Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 78: Undercurrent Rising

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Chapter 78: Undercurrent Rising

“Big brother, aren’t you giving that little thing too much credit?” Xia Hao looked shocked at Xia Ying. Xia Hao scoffed: “He ran away when we framed that idiot Xia Jie half a year ago. He wrecked our plans. I wanted to take the opportunity and kill Chu Mo at that time, but you wouldn’t let me. He is a brat, that’s it. He isn’t intentionally ruining our plans, so why do you look highly upon him?”

Xia Xiong looked at his younger brother, and he took over the conversation: “Third, you are only looking at one part. He went to the Prince Mansion to cause trouble, but what happened at the end? He walked out completely unharmed. You also haven’t paid attention, he returned today.Furthermore……he walked in through the formal gate!”

“What’s the big deal? That old thing Xia Jing is in the wrong. He naturally won’t make things difficult for the kid. Chu Mo likely went there to be on good terms. What is strange about that?” Xia Hao said with disdain.

“Do you truly think that way?” Xia Xiong disappointedly looked at Xia Hao: “How about you participate a little less in the future.”

“Second brother, what are you trying to say? You look down upon me?” Xia Hao immediately enraged. He stared with fury at Xia Xiong.

Xa Ying sighed, then said: “Fine, second and third, stop fighting. We are brothers. What good is fighting?”

Xia Hao said unconvinced: “Big brother, what did you say about this matter? You said Fan Wudi’s adopted son……he is truly that talented?”

Xia Ying softly laughed: “I have not yet seen everything, but one thing can be confirmed. That child……he is not simple!”

“How is he not simple?” Xia Hao felt strength surge in his bones. He asked without willing to forgive.

Xia Ying said: “First, Chu Mo is merely thirteen years old. He left half a year ago in a difficult situation. He suddenly returns half a year later, and from his actions, do you feel he fears prince Xia Jing?”

Xia Hao unconsciously shook his head. He muttered: “If he were afraid……would he dare attack the gate?”

“And half a year ago?” Xia Ying asked.

“That…..was certainly from fear. Would he have fled half a year ago otherwise?” Xia Hao seemed to grasp something, but there was still uncertainty in his eyes. He muttered: “Then what?”

“Second, Chu Mo was only in the second realm when he left Yellow Flame City. Our informant says Chu Mo must have broken through the Yuan Closure, entering the third realm!” Xia Ying looked at Xia Hao: “Third, you cultivated in a sect since youth. You should know how hard it is to break into the Yuan Closure. This teenager only used half a year. Originally……how long did you take?”

Xia Hao’s mouth twitched. He muttered: “I……I took ten years!”

Xia Xiong couldn’t help but suck in a cool breath: “Don’t tell me, this teenager……entered an amazingly powerful sect?”

“Not possible!” Xia Hao said extremely certain: “No large sect disciple can leave the mountain before ten years! Especially the talented ones, the sects place more importance on them. It is basically impossible for them to leave after half a year.”

“Then how did he suddenly become so amazing?” Xia Ying looked at Xia Hao: “Do you know third?”

The corners of Xia Hao’s mouth twitched. He hesitated a long time before dejectedly saying: “I don’t know. This type of thing is normally impossible!”

“What about the most amazing talent within your sect?” Xia Ying asked.

Xia Hao thought a moment, and he still shook his head: “Still impossible!”

Xia Ying sighed, then said: “In the end, the largest problem is Chu Mo wrecking the Prince Mansion yesterday. Do you feel Xia Jing is really in the wrong because he wants to kill Chu Mo? Do you think Xia Jing doesn’t know if he sent the archer? Could Xia Jing take things lying down with his temper? But he hasn’t had the slightest response even now. Chu Mo……also hasn’t done anything. He also came to the Prince Mansion again today, and he still hasn’t come out.”

Xia Ying looked at Xia Hao: “Third, do you still feel this youth……is a simple person?”

“This……” Xia Hao had an extremely crabby temper, but he always trusts his eldest brother. Xia Hao still wasn’t convinced in his heart, but he argued no more.

Xia Xiong unenthusiastically said at this time: “According to our information, Chu Mo claims he can cure uncle’s illness.”

“How is that possible?” Xia Hao immediately stood up. He sneered: “That’s simply nonsense! We tried to use that move to rope in uncle a long time ago. But those top rank doctors in the large sects were all unable. How could a baby boy be capable?”

Xia Xiong continued: “Yes, he broke through the Yuan Closure in half a year. Very few people could do this.”

Xia Hao immediately stared blankly. He looked distracted for a long time, then he heavily sat down: “Damn scary!”

Xia Ying looked to Xia Xiong: “Second, what is your meaning?”

Xia Xiong sighed: “We cannot let Xia Jing have a chance to recover! A perverted prince is much better than a normal prince!”

“That?” Xia Ying’s eyes slightly squinted.

Xia Xiong mumbled: “There are still another ten days……until the new year!”

Xia Ying’s pupils flashed rays of light: “New year’s banquet?”

Xia Hao coldly said: “Give it to me!”


Yellow Flame City was submerged into a joyous holiday spirit several days later.

