Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 88: Entering the Royal City (Part 2)

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Chapter 88: Entering the Royal City (Part Two)

The Ministry of Works assistant Zhao Fan is a fourth grade official, making him entitled to join the new year’s banquet. So Chu Mo took the knocked-out Yuan closure cultivator directly to the Royal Palace. He wanted to personally ask Zhao Fan, ‘I have no grudge with you Zhao Fan. Why have you sent men to harm me?’

[TL: The Tang Dynasty used a grade system for officials. One was the highest level official, and nine was the lowest. There are also further separations within the grades which can bring the total up to thirty, but I don’t think the author is going to get that detailed. The author is likely using a similar system]

The possibility that the carriage came from the Ministry of Works is very high!

Because apart from the emperor, only the Ministry of Works could have this kind of vehicle.

But Chu Mo was quite certain. This Zhao Fan……he was most likely a scapegoat, and nothing more. The true schemer is certainly hiding in the shadows, appearing completely clean!

But Chu Mo didn’t care. He already learned something on the grasslands. For the upper level people, evidence……is sometimes need and sometimes not! There are only pros and cons in the eyes of the powerful, nothing else! Only look at the outcome. Who needs proof?

So he must first take care of this Zhao Fan no matter what. The person behind him, he will return and they will slowly fight.

Chu Mo quickly hauled the Yuan closure cultivator just outside of the royal city.

The activity in the royal city was extraordinary tonight. Practically all the nobles and officials in Yellow Flame City were gathered.

People with the qualifications to join the banquet would normally come. Extremely special situations were the only exception.

So there was already heavy traffic when Chu Mo arrived at the gate, and it was extremely lively.

Everyone was extremely polite and warm when they greeted, just like family.

The new year ah, it must have the new year atmosphere. No matter the conflicts or grudges, everyone has an unspoken agreement at this time. People will put on a fake smile and nod, even if there is deep hatred.

Chu Mo walked into this friendly atmosphere, steaming with murderous intent, holding a blade in his right hand, and carrying a grown man in the left, shocking everyone.

“This……isn’t that General Fan Wudi’s grandson? What is going on?

“What happened? Isn’t that noble son Chu Mo? I heard he recently had a disagreement with prince Xia Jing. Didn’t he smash the Prince Mansion? And now there’s another performance?

“When did you get your information? The most recent news is prince Xia Jing treats noble son Chu Mo as a guest! I heard…….Chu Mo cured Xia Jing’s sickness!”

“That amazing? You’re not pulling my leg?”

“Why does Chu Mo look murderous? What happened?”

The crowd of people watched Chu Mo walk past, and they all started to comment.

The royal city guards immediately blocked the way upon seeing the situation: “Noble son Chu……what are you trying to do?”

Chu Mo raised his head, then coldly stared at the royal city guard: “Filing a complaint!”

“Fi……filing a complaint?” The royal city guards spoke in unison. Everyone foolishly stared at Chu Mo. This newly famous youngster in Yellow Flame City, they didn’t know what he was up to now.

The guard looked at the man Chu Mo was carrying, and his mouth twitched. He said: “Noble son Chu……this, is this appropriate? Today……this is the new year’s banquet. Isn’t this the wrong place to file a complaint?”

The royal city guards would normally not be so polite to Chu Mo, but Chu Mo had made a fierce name for himself recently. They all heard the rumors.

He even smashed the Prince Mansion like it was nothing. This was something completely unimaginable to them. He has unfortunately come here, so they were very polite to Chu Mo.

Chu Mo slightly smiled when he heard them. He pulled out an invitation letter from his robes, and he handed it to the guard: “I came to join the new year’s banquet!”

The guard was at a loss. He knew someone with Chu Mo’s status had the credentials to attend. But can he angrily carry someone into the party?

But the guard was immediately stunned when his vision fell on the invitation. He took invitation, opened it up, then seriously stared for a long time.

A person not far away coldly laughed in the crowd: “It shouldn’t be a fake invitation?”

“Ha ha, he would lose incredible face if it is fake!” Another person said in the crowd.

“Ought not to be? It is normal for General Fan Wudi’s grandson to receive and invitation.”

“Look at the guard’s expression. There is obviously a problem with the invitation!”

The people started to chatter. A high ranking person saw the invitation at that time. He was completely shocked. He said: “It isn’t an invitation problem. The shocking thing is……it has appeared in noble son Chu’s hand!”

“What did you say Song Daren?” Someone asked.

The person who spoke was a third grade official judging by his clothes. He is Da Xia’s director for the Ministry of Revenue. He looked over at Chu Mo, plainly saying: “That invitation is higher than the one in my hand……a whole level above! Normally only a second grade official…….would have this invitation.”


Everyone in the surrounding crowd couldn’t help gasp.

None of the people here today were of low status. Who would not understand the meaning? They all looked alarmed at Chu Mo.

This youth……what qualifications does he have? He holds an invitation only given to second grade officials, and joins the new year’s banquet?

The guard stared for a long time, but he couldn’t find a trace of falseness. The invitation was real. That man……he admitted there was no reason to hold Chu Mo.

But Chu Mo is hauling a person, and he wanted to file a complaint. He is clearly starting trouble……if he lets Chu Mo go and something bad happens, the royal palace guard would obviously would take the blame.

Chu Mo looked at the guard: “Can I enter?”

“This……noble son Chu, I’m not trying to cause you trouble……just you……are bringing a person…….this way isn’t not proper!” The guard said in a low voice: “Could……you save your trouble until after the event?”

Chu Mo looked at the guard: “I have a high level invitation. Forget bringing only one person, I could bring five without problems. Am I right?”

“Yes this is so……but?” The guard embarrassingly looked at the unconscious man still being carried by Chu Mo.

Chu Mo looked at him: “This matter has nothing to do with you. Nothing will come down on your head!” Chu Mo circled around the guard as he spoke, entering inside.

The guard still wanted to speak, but the companions at his side reminded: “This has nothing to do with you. Are you really that brain-dead?”

“But he……” The guard really is a serious person. He felt that releasing Chu Mo wasn’t right.

The Director for the Ministry of Finance, Song Daren, smiled and walked over. The guard immediately gave respect. Song Daren smiled and said: “I will bear witness for you about these events. They have nothing to do with you. Noble son Chu holds a high rank invitation and brought a person inside……it’s very normal.”

Several people couldn’t help but snicker to themselves: Normal my ass! Your ways are truly crooked Song Daren, but your words have rescued the guards.

Several people knew about Song Daren. He is the student of Grand Secretary Xu Zhongliang! Song Daran was also personally promoted by Xu Zhongliang to this current position.

Chu Mo had a very close relation with the Xu family’s tenth noble son. This was no secret in Yellow Flame City. This is likely the reason Song Daren helped out Chu Mo.

Song watched Chu Mo carry the full grown man like he was carrying a chicken. He thought as Chu Mo walked towards the banquet hall: Teacher said this guy is not only excessively strong, but he is extremely intelligent. Then……he should know what he’s doing? I can vouch for him.

The royal palace banquet hall was already brightly lit. The place was a boiling cauldron of voices.

People of the same status and cliques grouped together. The young people were together. Some wives were also gathered in friendship. The whole banquet hall was extremely lively.

But the atmosphere was quickly broken.

Chu Mo walked inside with murderous intent, carrying a Yuan closure cultivator, immediately drawing countless attention.