Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 81: Xia Jing’s change

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Chapter 81: Xia Jing’s change

“……” Chu Mo didn’t know what just happened on the four continents. The corners of his mouth twitched as he looked at Xia Jing: “Prince, I am still a child.”

Xia Jing looked at Chu Mo and thought: Whoever takes you for a child would certainly die miserably!

“Ha ha, apologies, prince is too happy. Young master Chu’s medicine……is truly miraculous……a true miracle! Prince doesn’t know how to thank young master Chu!” Xia Jing praised Chu Mo with a loud voice. He walked back and forth across the room, but there was a tinge of regret in his heart at the same time: It would be best if I could feel just a little bit more……

But Xia Jing knew his illness had festered for a decade! He sought famous doctors, but there was no effect. Now he has recovered a trace of feeling from the medicine. It was already heavenly news.

Xia Jing seriously faced Chu Mo and bowed: “Your kindness goes beyond words. Young master Chu, I will record this moment in my heart!”

Chu Mo dully said: “This is not important, just protect my safety and we are good.”

Xia Jing’s pupils flickered. He recalled what his subordinate had just reported. The tips of his brow raised at once, and he resumed a princely manner. He suddenly burst out: “What? What event did young master Chu encounter last night?”

Chu Mo said: “Nothing big, just someone……doesn’t wish the prince to recover, and has brought their hate to me.”

“Someone……doesn’t wish me to recover? They hate you?” Xia Jing’s pupils immediately flashed with an ice-cold light. His voice became extremely severe: “Please explain young master Chu.”

“A person came last night to assassinate me. I don’t know how, but the surrounding guards didn’t react at all. It’s okay, I dealt with it.” Chu Mo simply said.

“Absurd!” Xia Jing became indignant: “Come!”

The door immediately opened, and a figure appeared beside Xia Jing. The figure was a skinny male in his thirties. He respectfully stood at Xia Jing’s side: “What is the prince’s command?”

“Immediately go investigate. What happened to the surrounding guards last night? Also, thoroughly investigate the activities of everyone in the mansion last night!” Xia Jing’s voice was low. He suppressed the rage inside and said: “Forget it, you only need to investigate what happened to the guards.”

“Yes!” The man nodded, then quietly withdrew.

Xia Jing looked at Chu Mo. He seriously said: “I will give Chu Mo an explanation for these things!”

“Does the prince know who did it?” Chu Mo asked.

Xia Jing nodded with an unsightly face: “Apart from that woman……who would wish I didn’t recover? She has become too arrogant over the years. To the extent that……she has forgotten her own place!”

Xia Jing departed from Chu Mo soon after.

Chu Mo lightly sighed. He thought: Sorry princess, had you not poisoned your own servant, then……I would have spoken out for you before Xia Jing, even if you hate me to the core. At the very least, I wouldn’t let you be miserable and neglected in the future. The fault lies with your son, not with you! It is a pity you are too vicious! You won’t even forgive your subordinates, how could you forgive me?

Chu Mo dropped this matter to the back of his mind. He was certain Xia Jing knew how to handle it.

Sure enough, the matter had an outcome in less than a day’s time. A person came and reported the newest progress to Chu Mo.

“The princess’s household has collapsed.”

“The princess’s father has been sentenced for a crime deserving the death penalty. He is now in prison. The princess and her brothers tyrannically oppressed the local area, and they have all been imprisoned. The surrounding people all cheered. They said someone finally punishes this horrible family.”

“Then……the princess?” Chu Mo asked the person.

“The princess is sick, seriously ill. She will go to a monastery after her illness is cured. She will live the lonely life of a monk.” The person looked at Chu Mo with a deep meaning: “This……is actually the best outcome. The prince’s nature……it has already changed a lot. He would have let the princess die from her illness in the past!”

Chu Mo nodded: “This way is also not bad.”

The person respectfully withdrew after reporting the news.

A large amount of medicine steadily flowed inside over the next few days. Chu Mo could clearly feel an increase in effort on Xia Jing’s part.

Xia Jing had forcefully collected over ninety of the three hundred kinds of herbs. He had started getting everything except for those few rare top grade herbs.

Chu Mo also refined over ninety pills.

The demon lord’s poison couldn’t be cured by one pill alone. The jade gave the most reasonable prescription according to Chu Mo’s request. That is combine several herbs together to make a medicine, then the medicine would be split several times……and taken.

The Demon Lord’s poison can be removed bit by bit in this way. Chu Mo felt this was the best method.

