Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 84: Demon Lord’s Past

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Chapter 84: Demon Lord’s Past

After being told the sequence to take the three pills, the Demon Lord didn’t have anything else to say. He merely profoundly looked at Chu Mo, turned, and left, returning to his specially prepared room.

The Demon Lord was eternally tranquil and undisturbed in Chu Mo’s eyes, to the point of being somewhat cold.

But after the Demon Lord returned to his room, he looked at the three pills in his hand. The ice-cold face filled with feeling, to the point that……his eyes became a little red.

The Demon Lord wasn’t a master at medicine, but he could determine the good from the bad.

“These pills……are actually perfectly flawless……top grade!”

“The disciple I took in at a glance, he actually obtained such an incredible good fortune? And it is in the human world……this is providence!”

“I never thought……one day I would be saved by my own disciple!”

“Butterfly……can you believe it? A little guy that never got the chance you call you master’s wife……he actually gave me such a large surprise!”

“My hated enemies……you would never imagine, I’ve already been dead to your minds for several years……one day, the man you’ve forgotten will strike his way back to you!”

“Butterfly……wait for me!”

The corners of the Demon Lord’s eyes became moist. He sorted the pills in his hand, and he took the first one.

The pill entered his mouth, and the flavor was horrible, but it held a mysterious power. It passed through his throat and rushed into the Dantian, then it immediately went to all his meridians.

[TL: A dantian is a point two inches below the navel where one’s Qi resides]

Soon after……the pain hit.

A large inky green colored thing spread over the Demon Lord’s whole Dantian!

This thing……is the main offender that nearly stole the Demon Lord’s life, the Seven Demon Poison!

The Seven Demon Poison attached to the Demon Lord’s Dantian, with basically no way to remove. It would slowly occupy his entire Dantian bit by bit.

The Demon Lord would become a cripple at that time.

This still isn’t the end. It would continue eroding the Demon Lord’s insides, none of his organs would escape. The Demon Lord would truly die when the Seven Demon Poison spread through his entire body!

How could the arrogant Demon Lord let himself become a cripple?

So he used the remaining strength in his Dantian at that time to pass everything down, transferring knowledge into Chu Mo’s brain.

Then he calmly faced death.

He didn’t wish to struggle on while at death’s door, and he didn’t want anyone……seeing him weak!

Later on he changed because of a worry. That worry……was Chu Mo.

The Demon Lord wanted to see his own disciple grow up, then depart at ease, so he took the Seven Revolution Immortal Pills.

Those top grade Immortal World pills still weren’t enough to cure the Seven Demon Poison. They could only temporarily suppress the poison, and slow down the rate it spread.

The Seven Demon Poison would spread like mad after seven years. The Demon Lord would die in an instant!

But the Demon Lord never felt fear.

This arrogant man came to accept his fate. He could no longer save his life, and he could no longer get revenge. He faced death tremendously calm!

These seven years were to make sure Chu Mo was protected, to ensure he could truly mature!

Only he never thought, the joy this disciple gave him……it is truly too large!

The Demon Lord inspected his Dantian. He could clearly see everything. The medicine that he took changed into a force, and it directly attacked at the Seven Demon Poison in the Dantian.

Like a fierce General on the battlefield!

Waiving his weapons, unstoppably killing the enemy!

Only……this process was extremely painful!

The Demon lord felt like ten million needles were stabbing his Dantian. That sharp pain made him want to die. But he only slightly wrinkled his brow, clenched his teeth, and didn’t make a sound.

This pain wasn’t for one moment, but rather like the tide, coming wave after wave, endlessly!

It was hard to endure in the end, even with the Demon Lord’s temperament. He felt like his Dantian would explode, and all his meridians would completely rupture.

But the Demon Lord endured from the beginning to the end. He didn’t let himself make a sound.

No one would hear even if he let out a painful scream, but but he still carries his pride!

As a master, can he be inferior to the disciple?

At last……

The painful feeling reached the extreme. Everything merged to the Dantian……the place attacked by the Seven Demon Poison.


Pitch-black blood sprayed out of his mouth. The blood actually eroded out a small deep pit in the stone floor after hitting the ground!

Only this blood could kill a swarm of innate realm cultivators!

An abundant, mighty energy immediately erupted in the Demon Lord’s body.

The Demon Lord’s eyes revealed a smear of ecstasy, but soon after, the ecstasy turned to dismay. he started to madly suppress the energy.

He suddenly thought of something. If he doesn’t suppress this energy from rising, then he won’t have time to take the second pill. He would suddenly break through the innate realm, and he could no longer stay in this world.

The demon lord spent a lot of effort, but he finally suppressed the energy. He relaxed a breath, but his eyes filled with vitality, joy, and incredible intensity.

The Demon Lord inspected his Dantian. He discovered a large area was completely removed of Seven Demon Poison!

