Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 83: Awakening Words

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Chapter 83: Awakening Words

Xu Zhongliang sighed: “These people……have played politics their whole lives. You should stay farther away from them.”

“Grandfather Xu, I know.” Chu Mo sincerely said. Chu Mo knew the old man really wanted the best for him, otherwise he wouldn’t say such words.

“But you handled the matter with prince Xia Jing very well. Xie Jie has committed many kinds of evil, and now he receives the proper punishment. You have also smoothed out the retaliation from Xia Jing. Not only is the conflict gone, but you have also eased the resentment towards each other. These methods could already be considered brilliant!” Xu Zhongliang was extremely pleased as he looked at Chu Mo.

Xu Zhongliang carried on saying: “His majesty was mad at the prince, but they are brothers in the end. When you cure Xia Jing’s illness, not only will his majesty be happy, but it is a great event for all of Yellow Flame City.”

Xu Fufu said from the side: “Yes, at least he won’t go around hurting people.”

Xu Zhongliang nodded. He looked at Chu Mo: “There is one last thing. You might have to go into the military after the new year. But this matter is still not concluded. Marshal Fang Mingtong went completely wild after hearing about your achievements on the grasslands. He said you must go into the army. I had a little differing opinion, and the Marshal argued with me as if his life depended on it.”

Xu Zhongliang wryly smiled “A scholar encounters a soldier……”

“With my grandfather?” Chu Mo asked with a smile. The large majority of his childhood was seeped in the military. He didn’t oppose a military life.

“This might not be so. Your starting point will be relatively high after entering into the military because of your current status.” Xu Zhongliang looked at Chu Mo: “You might suffer criticism if you go back to your grandfather’s side. Others don’t know you carry a Hero Medal after all.”

Chu Mo nodded. He said: “Good, that will be good for the future.”

Xu Fufu said from the side: “Grandfather, I also want to join the military.”

“No way!” Chu Mo and Xu Zhongliang practically yelled in unison.

Xu Fufu’s mouth twitched, and he had an appearance of being wronged: “Why not!”

Chu Mo and Xu Zhongliang looked at each other.

“You speak first.”

“You speak first.”

The two smiled at each other.

Xu Fufu gave a supercilious look and said: “Why the tacit understanding?”

Chu Mo said: “You don’t need to walk another person’s path to prove yourself.”

Xu Zhongliang approvingly looked at Chu Mo, then he said to Xu Fufu: “You have such a good brother. I don’t need to worry when I’m gone!”

“Grandfather, what are you saying?” Xu Fufu’s eyes became a little red.

“Haha, the truth is everyone dies. This is an inescapable thing.” Xu Zhongliang laughed extremely calmly, then he said: “The military really doesn’t suit you.”

Xu Fufu scratched his head and said: “I know the military doesn’t suit me, but I want to do something. I don’t want people to call me tenth noble son with a respectful face when I go places……even if their faces are filled with respect, I know the truth in my heart. Their respect is for my grandfather, father, and the whole Xu family!”

Xu Fufu’s face revealed a touch of disappointment. He said: “I am the exception.”

“There are many ways to win respect.” Xu Zhongliang looked at his grandson while somewhat pleased: “Just, fair, and honest people can win the respect of others. Eternally fearless warriors that defend the homeland can also win respect. People who seriously work can also win respect. People who do good deeds for their hometown all the time……can also win respect!”

Xu Fufu sat down, pondering, he muttered: “I seem……to understand a little. Like with Chu Mo, if what he did on the grasslands leaked out, he would earn the respect of everyone in Da Xia! Because he made a great contribution to the country and the people!”

Xu Zhongliang nodded: “Yes, everyone from the top royalty to the lower villagers would respect Chu Mo. Because he is our entire country’s hero!”

Chu Mo embarrassingly smiled: “That’s an exaggeration……”

“This is no exaggeration!” Xu Zhongliang earnestly said: “Perhaps you don’t clearly understand. The things you’ve done have had an influence on the entirety of Da Xia……even the whole Azure Dragon continent!”

Xu Fufu had never seen his grandfather praise a person like this before. He wasn’t envious of Chu Mo. He was only happy for his own brother. Xu Fufu secretly swore to himself: Chu Mo is right. I don’t need to walk another person’s path to prove myself! I will strive my hardest from today onwards. When people hear the name Xu Fufu, they won’t think of my grand Xu family, they will think of all the beautiful women at my side! For I am……Xu Fufu!

Chu Mo took leave from the Xu family and returned to the Fan mansion.

One-armed uncle was still not home. He should still be busy gathering old soldiers. Chu Mo thought: It looks like one-armed uncle found the confidence he lost so many years ago.

What Chu Mo didn’t see coming is, the Demon Lord was still there.

“Master……you haven’t gone out?” Chu Mo bowed to the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “Just returned.”