After going to the royal palace, Xu Zhongliang discovered Chu Mo entered the Prince Mansion. He sent someone with a letter. The contents were very simple. It requested Chu Mo drop by the Xu household after leaving the Prince Mansion.

There was no activity at the Fan household. The Demon Lord had still not appeared.

Chu Mo knew his master’s skill, and he didn’t worry. He comfortably stayed in the Prince Mansion. He refined medicine every moment he wasn’t cultivating.

Chu Mo knew Xia Jing’s ability was vast, but he underestimated Xia Jing’s true power.

Xia Jing forcibly gathered thirty herbs on the list in just two days time!

They were all very common ingredients, but they all required ten to a hundred thousand kilograms each.

There would not be this much even if all the medicine shops in Yellow Flame City were turned upside down.

Chu Mo was very curious, what kind of power did Xia Jing use to gather these ingredients?

But Xia Jing never appeared. It was probably because Chu Mo scolded him, and he appeared weak before Chu Mo. Chu Mo’s words truly bothered him, so Xia Jing didn’t dare appear.

Chu Mo instructed the servants bring the herbs into his room in batches.

The servants were all completely shocked. They brought enough ingredients to fill the room seven or eight times, but the room was completely empty every time they entered.

There was not a trace apart from the scent of herbs in the room!

Xia Jing couldn’t comprehend this. He didn’t dare go ask Chu Mo, so he ran to his subordinate Wei Chi for advice.

“Sir, where are the herbs going? Is he putting them into a storage ring?” Xia Jing wrinkled his brow. His face entirely confused: “But why does he want these common ingredients? Is he opening a drugstore? I could make him the richest person in Yellow Flame City if he really wants money!”

An old man with a completely white beard and robes sat in the room. The old man spoke calmly with a smile: “I cannot see through this youth’s methods!”

“What? Even you cannot see through?” Xia Jing was completely startled. Chu Mo doesn’t know mister Wei Chi’s true ability, but Wei Chi still cannot see through.

“What is strange about me not seeing through him? There are many things in the world this old man cannot see through.” The old man simply smiled: “This teenager is an odd one. Perhaps he can really cure your illness, so sit tight and wait.”

The old man raised his head and looked at Xia Jing as he spoke: “Also, the world’s largest storage ring……it can only hold ten thousand kilograms of herbs. A storage ring that can hold a hundred thousand kilograms…….this old man has never heard of one. So the prince needs to no longer be suspicious.

Xia Jing couldn’t help but suck in a cool breath. He felt extremely ashamed at the same time, and he muttered: “No wonder his reaction was so big that day. He felt insulted, so it is like that…….”

“This youth…….he is really not simple!” The old man softly spoke. He then closed his eyes and spoke no more.

Xia Jing tactfully retreated from the room.

He called a trusted subordinate and gave a command: “You must treat young master Chu very well. Remember……you can’t neglect him! Otherwise, there shall be no survivors!”

“Yes!” The subordinate trembled. He never saw the prince care this much about an outsider……much less an outsider that almost destroyed the whole palace.

Xia Jing was extremely careful about offending Chu Mo. But one person still hated Chu Mo so much that she gnashed her teeth, and she hated not being able to tear Chu Mo to pieces!

This person was the most powerful woman in the Prince Mansion——princess Yuan Zidai!

Yuan Zidai wasn’t Xia Jing’s first wife, but she was Xia Jie’s mother!

She had extreme status in the Prince Mansion, even the first wife would retreat back when seeing her.

Yuan Zidai wasn’t yet forty years old at this time. She was a beautiful flower, mature and lovely.

The years didn’t leave a single trace on her face, and she appeared like a twenty year old woman.

Only her pretty face was a completely hateful color at this time.

Her son was crippled by this teenager, and he is then welcomed into the gates as a guest! It is simply too outrageous!

The thing that unsettled Yuan Zidai the most is……that person claims a cure for the prince!

Yuan Zidai didn’t believe at first. She even felt it beneath her……was this a joke? What day would he be cured? The teenage brat dares lie!”

But a large amount of herbs had entered over the past several days. They were brought in secret, but how could it escape her eye?

Yuan Zidai gradually became uneasy.

She could be overbearing in the Prince Mansion because she is the mother with children!

She is woman from a small house. How could she dare be so overbearing otherwise? Who knows how many times she would have been struck dead by now.

The prince was useless, and she spent her days at home. It was very bland, but she was very stable. Even if her son is an eunuch, at most he can’t have offspring. It won’t affect his inheritance.

No one could threaten her in the current situation.

But now……the situation is complicated!

“Suppose the prince’s illness is cured……” Yuan Zidai’s eyes flashed a dreadful color.

She is forty years old even though she appears young and beautiful. Why should she fight for attention with those seventeen and eighteen year old maidens?

Beautiful women are like clouds in the Prince Mansion. Xia Jing could easily get another woman pregnant and have a son……her powerful status would be replaced in an instant!

It is entirely possible she and her son could sink to an unrecoverable depth!

“Not good. I cannot let that become reality!” Yuan Zidai’s eyes flashed with determination.

She immediately commanded: “Bring people……”