Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 76: Supreme Strength

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Chapter 76: Supreme Strength

“You……” Xia Jing gnashed his teeth. He furiously stared at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo’s face was entirely even. He tranquilly looked back at Xia Jing.

“You’re certain……you aren’t trying to joke with me?” Xia Jing was seething in anger. He was really about to go insane, but there was yet a thread of rationality still inside. He really wanted recklessly rip this little bastard apart.

“Are you the doctor or am I?” Chu Mo slapped the table, sending out a large noise.

He soared up and angrily looked at Xia Jing: “You understand shit! You old thief, you know how to play politics in the royal court, you know how to be tyrannical in your family, and you know how to be unyielding in the marketplace…….apart from these things, do you know anything?”

Chu Mo walked before Xia Jing. He crumpled up the piece of paper taken from him and threw it into the trashcan. Chu Mo then angrily said: “Do you really want this young master to cure your illness? Old thief, slap your chest and ask yourself something. How many times should you have died for all those inhuman things you’ve done over the years?”

Chu Mo angrily stared at Xia Jing: “How do the common people of Da Xia evaluate you? This young master dares not provoke you to accept a compromise. I wish to dissolve this small grudge, but I’m afraid you misunderstand. Everything will take place inside your house! Bring people over if you don’t believe me. I do not carry any strange device like a storage ring. Also, you cannot baselessly change the medicine. Do you really suspect I’m joking with you? Fuck, young master cannot serve upon you. I quit! Call out your grand servant……have him come kill young master.”

Chu Mo’s pupils were ice-cold as he looked at Xia Jing: “Go ah! Go call! I know you have a top ranked cultivator in your house. It would take nothing to sweep away my soul……call him out!”

Xia Jing stood there foolishly. He couldn’t help but retreat a few steps back. Xia Jing never thought a teenage brat would have the courage to lecture him.

No, it already isn’t lecturing. This is simply shouting abuse!

Xia Jing has been a member of royalty since youth, his whole life spent as a prince. Not even the emperor, his own father, had ever scolded him like this.

Xia Jing had never faced such an occurrence in his fifty or sixty years of memory.

He had scolded others like this……but a person who scolds others being scolded, is that the same?

“You……you……you……” Xia Jing looked a Chu Mo. He could only say the word you. The shocked angry color gradually retreated from his face. But the well maintained face still held splotches of green and white.

He walked over the the trashcan and bent at the waist. Xia Jing’s whole body shook while he fetched out the piece of paper that Chu Mo had thrown inside. He reached out a hand and wiped his forehead…….his temples were drenched in sweat.

The dignified prince was actually scolded by a teenager until he sweated!

“What is going on? Do you believe your illness is easy to cure? Didn’t you say it yourself? How many people have you sought for help over the years? How many top grade medicine masters have you sought from the large sects? But……has there been any use? Even just a little?” Chu Mo looked with a disdainful cold smile: “For just that……how much money have you spent? Have you calculated it? If it was incredibly simple to cure your illness, would you believe it?”

“I……” Xia Jing was immediately speechless. He appeared embarrassed because he was truly hit in the sore spots by this youth’s words.

The amount of money spent to cure his illness over the years……it had already reached an astronomical amount. But even until now, Xia Jing hasn’t seen the slightest effect.

Given that he can’t have children, if he could just use his dick……Xia Jing wouldn’t have had such a perverted change. The problem is, no matter what he does, there isn’t the slightest result!

Who knows how many times this tough prince of Xia Jing cried alone in the dead of night. He even thought of ending his own life!

It is truly a form of torture for a man to live in this world without confidence.

“Why aren’t you talking? Staring at me with big eyes! Speak, am I toying with you?” Chu Mo’s chest violently heaved up and down while he angrily looked at Xia Jing: “It doesn’t matter, call out your great servant to kill me. You are the prince, I can’t provoke you……go make love to whoever you like!”

