Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 87: Hole on the Carriage (Part 1)

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Chapter 87: Hole on the Carriage (Part 1)

The coachman at the front jumped off the carriage when Chu Mo first punched, and he landed to the side.

He stared frightened, it seemed a dragon was locked in the carriage. He never thought Chu Mo would see through the trap so quickly.

What made him even more terrified is the power held in Chu Mo’s explosive fist!

The carriage was quite sturdy. He already knew this was no ordinary steel forged carriage .

Da Xia’s ministry of works requested a carriage from a sect’s master smith. It was made of meteorite steel repeatedly smelted a hundred times!

[TL: Read up on the three departments and six ministries sometime.]

To say it is a strong cage……would not be enough!

Forget a Yuan closure cultivator with dragon-like power, a master cultivator that stepped into the bone refinement period, such as the iron bone or iron blood realm couldn’t break through!

Only a golden stone cultivator of the sixth realm and above could break out. The coachman was merely a Yuan closure cultivator. He tested the carriage previously, but there was only one outcome when using his full strength: Broken bones and flesh!

And Chu Mo……at most……is merely a Yuan closure warrior. How could his fist……have such power? It couldn’t break through the trap, but this fist’s power far exceeds cultivators at the same rank. This made the Yuan closure cultivator tremble in fear.

This man reached such a realm at the age of thirty. He could be considered a talent in Da Xia. But his face looked pale at this moment, at a complete loss.

Because the ambush……is outside the city!

And it was a good ten miles away from here!

The experts outside the city could never know the carriage stopped halfway.

“What to do now?” The pale-faced Yuan closure cultivator watched the carriage quiet down. He was beyond anxious.

“Let me out!” Chu Mo’s snarl came from inside.

This snarl made the Yuan closure warrior calm down a little. He thought: Still good……this young guy is very terrifying, but he is still trapped inside!

‘I should seek help!’ The Yuan closure warrior thought to himself. Soon after, his face slowly became calm. He pulled out a signal arrow, and he shot in the direction outside the city.


The signal arrow quickly flew high in the air, then it made an ear-piercing noise high up in the sky.

The street they were on was already very remote. It was a side-road that headed outside the city, but the streets had several people because of the new year. People scattered in all directions with scared expressions when the carriage toppled over.

‘I should wait here, otherwise there will surely be an uproar when people hear him shout!’ The Yuan closure cultivator thought to himself. His pupils flashed ice-cold. He looked at the surrounding people and coldly said: “The authorities are handling a case. Quickly get out of the way. Otherwise there will be no survivors!”

He raised up a fist and smashed it into the road.


A pit immediately exploded open in the stone-paved road. The stone slabs broke apart spraying fragments everywhere.

The onlookers immediately screamed and ran in all directions, not daring to stay.

At this time, the sky was already beginning to darken. The remote road was now practically empty.

“Good……there’s no commotion at last.” The Yuan closure cultivator let out a long sigh of relief.

“Really?” a voice sounded from behind him. The voice was extremely chilling and angry.

“Ah!” The Yuan closure warrior gave a fleeting scream. An ice-cold blade pressed against his throat: “You……how did you come out? Not even an iron blood cultivator could escape……you you you……how did you get out?”

Because that chilling voice he heard, it was the same as the person trapped in the carriage , Chu Mo!

“Who sent you?” Chu Mo’s pupils burned with rage. He was thoroughly infuriated.

This person is carrying a genuine royal palace guard talisman, and he is driving an unbreakable carriage ……he specially came to find Chu Mo. If someone were to say he lacked a large supporter, no one would believe them.

“Noble son Chu……Chu……young master Chu……this is a misunderstanding!” The Yuan closure cultivator swallowed his spit. He was completely white, and his body trembled as he asked: “Truly a misunderstanding……this carriage ……is to protect your safety……”

“I will ask one last time. Who sent you?” Chu Mo coldly asked, emphasizing each word.

“fro…….from inside the palace……” the Yuan closure warrior could clearly feel the cold sharp blade against his neck. His heart suspended, and he gave a trembling reply: “You are truly misunderstanding!”

“You won’t say? Why leave you? Die!” Chu Mo skillfully used a little force. The dragon-like power could slice iron like mud. Murdering Heaven cut with extreme ease into the Yuan closure cultivators neck.

Brilliant red blood……immediately flowed out!

“Ah……don’t kill me…….don’t kill me!” The Yuan closure cultivator felt his neck painfully tingle. He was immediately scared out of his wits, and he said in a loud voice: “I’ll talk……I’ll say everything, Zhao Yi sent me!”

Chu Mo’s hand slightly jerked. He snarled: “You still dare deceive me? I have no grievance with him. Why would he harm me?”

“It really is him. I’m merely following orders noble son Chu……young master Chu……he really sent me!” The Yuan closure warrior was almost scared insane, because he could feel the icy blade sink deeper into his neck. He clearly knew as a Yuan closure warrior, if that blade moves a little more……the largest artery in his neck……will split right open! Not even God could save him at that time.

“You said Zhao Yi. The assistant minister Zhao Yi from the Ministry of Works?” Chu Mo asked in a severe tone.

“It’s him……exactly him……” The Yuan closure cultivator swore to the heavens.

“Ha ha, good, very good. Assistant minister Zhao Yi from the Ministry of Works……” Chu Mo coldly laughed. Then he used unimaginable speed to strike with the blunt side of Murdering Heaven. He ruthlessly knocked the Yuan closure cultivator against the head, immediately sending him unconscious.

He lifted the person up, faced the Royal Palace, and sprinted off.

Two figures from outside the city rode like lightning through the night, appearing not long after Chu Mo left. They saw the carriage turned over on the small road, and were immediately startled.

The two men carefully approached the carriage, then wrinkled their brows. They stood there listening for a long time. They finally determined no one was inside.

One of the two men grabbed a side of the carriage and used some force.


A loud bang sounded on the stone road. The carriage weighing thousands of kilograms placed upright. The two men couldn’t help but suck in a cool breath.

The top-grade steel meteorite carriage actually had a square hole!

It was completely clean, just like a window!

But they both knew this carriage ……it doesn’t have a window!

It was a hole that could easily fit a person.

The two looked at each other. The one with an unsightly expression said: “That little thing……he must have a godly weapon!”

The other man said: “It must be a godly weapon! Otherwise……there is no way he could break through!”

“Damn…..he let the little rabbit escape. How is the kid so cunning?” The first speaker was a man in his forties. His appearance was very ordinary. He was one that couldn’t be picked out from a crowd, but he appeared gloomy and angry at this moment.

The other was also a middle-aged man. He was thin and short, and his eyes shot radiant light. He sneered: “I said kill him halfway along the road. You all didn’t agree. We had to take him outside the city! Now what?”

The ordinary looking man thought a moment, then he said: “This has nothing to do with us. Let’s go back and listen to orders. We won’t be able to kill him today. Did the idiot driver vanish?”

The short and thin man said: “Damn, I want to finish this, then go home and eat with the family!”

“Don’t complain, let’s go.” The two figures came and left quickly, disappearing into the night.

The only thing left behind was a broken carriage , lonely in the road.