Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 79: Deep in Conversation With a Stranger, The Words End Here

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Chapter 79: Deep in Conversation With a Stranger, The Words End Here

Chu Mo didn’t know why, but he felt restless that night. He cultivated Heaven’s Will for a large cycle, then he stepped outside.

The countless stars twinkled in the night sky, and there was not a sound between heaven and earth.

He used this time every day to “refine pills”. Everyone knew his rules, so they left every night. Chu Mo didn’t even have to drive them away, they all automatically disappeared.

That old thief Xia Jing has a lovable ability to collect herbs……it is really quite powerful.

Chu Mo secretly thought: I should give Xia Jing something sweet since he has been so compliant. Otherwise, he will believe I am deceiving him.

No one on the four continents could cure Xia Jing’s illness. Especially given that some top rank healers may not act for a secular world prince.

But Chu Mo’s jade is unequally powerful!

Chu Mo used the jade to inspect Xia Jing in the first meeting.

Chu Mo was afraid he didn’t have enough energy in the jade at that time, so he planned on scamming Xia Jing for a Yuan stone. Then he would give the jade energy.

But, all of Xia Jing’s information came forth with a thought.

Chu Mo believed this is because Xia Jing is an ordinary person, so the jade didn’t consume any energy to obtain information.

His illness is incurable in the secular world. But for the jade……it couldn’t be more simple.

Compared with the Demon Lord’s materials, Xia Jing’s illness only needs eight types of herbs to cure!

It was even easier to cure than princess Bao Lian’s illness!

But Chu Mo obviously couldn’t cure Xia Jing that easily. He still needed Xia Jing to gather ingredients for his master!

‘First must let him……feel a little effect. So long as he feels a little good, Xia Jing will be overjoyed!’ Chu Mo thought.

Chu Mo discovered a new ability after the jade changed. The jade could act according to Chu Mo’s intention, and it would give different prescriptions and medicines, provided there is enough energy to support.

As far as energy sources go, the Yuan stone is one kind of energy. The bloody spirit aura……is also another kind!

It is unknown if there are other energy sources at the present time. Chu Mo must continually keep exploring.

If he didn’t have this to rely on, then Chu Mo wouldn’t dare tease the strong sixth realm cultivator in the Prince Mansion.

A cultivator that can move unhindered through the world is no joke. The current Chu Mo can’t bear the cost.

Extremely light footstep sounds suddenly came from outside at this time. The person was deliberately moving stealthily, but they were unable to hide in the dead quiet night, especially from a peak third realm cultivator like Chu Mo.

“Who’s there? Come out!” Chu Mo shouted in a low voice. He didn’t feel well at all inside.

This is presently the Prince Mansion……but the surrounding several thousand feet are Chu Mo’s territory!

Not even the prince Xia Jing lightly steps inside. Who has enough courage to dare intrude in the dead of night?

“Ah!” The opposite party was startled. They let out a low shocked yell.

A woman.

The voice was also weak. It gave men the inescapable impulse to protect her.

“Sorry, I……I came here to get some medicine.” The voice weakly said.

“Get medicine?” Chu Mo’s brow jumped. His instincts said that was wrong.

This is indeed the place where the Prince Mansion stores medicine, but it is all meant for Xia Jing! Xia Jing never said this, but Chu Mo had a feeling: This place is likely a prohibited area.

Since it is a prohibited area, how could someone come and casually withdraw medicine?

“I am the princess’s servant girl. The princess has a headache, and she made me come over, grab some medicine, and return. Sorry, did I disturb your rest?” The weak voice spoke and walked over from that direction. She was holding on to a dusky lantern.

The feeble light revealed a sixteen or seventeen year old girl. Her appearance was unclear, but her figure was extremely moving.

Chu Mo coldly laughed to himself: Do you think I’m a fool? Would the servant girl of the princess be so polite to a medicine warehouse guard?

He immediately coldly said: “This isn’t a medicine warehouse. Girl, you’ve misstepped, quickly return.”

“Ah, I, I went astray? I, I just came here. The guard told me it was here……the princess will certainly kill me if I don’t bring back medicine, boo hoo……” The girl actually began to cry. She wept bitterly in the night, and her cries carried a long way.

There would ordinarily be guards placed far away, but no one appeared.

Chu Mo became even more alert. He coldly said: “How does that concern me?”

‘Big brother, I’m begging you to help me.” The girl lifted the lantern up higher, exposing her face.

It was a stunning face!

“I beg you big brother, please help me. I will do anything so long as you help!” The girl’s soft voice begged, and she walked towards Chu Mo.

“Halt!” Chu Mo shouted. His voice carried far away in the dead of night.

The strange thing is, there wasn’t the slightest bit of activity outside!

The girl appeared scared trembling. Her eyes filled with terror as she looked at Chu Mo. She stood there, not daring to come over.

“Leave, I will consider tonight as never having happened.” Chu Mo said in a low voice.

He didn’t know what exactly was happening, but he clearly felt something wrong.

This girl is absolutely not one of Xia Jing’s people!

She said the princess sent her……could it be?

A fuzzy guess immediately appeared inside Chu Mo.

