Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 85: Waiting for You to Stir the Storm

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Chapter 85: Waiting for You to Stir the Storm

The Demon Lord hesitated a moment, then nodded: “Yes!”

“Master’s wife is certainly a good person!” Chu Mo said.

“She is the best woman in my eyes!” The Demon Lord softly said. The distinct cold pupils exposed a trace of warmth: “I took half a year to recover my injuries. I didn’t dare go immediately back to the sect after I recovered. I could only secretly ask for news about the sect. As a result……I found out tremendously horrible news. My sect……gone, my parents……gone, all the elders that cared for me…….completely gone! The land I was born in became scorched earth.”

The Demon Lord grinded his teeth. That serene face began to show a ferociousness, and his forehead began to line with blue veins: “Word of the rare fortunes we found in the legendary abode eventually got out. Those people found my sect from the dead bodies of my brothers and masters. They grabbed up all the people in my sect, and they tortured them for my whereabouts. But the people in my sect didn’t even talk. Even if they knew where I was, how could they tell those people? In the end……the whole sect, all one thousand people disappeared from the world. And their souls were all scattered! They don’t even have the chance to reincarnate.”

The Demon Lord’s tone of voice was still even, but for quite some time, his facial expression became incredibly mean and ferocious! The depths of his eyes overflowed with hatred and remorse!

“Wait wait……” Chu Mo’s eyes grew large: “Master……you’re saying those people killed everyone in the sect just to ask your whereabouts?”

“Yes!” The Demon Lord said: “They had thoroughly investigated the immortal abode, and they discovered the largest treasure…….was the one I took! The immortal teachings they stole from my brothers and masters were all extremely powerful. This incited their greed, and they still wanted to find the best one.”

“Heavens……” Chu Mo exclaimed. He at last understood why master told him to keep his pill refinement ability secret.

“All of my friends and family died. If she didn’t block me at that time, I would have immediately charged them and fought to the death!” The Demon Lord dully said: “She said my current strength is too weak. To be discovered is a certain road to death! She made me concentrate fully on cultivating, revenge is a dish best served cold……”

“She is right.” Chu Mo seriously said, thinking of his grudge with the Immortal Sky.

“I kept a low-profile and suffered for ten years. She came to check on me daily, and she also secretly gave me a large amount of resources. I could never have promoted so fast without her help.” The Demon Lord recalled every aspect of those years with Butterfly. That mean and ferocious face gained some peace: “I started my journey of vengeance when I gained enough strength. I thought countless times about taking my revenge…….it must certainly be a fully delightful thing! In reality, the initial time period is exactly this way! Slicing the enemy gave me an intense pleasure!”

Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord, and he sighed inside. Chu Mo was afraid he would do the same if he were master. Not just anyone could let that kind of hatred go.

“But in the course of hatred, it is difficult to avoid something……innocents died by my hands. Perhaps they weren’t that innocent, but that is not important, because they died by my hands in the end.” The Demon Lord sighed: “There were many powers that participated in destroying my sect……large and small, at least a dozen or more! I fought against them one by one, killing as I went……they understood the reason after not much time.”

The Demon Lord showed a mocking smile: “As a result, some people couldn’t handle the pressure. They revealed that I obtained the greatest treasure. They said my talent was because of the godly opportunity I obtained back then. One after another, all the righteous people came out and denounced me. Some said I was a monster, some said I was a demon, and some said I was the devil.”

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “Demon……I admit! Since the time my sect was extinguished, I already became a demon! But monster and devil I don’t recognize. Since I am a demon, then I am the Demon Lord, the lord of the demons!”

“You are king of demons!” Chu Mo said, then his face showed a touch of irony: “They really wanted the Heaven’s Will My Will you carried?”

The Demon Lord nodded: “Yes, what else could it be? Are they truly righteous? The pathetic justice in the eyes of those great men, it is simply a piece of shit. I still hadn’t finished killing all my enemies before countless righteous figures began pursuing me. A highly skilled poisoner was among that group. That is how I was afflicted by the Seven Demon Poison.”

This was the first time the Demon Lord completely recollected his past events. Each scene left a deep scar, and he personally opened it, a bloody mess. Chu Mo could completely feel his master’s pain.

“And……master’s wife?” Chu Mo softly asked.

She went to the Pill Sect to seek medicine to cure my Seven Demon Poison, but the Pill Sect refused, because the ingredients to cure the Seven Demon Poison are extremely costly. Two of the ingredients required were incredibly rare. Not even the Pill Sect had many in stock. They naturally couldn’t exhaust their top grade medicines for an outsider like me.” The Demon Lord softly sighed.

“Since begging didn’t work, she thought to steal. She snuck into the medicine warehouse, and she stole a bottle of Seven Revolution Immortal pills. The people of the Pill Sect were naturally enraged. They started pursuing her. She sent the medicine to me, and said she found it. I had no idea at that time, because I was busy fleeing to the ends of the earth.”