Chu Mo began thinking how to tell master about the pills. Xia Jing had already collected one third of the herbs. Chu Mo now carried three pills that he refined!

Yes, a mountain-sized pile of herbs only refined into three pills.

The jade space also expanded again. That gray shrub grew several fresh soft sprouts. A large amount of herbs were absorbed and turned into pills at the same time. It also gave the jade space a large amount of energy.

These were the things Chu Mo directly observed and felt.

The Demon Lord plainly asked: “I heard you ordered the prince to gather a large amount of herbs?”

“This is true.” Chu Mo nodded, somewhat nervously looking at the Demon Lord.

“The rare opportunity you received on the grassland……does it have something to do with refining medicine?” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo. Those distinct cold pupils seemed to flash a trace of feeling, but it immediately died out.

Chu Mo didn’t know what to say to his master. He immediately nodded, and then he said with great difficulty: “This thing……I don’t wish to deliberately hide it from master. Only……I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to speak. That is your rare chance! Would master covet your rare chance? Am I an idiot that doesn’t know etiquette? Do I recklessly dig up the ground to pull out the roots, seeking the truth?” The Demon Lord stared at Chu Mo: “No one in the Immortal World would speak if they obtained a rare opportunity! It is rarely talked about between father and son. Because these rare chances……cannot be spoken!”

“It is very hard to speak about……” Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, but he also relaxed at the same time. His master……appears to be a fierce evil person, but he is actually quite enlightened!

“Not only is it hard to say, but several secret opportunities, are never spoken about!” The Demon Lord softly sighed. He looked at Chu Mo and dully said: “I suffered an enormous loss because of this at that time. Heaven’s Will My Will…..was in a class of opportunities from the gods. It attained me, and at the same time, it……ruined me!”

“Master’s heritage actually comes from a godly opportunity?” Chu Mo was immediately curious when he heard master mention the past. He thought to himself: ‘Why do you say it burned you?’

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “Originally, I wouldn’t tell anyone this, but you are my disciple. You have also started to study Heaven’s Will My Will, so there is no harm in telling you.”

Chu Mo didn’t expect that something he worried about for so long would be so simple in the Demon Lord’s eyes. He couldn’t help but think: My knowledge is too small. I will be like master one day, profound and powerful!

Chu Mo could pull out the three pills at ease now that there was a fitting explanation for the refinement.

The Demon Lord saw the three pills in his hand, and he couldn’t cover the surprise on his face: “You can actually take millions of kilograms……and refine them into three pills? Your rare opportunity……was truly powerful!”

Chu Mo didn’t feel startled that the Demon Lord knew these things. Xia Jing purchased herbs without restraint. It was no secret to the entire Yellow Flame City. The Demon Lord could know these things easily.

“Yes, there are only three. I estimate that there will be ten with all the materials gathered……” Chu Mo said.

The Demon Lord took the three pills in his hand. His distinct cold pupils revealed a complicated light. He said: “I never thought……I was hopeless, so I took a disciple. I didn’t want my heritage to end……and now it actually saved me.”

“These are things a disciple should do.” Chu Mo said.

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo, then he very seriously said: “Remember, you must never display this pill refinement ability before others! Not only can you refine medicine, but you know the poison in my body. You also know how to cure…… Do you know? This ability alone would make even the big shots in the Immortal World jealous! It would certainly bring you disaster once word got out!”

“Eh, I control this skill. Would they dare force me if they want my medicine?” Chu Mo wasn’t convinced: “We will separate if worst comes to worst. They still wouldn’t want me dead.”

“You understand shit!” The Demon Lord stared at Chu Mo: “There are almighty tricks that you can’t even imagine! Do you think you are unyielding? You aren’t afraid of torture? Do you think they will only beg you? Naive!”

The Demon Lord seriously looked at Chu Mo: “You should know, true cultivators don’t even need to torture you! One soul search technique……and they will know everything! Master’s with a little bit of evil……will make you into a thoughtless puppet. You won’t even have a soul at that point. Then will you seperate ways?”

Chu Mo trembled: “That terrifying?”

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “There’s even more terrifying! You will slowly encounter them later. But you must learn how to protect yourself starting now! In a moment……I will pass on several easy techniques onto you. At least change your identity the next time you use this ability to do anything.”

Chu Mo sat down and contemplated a moment. His face revealed a terrifying expression, and he mumbled: “You are right. There are countless ways to make a man surrender. I was too naive before. But some people in Yellow Flame City……they ought to know I can refine medicine. Like Xia Jing, he already knows.”

The Demon Lord said to Chu Mo: “Don’t you still have a master?”

Chu Mo smacked his head and said: “I’m really stupid……I forgot this opportunity.”

His master is the grand Demon Lord! Could he be afraid of others seeking trouble? He won’t seek other’s trouble……that’s good!