Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 80: Wasp Stinger

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Chapter 80: Wasp Stinger

The girl stood there, nibbling her teeth. The pair of starry eyes were extremely thankful. She stood there a long time, bowed to Chu Mo’s room, then turned and departed. The girl’s figure quickly faded away in the obscure night.

The guards at their posts each regained consciousness not long after she left. There was a confused color in each of their eyes. They felt extremely sleepy just now, and they had unconsciously fallen asleep.

The guards faced into the prohibited area, and they carefully searched around. They discovered nothing going on, and they all settled down inside. The guards all decided to bury this strange event inside. The prince would become enraged otherwise, and they couldn’t bear the aftermath.

The lamp was lit in the princess’s room from the beginning to the end.

Yuan Zidai paced back and forth in the room with an anxious expression expression.

“That little animal. It is said he is amazing. Not even two of the Prince Mansion cultivators were his match. She didn’t know if the servant girl could pull this scheme off without a hitch……” Yuan Zidai’s pupils flickered with a quiet cold light: “Chu Mo, first you cripple my son, and now you plan to break my escape route. Although you and I have never met face to face, we are sworn enemies! So don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Tap tap tap.

There was a sudden knock on the door at this time.

Yuan Zidai’s whole body slightly shook. She took a large step forward, and she personally opened the door.

“Yan Zhi, how is it? Yuan Zidai’s eyes filled with rare hope. She stared at the stunning beauty that entered: “Did you succeed?”

The girl looked ashamed: “Master……I’m sorry. I……I didn’t succeed.”

“What?” Yuan Zidai’s voice became extremely sharp. She stared at the girl with a quiet cold light in her eyes: “Are you joking?”

“That teenager……he is too vigilant.” The stunning beauty softly said: “I didn’t even get near him……before I was already discovered!”

“Do you know how great a risk I took to send you? Huh?” Yuan Zidai angrily looked at the girl: “I sent people to knock out the surrounding guards……do you know how hard that was? Do you know how much those drugs cost? I wouldn’t recover the loss even if I sold you!”

“Also, what about the drugs I gave you? Didn’t I give you drugs? Why didn’t you use them? Those knockout drugs could even put a rank five cultivator to sleep……why didn’t you use them?”

Yuan Zidai’s glass-like face became ferocious. She gritted her teeth as she looked at the girl, and her vioce became extremely bitter: “Yan Zhi……do you think your family would all be dead……do you plan to fly away?”

The girl was startled as soon as she heard the words. Her face appeared hurt. She looked at Yuan Zidai, and then she slowly kneeled: “Master, Yan Zhi didn’t! Yan Zhi would even sacrifice her life for master without hesitation! Yan Zhi knows her entire family would have died without master.”

“So you still have a little conscious.” Yuan Zidai coldly looked at Yan Zhi: “Then why were you defeated?”

Yan Zhi raised her head. The bloody scar on her neck was visible, and she said while feeling wronged: “That person is too amazing. I had no way to approach him. I am no match for him, even with……even with seduction……it is no use! But, he said in the end……he said……”

“What did he say?” Yuan Zidai’s voice already became extremely severe.

He said……he wants master to behave. He will ask for leniency from the prince. He won’t wrong……master.”


Yuan Zidai walked forward, raised a hand, and ruthlessly slapped the girl across the face.

The girl’s clean jade-like face received a fresh red handprint.

Yuan Zidai shrieked: “You idiot! You sold me out?”

“No……I didn’t. Master, Yan Zhi didn’t sell you out. He guessed himself!” The girl immediately teared up. She spoke feeling extremely wronged.

Yuan Zidai gnashed her teeth. She appeared mean and ferocious: “You stupid thing. That little animal crippled my son. The hatred between us is as deep as the ocean. He will help me? Do I need him to plead for me?”

“Yan Zhi feels…….he isn’t lying. Besides……young master Jie, he……”


The girl hadn’t yet finished speaking before another slap landed on her face. Another extremely sharp shriek came from Yuan Zidai: “What did you say? You cheap girl. What about my son? You dare say my son is no good? I’ll beat you to death, you useless thing!”

Smack smack smack!

Yuan Zidai let loose with the left and right. She smacked the girl seven or eight times in one breath. She still wanted to keep smacking, but her hand was suddenly stopped. Yan Zhi had tears in her eyes, and her face was red and swollen. She looked at Yuan Zidai: “Enough?”

“You dare……resist me?” Yuan Zidai’s eyes shot out unimaginably cold rays of light. She looked at Yan Zhi and coldly laughed: “I knew……a little bitch like you is completely unreliable! Fortunately……I already set up other methods.”

Yan Zhi was entirely shocked as she looked at Yuan Zidai. She gradually let go of Yuan Zidai’s hand.

Yuan Zidao no longer continued hitting. She only coldly stared at Yan Zhi. There wasn’t a trace of emotion in her eyes: “I placed a slow-acting poison in your body. I paid a large price for it. It is a recipe from one of the sect doctors. Don’t even think about leaving me in this life so long as you are poisoned! The poison will flare up if you leave me for more than five days! Yan Zhi……your life is mine! I want you to live, and you will live. I want you to die, and you will die! You……understand?”

The kneeling girl was scared silly. She was shocked as she looked at Yuan Zidai. She couldn’t understand. She thought of the words Chu Mo said at the end : “If someday you feel your body is weak. For instance…..if a problem appears with your body. You can go to the Fan household and seek me. I can help you.”