“Her clan was a tremendous power in the Immortal World. The Pill Sect is mighty, and holds a super-status in the Immortal World, but they didn’t wish to openly confront her clan over a bottle of Seven Revolution Immortal pills. Because of this, the Pill Sect wasn’t threatening after finding her clan. They only asked for a statement, that’s it.

As a result, the cruel elders didn’t wish to owe the Pill Sect a favor because of her. They also didn’t wish the matter to implicate themselves. Without the slightest bit of family sentiment……they beheaded her on the spot, destroyed her body……only leaving behind a Yuan Spirit. They imprisoned her on the refining alter, suffering the spirit flame day and night……claiming justice, righteousness, and altruism.

Not even the Pill Sect people could stand to watch. They said she acted for her husband. She is in the wrong, but her actions are understandable. They only wished compensation for the price of the ingredients. But the result……couldn’t be changed!

Several people in her clan……they are without human emotion! They all deserve death!”

The Demon Lord spoke to here, and he could speak no more. His voice became choked.

Chu Mo’s heart felt like someone was rigidly grabbing onto it, incomparably painful. He identified with master’s pain.

“I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this news. I wanted to rush to her clan, kill the people that harmed her, and rescue her. But my poison started to flare up at that time. My injuries were serious, and the people pursuing me……grew more and more!”

The Demon Lord let out a long sigh: “So in the end……I could only use a secret art, and flee from the Immortal World……to the Spirit World. Those people still chased after me, and I killed them in the thousands. I almost burned out in the end, and went from the Spirit World down to here……this time, no one dares chase.”

The Demon Lord showed an ice-cold mocking smile: “Because the human world is too incredibly suppressive towards a person’s realm. Those people don’t have the courage to continue chasing me. They believe I undoubtedly died! As far as my heritage…….they still salivate at the mouth for it, but they aren’t courageous enough to risk their lives.”

Chu Mo finally became aware of all the things that happened to his master. No wonder his master always has an extremely savage and ice-cold expression, but towards Chu Mo…….he is yet very good.

Because at the root, he is not an evil person!

The Demon lord was once a simple and kind person, but all of this……was forced out!

Those people that drove the Demon lord to here, they are still in the Immortal World. They are high and mighty, exercising magical abilities, possessing power, status, and strength that ordinary people couldn’t imagine. They are still living the good life!

The Demon Lord killed countless people back then. This name is stained in blood!

He is an enormous devil in the eyes of those people!

But in Chu Mo’s eyes, this person……is simply his master, an old man with a complicated miserable past, and the person closest to him in this world!

Nothing more.

“Master, I will help you get revenge in the future!” Chu Mo seriously said.

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “Good, I will wait for the day!”

Chu Mo was a little startled, because the Demon Lord ought to scold him, then tell Chu Mo to mind his own business.

“Very surprised? Chu Mo, perhaps you don’t know your own potential. I was afraid you would be too arrogant, so I never praised you. But after spending such a long time with you, I now understand your nature. I can seriously tell you now. Not long after stepping into the Immortal World, you will become an influential figure!” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “Therefore, I will wait for you to stir up a storm in the Immortal World! Because……you are my disciple!”

Chu Mo became excited and said: “I will try my best to cultivate. I will make that day come sooner!”

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “But, I must remind you of one thing. The scriptures you study are the various immortal laws my brothers obtained. They are the scriptures I used to move unhindered through the Immortal World. Apart from some divided up secret portions, only you and I……grasp the whole scripture!”

“Once you use those skills in the Immortal World……then it is very likely people will figure out your status. So, remember master’s words: One day, you will go to the Immortal World. Either……don’t use these scriptures, or……you won’t remain alive!” The Demon Lord said.

“At that time, won’t you and I go together?” Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord and asked. He seemed to become aware of something.

The Demon Lord shook his head: “I took one of the pills you gave me. If I keep taking them, my energy can not longer be suppressed……I won’t be able to stay here.”

Chu Mo suddenly realized: “I understand. Your power will recover too quickly after taking the medicine. So the day I collect the medicine for you, it is the day you will leave. Yes?”

The Demon Lord silently nodded.

Chu Mo said: “Don’t worry master. I don’t wish you to depart, but master’s wife is waiting! I will gather the medicine for you as quickly as possible! But you must promise me something. You must wait for me in the Immortal World! If one day I get to the Immortal World, and something unforeseen happens to master……”

Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord. He seriously said: “I will slaughter everyone in the Immortal World that was involved!”

The Demon Lord slightly shook. His eyes revealed a complicated light. He sighed after a long time: “Do not walk my old path!”

Chu Mo smiled big while soaking in the Yuan beast blood bath, not saying anything.

Because he already made a determination in his heart.

He will step into the Immortal World one day, and he will help master get revenge!

No one could change this.