His grandfather Fan Wudi never took a wife. No one fought with Chu Mo over the inheritance. But Yellow Flame City had several grand households, which one hadn’t had such an occurrence?

Chu Mo always had an intelligence above his peers, and he experienced the events in the grasslands. He could guess harmful intentions in a short time.

“Did you hear? Leave.” Chu Mo coldly spoke once again.

“Big brother……how could you be so heartless? Could it be, do you wish to watch the princess kill me?” The girl’s stunning face began to beg. Her eyes showed a desperate color.

“You don’t want me to make medicine for the prince, right?” Chu Mo coldly said: “You have been here more than one or two days. Do you really not know who I am?”

“Big brother’s words, I……I don’t understand. I just came today……” The girl weakly spoke. Her hand……quivered in an instant. The lantern in her hand……crashed to the floor.

The lantern’s candle, immediately extinguished!


A light ring like a dragon’s roar, a cold air pierced directly at Chu Mo!

A brilliant ray of light flashed in the empty sky.


A crisp sound.

Soon after, Murdering Heaven was in Chu Mo’s hand, pressed up against the jade-like neck of the girl.

The cold aura made the girl tremble for real this time.

“Want to kill me?” Chu Mo dully asked: “Who sent you? Don’t tell me you don’t know, didn’t those two Prince Mansion cultivators die at my hands? Do you think I won’t kill a pretty girl?”

“Kill me!” The girl’s voice became strong, extremely ice-cold, and without a trace of weakness: “Either way, I won’t live when I return.”

“You were sent by Xia Jie’s mother?” Chu Mo curiously asked.

The girl didn’t speak a word this time. She only rigidly stared at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo couldn’t see the girl’s eyes in the dark of night, but he could feel them. He smiled and said: “If I hand you to the prince, then speak for yourself…….what will be your supporter’s fate?”

“You……you’re despicable! Kill me!” The girl said. She unexpectedly pushed her neck towards Murdering Heaven.

Her nature is actually this fierce?

Chu Mo was a little shocked. The girl’s neck was already pushing up against the incredibly sharp edge of Murdering Heaven.

Chu Mo quickly withdrew the sword, but the girl’s neck still showed a cut, oozing out blood.

Chu Mo couldn’t see, but he could smell the blood in the air.

Chu Mo immediately said in a low voice: “Fine, go. The grudges in the Prince Mansion have nothing to do with me. But, don’t come here seeking trouble again! You truly have ability, go kill the old thief Xia Jing yourself. Won’t everything be settled then?”

Chu Mo spoke, then turned and left.

The strange thing is, that girl stood there, actually not moving. She quickly picked up the pace and followed after Chu Mo took several steps.

Murdering Heaven appeared in Chu Mo’s hand, pointed at the girl’s neck: “Do you really want to die?”

The girl whispered: “I have something to say to you, can we go to your room?”

“Are you trying to seduce me?” Chu Mo’s brow wrinkled, somewhat bothered: “Say it here. Those guards should all be called away by your people. There isn’t a third person here, so speak.”

The girls double-star eyes stared at Chu Mo in the dark night. She suddenly kneeled to the ground: “I’m begging you, don’t make medicine for that old animal Xia Jing. Otherwise the princess will die!”

Chu Mo’s brow wrinkled, and he looked at the girl kneeling there: “What does her death have to do with me? Didn’t she raise a son like Xia Jie, one beneath the animals? She sent you to deal with me, is she a good person? You are confused girl!”

“Yes, I know my request is excessive. I know princess has many faults. But my entire family and I owe her our lives. So I must stop you from making medicine for that old animal Xia Jing……even if I die!” The girl resolutely spoke.

“What will you use to stop me?” Chu Mo coldly said: “You aren’t my opponent in a fight. You can’t kill me. As far as seduction, I’m not interested in you. That also won’t succeed. I will still refine the medicine given that you die! Quickly leave. I don’t want to speak useless words with you. You have your determination, and I also have mine.”

Chu Mo no longer paid attention to the girl, and he took large strides inside.

The girl kept kneeling there, completely motionless.

Chu Mo began a large cycle of the Heavens Will scripture. Midnight already passed, and one could begin to see a little. The night would soon recede, and daytime would come. The girl was actually still there. Chu Mo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He pushed opened the door, walked outside, and said: “It is useless to kneel here until you die. The day is quickly coming. Do you wish to be discovered? Won’t you and your boss be brought to disaster? Go back and tell the princess……to behave herself, and stop her crooked ways. I will find an opportunity to speak with prince Xia Jing. At the very least……he won’t bring her harm.

The girl’s eyes lit up. Her whole body seemed to fill with life. She looked at Chu Mo: “Really?”

“Remember, the fault lies on your master! She raised a son that is lower than the animals, and it is the source of her arrogance! Now she sends you to kill me. Normally, I shouldn’t be helping her.”

Chu Mo coldly spoke: “The one I’m helping……is you. Because you persisted, and I saw myself in you! You aren’t a bad person. You have repaid your debt by doing this. Leave the Prince Mansion! Otherwise, that woman will send you to death sooner or later!”

Chu Mo profoundly looked at the girl as he spoke: “A deep conversation with a stranger, the words end here!” He closed the door and returned to cultivating.