Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 82: Many Things

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Chapter 82: Many Things

Chu Mo didn’t go directly home after leaving the Prince Mansion. He first went to the Xu household. Xu Fufu got the news, and he came out to great Chu Mo. He had a somewhat sad look on his face: “This guy……actually runs into the Prince Mansion and lives there several days. Did that old thief take advantage of you?”

“Ah? You didn’t call him an old son of a bitch?” Chu Mo asked somewhat startled.

“……” Xu Fu didn’t know what just happened: “Is that the main point of the of the question? Ever since the day you called him Old Thief, the people that dislike Xia Jing……all call him Old Thief! Those two words are really catchy!”

“……” Chu Mo also didn’t know what the heck was going on. He looked at Xu Fufu: “How goes the Qing provincial governor?”

“Could it be anything?” Xu Fufu wryly smiled: “The guy that they sent started out all high and mighty, making all kinds of noise. He took several steps back when he saw me. I scolded him and drove him away. Zhang Chong secretly hurried to Yellow Flame City three days later. I alco caught him and gave him a scolding myself.”

Chu Mo suddenly chimed in: “Did he promise to give you several beautiful women?”

Xu Fufu’s eyes became big. He had a hurt expression: “Ten……but of course I couldn’t reply. Young black Chu……do you believe I have no morals?”

Chu Mo wryly smiled: “I just can’t believe Zhang Chong! He believes beautiful women work better than anything else on a guy like you!”

“He didn’t succeed this time. Brother, I have a limit. Do you really believe the Xu family uncle only sees women?” Xu Fufu returned a haughty look and said: “The old man first wanted to defend his son, and I scolded him. I said his pig son would already be killed if my brother didn’t react in time. The archer would have shot him dead!”

“What did he say?” Chu Mo asked.

Xu Fufu gloated: “That old guy is really an oily politician. He is too smart. When he heard my words, he said the archer couldn’t have been sent by prince Xia Jing. He said the prince wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Chu Mo nodded. It is normal for Zhang Chong to have such a response. Zhang Chong would face hell if he cursed the name of Xia Jing.

Xu Fufu said: “The old man couldn’t endure my accusations, but he actually came to our line of reasoning. He will certainly teach his son a lesson after returning home, and his son won’t come out and cause trouble again.”

“So it is done?” Chu Mo looked at Xu Fufu. He felt this wasn’t much like the tenth Xu’s style.

Xu Fufu laughed loudly: “How could that be it? That idiot Zhang Qingyu dared open his mouth and curse you. Could I let the matter go without him shedding a layer of skin? Hah, I gave that letter to Zhang Chong, and I told the old bastard what Zhang Qingyu said. Ha ha, Zhang Chong almost spit blood. I reckon that idiot Zhang Qingyu will suffer when he gets home.

Chu Mo secretly sighed inside. This matter only went so far. Zhang Zhong would flee far away if he knew the real actor behind the secret attack. He absolutely doesn’t have the courage to face the crown prince.

A provincial governor is quite powerful, but against a crown prince……he would be crushed until there was nothing left.

All of the royal palace conflicts are an unimaginably terrifying maelstrom. Once a person is sucked into the whirlpool, they don’t have a good end, no matter who it is.

“Looking at your face, it seems you aren’t satisfied with this outcome?” Xu Fufu understood Chu Mo too well. He immediately asked after seeing Chu Mo’s reaction.

Chu Mo shook his head: “We hit Zhang Chong’s son, tormented him half dead, and made him owe us a favor. It is already quite good.”

Xu Fufu’s eyebrows raised: “Just like how you crippled that bastard Xia Jie, and now Xia Jing treats you as an uncle?”

Chu Mo looked at Xu Fufu: “I have the ability to make him yield. Would he treat me like that otherwise?”

Xu Fufu looked at Chu Mo, then sighed: “You speak the truth little black brother. You have changed a lot since returning. You could never work together with someone like Xia Jing in the past.”

Chu Mo was silent a moment, then he said: “I have changed neither good nor bad……right?”

“No, you have become extremely mature! Much more mature than myself. Grandfather is always silent as he eats, but he has mentioned you several times at the dinner table. It’s already happened more than ten times! Each time he mentions you, he has an expression of ‘I wish he were my grandson’……” Xu Fufu somewhat depressingly said: “The number of lessons I’ve suffered over the past several days……are skyrocketing!”

Chu Mo smiled big: “You deserve it! You should have changed a long time ago!”

Xu Fufu returned a haughty look and said: “I’ve already done many good things over the past several days!” He then drew close to Chu Mo’s ear and said in a low voice: “Older sister Yiniang……she’s already gotten into contact with one-armed uncle in your household. We already have over a hundred people at our command!”