[TL: Chu Mo doesn’t say this in the last chapter. I swear I’m not cutting things out of the story! It seems the author just added this in.]

The girl didn’t understand these words at the time, but now she finally understood!

Chu Mo has the ability to cure the prince’s illness. He can cure things that no one else can cure……of course he has the ability to see her sickness at first glance!

So it is like this!

Originally like that!

She never thought……her most trustable master, the one she would sacrifice her life for, would disbelieve her. Yuan Zidai actually planted poison in her body!

“Hmph, what is this expression? Slave girl, you are still too soft to fight with me! I don’t care what methods you use. Immediately go and kill Chu Mo. This matter is finished. Otherwise……” Yuan Zidai’s eyes were ice-cold as she looked at the girl.

The girl suddenly took over the conversation: “Otherwise you will kill me?” The girl lowered her face as she spoke, then softly said: “Master, Yan Zhi’s family encountered a difficult situation back then. My family was harmed by villains, but luckily master came to our aid. Yan Zhi’s entire family escaped alive. Yan Zhi decided to give her life to master in that moment!”

Yuan Zidai snorted.

Yan Zhi continued speaking: “Later on, my family died from illness one after the other. Master sent money and medicine, but they were not fortunate. They were too weak, and they died one by one. Master even paid to bury the dead……Yan Zhi has recorded these things in her heart. I swore an oath to repay master.”

Yuan Zidai coldly looked at Yan Zhi: “How have you repaid me? You still haven’t finished, and you’ve sold me out? Simply ungrateful!”

Yan Zhi payed no heed to Yuan Zidai. She softly spoke to herself: “Now Yan Zhi finally knows, master always viewed my family as an inconvenience, so she poisoned them to death. I would be concerned about them if they were still alive. I couldn’t wholeheartedly work for master. So……they were better off dead. Yan Zhi’s life would be completely devoted to master in this way.”

“What nonsense are you saying?” Yuan Zidai’s expression completely changed. She loudly denounced: “I poisoned you because……because I was afraid you would harm me one day! How could I poison your family?”

“Ha ha, you have already gone so far. Does master think I will believe her explanation?” The girl kneeling there with swollen red cheeks gave Yuan Zidai three customary bows: “Master, Zhi Yan must say thank you in the end. I’m sorry, but I hate you!”

Zhi Yan stood up as she spoke. She deeply looked at Yuan Zidai: “I wish you better things in the future.”

“You……do you not wish to live?” Yuan Zidai’s eyes finally revealed a trace of panic: “Do you know? You will rot to death after five days away from me!”

“My heart already died, why cherish the body?” Yan Zhi looked at Yuan Zidai. She turned and left without hesitation, fading into the night.

Yuan Zidai powerlessly collapsed in her chair, her eyes full of hate. She muttered: “Bitch……bitch! Scram! Scram! I don’t need your sharp mouth. Wait until you are about to die……you will come back and beg for me!”


Chu Mo walked out in a glowing mood the next morning. The courtyard was neat and tidy. Last night’s events were like a dream, not leaving a single trace.

A waiter came by with breakfast soon after. Chu Mo called out when he was about to withdraw: “Wait a moment.”

“What are young master Chu’s orders?” The waiter wore ordinary clothes. He appeared like a normal servant, but only Xia Jing’s most trusted people could actually appear here.

“Do guards surround this area?” Chu Mo pointed far away, then he asked: “I called out for a long time last night……why did no one respond?”

“Ah? Not possible!” The servant’s eyes first flashed with uncertainty. His eyes immediately focused, and then he said: “I will immediately report this to the prince. I will immediately give young master Chu an explanation!”

Chu Mo closely looked over the servant’s ordinary clothes. He thought: He is one of Xia Jing’s trusted men sure enough. Otherwise, how could a low level servant have the qualifications to appear before the prince?

“Okay, have the prince come over. Just say……a portion of the medicine is already done.” Chu Mo plainly said.

“Ah? I got it! Please eat your meal first young master Chu! Wait just a moment! I will report to the prince!” The server quickly left. An enormous event couldn’t compare with this news.

Xia Jing quickly rushed over after a short period of time. His eyes were extremely excited. He immediately showed deep concern when he saw Chu Mo: “I just heard the news about last night?”

Chu Mo said: “Come inside and talk.”

Chu Mo looked at Xia Jing inside the room. He first gave the prince a medicine pill. The pill was completely blue, and it was the size of a bean. Chu Mo said: “The prince must first take this pill, then we speak about other things.”

Chu Mo passed Xia Jing a cup of water.

“Take it right now?” Xia Jing excited pupils flashed with a trace of hesitation.

Chu Mo smiled: “What? Is prince afraid the medicine is poisoned?”

“Ha, how could it be? Prince is afraid……cough cough……” Xia Jing’s face turned red.

Chu Mo lost his smile and said: “Prince is suspicious…….how could it be so fast?”

Xia Jing scratched his head and smiled: “No it’s not……just somewhat anxious.” His most shameful moment had already been exposed to the boy. This was nothing. Xia Jing took the pill and swallowed it down without hesitation, and then he sat there.

Xia Jing’s face revealed a trace of amazement after the time it takes an incense stick to burn……he became completely excited. He soared up from the seat and walked outside. His eyes suddenly became very large. He looked at Chu Mo and shouted: “The prince……can feel!”