group of guards: “Grab him!”

“Slow down.” A dull voice came from outside. A person strolled in soon after. He stood beside Chu Mo, looked around, and then landed sights on Xia Hao: “How do you know the invitation is fake third prince?”

“Xu……Grand Secretary Xu?” Xia Hao’s mouth twitched. His eyes slightly squinted, showing dangerous rays of light.

The princes couldn’t enjoy the bustling scene at this time. Who could have thought? The Grand Secretary arrived right at the supposed finale. No only did he arrive at this moment, but he actually endorsed the teenager!

This is too strange!

A pensive look showed in the eyes of several people. Their gazes fell heavily upon Chu Mo.

Without the Grand Secretary, this whole thing was likely a farce. But Xu Zhongliang’s appearance made the crowd slightly shiver in fear. The Grand Secretary personally came and endorsed the teenager……this is too mysterious!

Several people looked over at Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Yi. They saw the assistant standing next to the prince turn extremely pale, his eyes full of fear.

Could it be? The person held by the teenager……he really is related to Zhao Yi?

They also looked over at the grim-looking crown prince next to Zhao Yi. Several people trembled in fear.

This event……is not normal!

“Great Grand Secretary……you know this youth?” Xia Hao recovered at this moment. He faced Xu Zhongliang and saluted, then he somewhat vaguely said: “How do you know this invitation is real?”

“Because your daddy personally sent this invitation!” A completely angry voice came from outside. Soon after, a huge figure moved like a dragon and stepped like a tiger, finally stopping to stand beside Chu Mo: “Your royal highness third prince, do you still wish to ask something?”

[TL: He isn’t talking about the prince’s father, the emperor. He is talking about himself in the third person here. He uses the phrase ‘老子’, which means father. In this context it means I’m the boss, or I’m the badass here, not you.]

The whole banquet hall silenced. You could hear a needle drop!

The people that dare call themselves daddy before the prince……apart from the emperor , there is only one in all of Da Xia.

Marshal Fang Mingtong!

Everyone in the royal banquet hall stared stupefied at the entrance. They almost all lost ability to think.

What is going on?

Besides the emperor , the two most powerful in Da Xia appeared at the same time, the scholar and the warrior………both arriving two hours late for a fourteen-year-old youth!

No one would believe this was real if they hadn’t seen with their own eyes.

To say the very least, third prince Xia Hao was petrified. His lips twitched, an unimaginable expression showed. He stared speechless at Xu Zhongliang and Fang Mingtong.

He carries an extremely high status as a prince. It is incomparable! But not even the crowned prince would dare be reckless before these two, don’t even mention the third prince!

The crowned prince also stared a long time. The middle-aged Xia Ying’s brow slightly wrinkled. A complicated light flashed in his eyes. The second prince at his side, Xia Xiong, held a deep expression. His eyes twinkling with an incredible brilliance.

According to Xia Ying and Xia Xiong, Xu Zhongliang probably endorsed Chu Mo because their families are close. The Grand Secretary has a protective heart for Chu Mo. Great people can still be selfish.

So the third prince Xia Hao especially didn’t care about Xu Zhongliang just now. He even made an obscure statement.

As a result, an even more terrifying figure emerged……Da Xia’s great military Marshal!

Fang Mingtong’s appearance completely exceeded the predictions of the three princes.

They couldn’t figure out a single reason. How is there a connection between Marshal Fang Mingtong and Chu Mo?

Is he giving old General Fan Wudi face? That’s not possible! They believed the Fang Mingtong would give the Fan Wudi face, but would he do it for a small brat?

It could be said to a certain extent that the Marshal is more terrifying than Xu Zhongliang! Fang Mingtong not only has military power, but he is the loyal confidant of the emperor . The emperor greatly favored Fang Mingtong.

It is no joke to say this. Fang Mingtong’s words can even sway the emperor!

Because this military Marshal grew up as best friends with the emperor!

Fang Mingtong served the emperor while he was a prince, racking up many achievements and merits.

In addition to this, Fang Mingtong is the military’s great leader. He normally doesn’t care about anything outside of the army.

What wind blows today?