That place surged with an unimaginable divine power!

This……is after the Demon Lord suppressed the energy with every last ounce of effort. Otherwise the energy would surge even stronger.

“Looks like……I can’t take the second and third pill right now……this child, ha……!” The Demon Lord’s face couldn’t help but reveal a smile at last. His eyes even shook.

The Demon Lord believed in Chu Mo, just like Chu Mo believed in the Demon Lord. This confidence between a master and disciple, it doesn’t need any reason, and doesn’t doesn’t need any explanation.

“Millions of kilograms of low-level herbs, they actually have such power after being refined……but, I’m afraid this skill is one of a kind!” The Demon Lord closed his eyes and mumbled: “The most powerful magic pill creator inside a medicine sect……I’m afraid that not even he would have this skill!”

The Demon Lord stood up and freely moved around the room. Only a portion of the Seven Demon Poison was removed from his Dantian, but it still made him feel reborn!

“I only wished for a disciple to pass on my heritage. The heavens gave me an almighty surprise!” The Demon Lord’s pupils flickered brilliant rays of light: “One day this boy will step into the Immortal World……what kind of storm will he stir?”

“I’m really looking forward to it!” The Demon Lord’s face revealed a smile.

Early the next morning, the Demon Lord threw Chu Mo into a fresh Yuan beast blood bath.

The Demon Lord’s mood became unprecedentedly good when he saw Chu Mo grit his teeth in the cask. Not even the Demon Lord could remember the last time he felt this good.

“Master……why are you called the Demon Lord? Normally……evil people have this name.” The feeling was too painful. Chu Mo had no choice but to distract himself. The best way was to ask about his master’s history.

Normally, the Demon Lord wouldn’t talk when Chu Mo asked.

But last night’s events made the Demon Lord’s mood have an enormous change.

He looked at Chu Mo and said: “Evil people? That’s exactly me!”

The Demon Lord softly sighed: “It’s an old story.”

Chu Mo endured the spirit melting pain. He gritted his teeth and said with a twisted face: “I want to hear.”

“I was born into a small sect in the Immortal World. My parents were both disciples of the sect. That sect only had a thousand people all together, and it was without reputation in the Immortal World.” The Demon Lord sadly spoke, and his eyes filled with remembrance.

“The sect was small, but extremely united. Everyone got along harmoniously, and there was no internal fighting. My childhood was very happy, but that didn’t last long. When I was fifteen, I searched with a large group from my sect for a legendary abode that an immortal left behind. There were several other people searching for the legendary dwelling at that time, and several of them were disciples from large sects!

“There were a large amount of treasures in the legendary dwelling. All kinds of weapons, medicines, and Immortal Stones……an astonishing quantity. Anyone would be envious when they saw. We didn’t have the qualifications and ability to compete with the large sect disciples over those things. But the rare opportunity…….whoever attained these treasures would have a heavenly fate.”

The Demon Lord sighed and dully said: “In an inconspicuous corner, one of my sect brothers unknowingly activated a mechanism, entering into a mysterious space. Each one of us directly entered into that separated space.”

“That is where I obtained the precious treasure left behind by the former owner……” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “That is the Heaven’s Will My Will that you cultivate!”

“Master’s luck is truly good!” Chu Mo said.

“Good luck? Perhaps……but, who can say what is fortune or misfortune?” The Demon Lord lightly sighed again: “We suddenly disappeared, and other people naturally saw. Those other people wanted to enter the place we entered, but there was no opportunity. But they didn’t give up, and they guarded the entrance.”

“They wanted to rob you?” Chu Mo’s became enraged: “Truly evil!”

“Hah……that isn’t evil.” The Demon Lord shook his head: “The evil part comes later. There were fifteen of us in our group. We each obtained an unimaginable fortune. Each of my brothers obtained various powerful immortal teachings. If we could bring them back to the sect, we could become one of the most powerful sects in the Immortal World.”

“What happened?” Chu Mo tensely looked at his master, because he could tell from his master’s expression, there is an outcome he didn’t wish to think of.

“The result, the fifteen of us were ambushed at the legendary abode entrance. Only I escaped.” The Demon Lord’s tone was very flat, but his facial expression started to become stiff.

“They……all died?” Chu Mo felt his heart grow cold. He muttered: “Even if they rob…….do they have to go so far as murder?”

“Your thinking……is too simple.” The Demon Lord coldly smiled: “If they don’t murder, could these heritages become exclusive secrets?”


Chu Mo couldn’t help but suck in cool air. He mumbled: “Just because of that?”

“That reason is already enough.” The Demon Lord said: “I luckily escaped their encirclement, but I was also seriously injured. A kind-hearted maiden rescued me, and she helped cure my wounds.”

“That person……is master’s wife?” Chu Mo cautiously asked.