“How are there over a hundred so fast?” Chu Mo was a little startled. He was also very happy at the same time. He said: “There’s also another three days until the new year. They can be brought into play after the new year, that’s already amazing.”

“Little black brother, I discovered……sister Yiniang is not only serious about this work, it seems……she is also especially suited for it! Gluttonous Ogre will need a new boss soon, because she won’t be able to keep both operations going after a while. It is too tiring.” Xu Fufu said.

“Then have sister Mei be her replacement!” Chu Mo logically said: “She must be thoroughly familiar with the Gluttonous Ogre by now? Wouldn’t it be a pity for such a smart girl to be idle?”

Xu Fufu angrily said: “She is thoroughly cultured and educated. To make her a restaurant boss……isn’t it a waste?”

“Then what do you think she should do?” Chu Mo looked at Xu Fufu: “I know you have protective feelings towards women, but have you ever asked her opinion? How can you say what she wishes?”

“Ah? Little black Chu……it appears you have a little understanding of women now? Not possible……what girl did you meet on this trip?” Xu Fufu curiously looked at Chu Mo: “You always used to hide far away from the topic of women.”

Chu Mo’s face turned slightly dark, and he snapped: “None of your business! Is your grandfather home?”

“He’s home.” Xu Fufu immediately closed his mouth.

They knew each other well, and they knew when not to cross the line. Xu Fufu was curious as a kitten on the inside, but he knew better than to ask about the girl.

Because he could see his own brother has a story!

Soon after, Chu Mo arrived at Xu Zhongliang’s study.

The old man appeared very busy, and he didn’t exchange small-talk with Chu Mo. He got straight to the point: “Several things, first, you must join the new year’s banquet. Before the banquet, there will be a short, small……award ceremony!”

Xu Fufu enviously looked at Cu Mo from the side. Several days had passed by. Xu Fufu could easily ask his grandfather what happened on the grasslands, even if Xu Zhongliang didn’t say anything first.

Xu Zhongliang didn’t conceal the news from his grandson. He told Xu Fufu inside information in order to encourage him.

“Hero Medal ah! When will I attain one?” Xu Fufu sighed from the side.

Xu Zhongliang looked to his own grandson. He didn’t wish to hit Xu Fufu, so he just ignored him. The old man continued on: “Second, at the banquet, you……will act as the military representative. And you will give his majesty a toast.”

“Ah?” Chu Mo looked shocked at Xu Zhongliang. His mouth twitched as he said: “Grandfather Xu……this……I’m afraid it isn’t appropriate?”

Xu Zhongliang looked at Chu Mo: “What’s not appropriate?”

“I’m not in the military……”

“But you have heavenly contributions! Moreover, your contributions can only be categorized as military! That old guy Fang Mingtong will certainly go mad if not.” Xu Zhongliang got an impulsive smile. He recalled Fang Mingtong’s facial expression upon hearing about the whole situation. It was honestly too satisfying.

“But other people don’t know!”

“His majesty, the Marshal, and I know. That’s enough!”

“I am so young……and you are promoting me. Won’t several people be jealous of me? Isn’t this setting me up to burn?”

“You little demon. You care about their envy?”

“I don’t care……but……”

“There are no buts!” Xu Zhongliang energetically waved: “You are so small, and other’s seek you out, but you keep on evading away. You have matured……and I see you have matured too much! Where did you learn to be slippery like us old men? You are a hot-blooded youth. What do you care about all those things for? This matter is a clear display. The emperor, Marshal Fang……and I are all praising you! You have our support, what are you afraid of?”

Xu Zhongliang stared at the unwilling looking Chu Mo: “You are dancing around in the prince of Da Xia’s hand, are you still afraid of other challenges?”

“You are speaking nonsense. He is a royal prince……isn’t that a little too easy for me to handle?” Chu Mo honestly spoke.

“Don’t you know?” Xu Zhongliang smirked at Chu Mo: “Your grandfather isn’t here. I will take the responsibility of teaching you. Do you really think Xia Jing is from an easy generation? He has been a chief cabinet member for many years. Do you think he lacks subtle methods? You will lose miserably if you keep looking down upon him!”

Xu Zhongliang’s tone alleviated. He said with all earnestness: “You are still young. Your future is really too bright. Don’t be influenced by messy situations. You must absolutely not participate in those nasty palace schemes.”

“Palace schemes?” Chu Mo was a little shocked inside.

“This old man has looked into that archer. He was a guard for the third prince Xia Hao ten years ago. He used some methods to send the archer into the Prince Mansion.” Xu Zhongliang looked at Chu Mo: “This archer left the Prince Mansion without authorization. When the archer was going to kill Zhang Qingyu and frame you, do you think Xia Jing was completely unaware?”