The day all the herbs are collected is the day the Demon Lord’s poison will be completely undone.

Chu Mo didn’t place the quantities for the ten most top rank Yuan medicines when he gave the list to Xia Jing. The prince would have instantly gone insane had Chu Mo done that.

Chu Mo only had one phrase for those remaining ten top rank Yuan medicines: The more the better.

In addition, Xia Jing is truly amazing. The prince actually found those ten top rank Yuan medicines, although the quantity wasn’t near enough.

Chu Mo was already satisfied. He had an even deeper recognition for prince Xia Jing’s ability. Chu Mo couldn’t gather all these herbs within a few years if he had the same financial resources as Xia Jing.

This is also why Chu Mo wanted to establish his own power. He could use an unimagined resource at a crucial time.

Chu Mo prepared to temporarily leave the Prince Mansion after giving Xia Jing the second set of medicine.

Because he had already been there for nine days! The next day would be time for his second Yuan beast blood bath, and he still had to visit the Fu household.

The new year would also happen in another three days. There are too many things that Chu Mo needs to take care of.

“I have refined three pills this time. Take one now, one at noon, and one in the evening……the prince should recover a man’s glory after!” Chu Mo looked at the urgently breathing Xia Jing. He slightly smiled: “But……you must have self-control. Absolutely don’t use it excessively……”

Even though Chu Mo had already seen the old man’s most shameful moment, Xia Jing’s face still turned red. He stammered: “I know……I know……don’t worry young master Chu……”

Chu Mo said: “Wait until the day the prince collects all the herbs. All of your troubles will be completely resolved! I didn’t write the quantity for the most precious ingredients. That is because they are too rare. I can make come Yuan foundation strengthening pills if you can find them. I believe prince knows the worth of these pills. There won’t be that big of an effect on curing your illness if you can’t find the rare herbs. I admit that I deliberately exploited the prince’s weakness in the beginning……”

Chu Mo calmly looked at Xia Jing, then he continued: “But now I’ve discovered, prince……you aren’t a great man, but you also have a bottom line. You did especially well when it came to the princess. I won’t cheat you. Those ten remaining precious herbs……try your best.”

Xia Jing already thoroughly trusted Chu Mo even before he explained. This minor explanation caused Xia Jing to have complete trust in Chu Mo.

Xia Jing had great difficulty calming down after hearing about the Yuan foundation strengthening pills.

Not just anyone in the large sects could even attain these pills. With the exception of core sect disciples, one must make a huge contribution to the sect…….then they can receive a single pill as reward.

It has enormous benefits towards a person’s body. Cultivators that take a pill can gain Yuan power worth several months in bitter training! The Yuan foundation strengthening pill can actually extend an ordinary person’s life. For instance, an eighty year old person could extend his life by thirty or forty years.

This kind of rejuvenating pill is practically a pill of immortality in the secular world!

Who wouldn’t want one?

Xia Jing had heard of these pills, but he never attained one. He became completely excited upon hearing the rare herbs could refine into these pills.

“Don’t worry young master Chu. I will strive to buy them all!” Xia Jing looked at Chu Mo at this time. The more he looked, the more pleased he became. The prince knew he misjudged this youth too much in the past because of hatred. It was a great mistake.

But their two paths have also crossed because of those past events. In a way……he wanted to thank his son!

Xia Jing closed his eyes and thought: I will make my son keep his mother company when I get someone pregnant! That way young master Chu won’t be provoked.

Chu Mo left the Prince Mansion soon after. The Prince Mansion’s official gate opened up this time, but no longer secretly. Prince Xia Jing personally brought Chu Mo to the gate with a smiling face!

The people passing by all saw the scene.


Completely stunning!

Those people rubbed their eyes, wanting to watch more carefully. Could they have seen wrong? The smiling elegant man at the gate……is it really the extremely cruel and merciless prince?

Chu Mo faced Xia Jing, waved, and left with a calm face.

He understood. This is Xia Jing sending a message to the outside world: This young man is protected by Xia Jing!

From now on, it could be said that whoever wants to mess with Chu Mo must first consider prince Xia Jing. Of course, the people that hate Xia Jing might also go after Chu Mo.

But the current situation had more advantages than disadvantages according to Chu Mo.

No one hated Chu Mo at the moment, apart from those people in the Eastern Palace. And those people wouldn’t change their opinion about Chu Mo, no matter what Xia Jing did……as well as their opinion on Fan Wudi.

Not everyone is on the same path.