“Cough cough……” Xia Jing’s mouth twitched. His vision looked away, not even daring to return a glance at Chu Mo.

“Oh ass! Go call him! Young master has had enough! First being pursued, and you still harbor evil designs. Young master quits!” Chu Mo said. He was just about to rip apart the other pieces of paper.

“Don’t!” Xia Jing suddenly rushed forward, like a mother hen protecting her young. He protected the pieces of of paper with his life, and he begged: “Noble son Chu……young master Chu……prince is wrong okay? Prince simply didn’t understand! He has never heard of a disease needing so much medicine to cure. Prince……was only a little agitated. You must not get mad. Prince gives you an apology!”

Tears squeezed out of the old man’s eyes as he spoke: “You don’t understand. How much this matter has attacked the prince. Prince will pay anything to cure this illness! Prince knows, prince had done many bad things over the years. I’ve harmed several people. Prince will make amends……prince guarantees. From today on, I won’t do the dark things in my conscious! As long as……as long as young Chu can cure this prince’s illness……boo hoo……”

“Crying ass! The grand prince cries before a young brat. Are you not losing face?” Chu Mo’s face looked like a tiger, but his tone was somewhat eased.

Xia Jing choked: “The pressure I’ve suffered over the years. It is really too much! Prince is not a weak person……this is prince’s first time crying before another person. Young Chu……you are still small, you don’t understand. You don’t know how important this type of thing is to a man……”

“Fine fine, your tears are so precious, don’t cry. Remember, these are your own words grand prince. You will make up for all the mistakes over the years. From today on, you won’t do the dark things in your conscious.” Chu Mo stated to Xia Jing: “Right?”

“I promise! I promise!” Xia Jing boldly guaranteed to Chu Mo.

What power, what position, what status…… sometimes these things are completely worthless. Xia Jing is now a pitiful insect that had lost his manhood in front of Chu Mo’s face.

“Good, I believe the dignified prince won’t go back on his words.” Chu Mo plainly said. He sat back down and raised the pen. He said: “I forgot the later ingredients because of your anger……”

“Ah……then, what is to be done?” Xia Jing immediately panicked. He completely forgot to get mad, and he didn’t dare.

“No problem, it will slowly come back. Go prepare these ones. These ingredients can’t be prepared in one or two days. I will first refine what is here.”

Chu Mo looked at Xia Jing then said: “Older senior, you are also a person of status and position. Don’t watch me like it’s nothing. It is obvious to you at a glance whether or not I carry a storage object. You have been cultivating for a long time. Don’t conceal yourself. I am quite skilled at refining medicine. With my skill, older senior won’t be stuck at the sixth realm much longer.

Chu Mo spoke to here, immediately closed his mouth, and said no more.

A somewhat urgent voice passed through the air: “Little friend, are these words true?”

“Hmph, old man, you really were watching me!” Chu Mo coldly snorted. He leaned back into the chair with an ice-cold face.

Xia Jing stood to the side helpless.

“Has this old man had that much time to observe you? You are too suspicious little devil.” The hoarse voice in the air said: “This old man saw you yesterday when you came causing trouble. I promise that I’m observing you today to protect the prince’s safety.”

Chu Mo coldly smiled: “This is the Prince Mansion……am I not the guest of the prince?”

The hoarse voice coughed two times, he said: “This old man has promised the grand prince……to never be disloyal……”

“Fine, I accept your farewell. Besides, breaking into the seventh realm is a problem requiring a lot of Yuan stones. You are going from the Bone refinement phase to the Intent refinement phase. If Yuan Stones are enough……hmph. Return and talk to me.” Chu Mo plainly said.

“You really know?” The old hoarse voice in the air was filled with shock. His tone became completely different from before: “Good, little friend, we will speak then! Old Man will wait for you!”

“You must no longer observe me. Young master hates the feeling of people watching in the shadows.” Chu Mo said a little angry.

“Not possible!” The voice in the air gave an extremely certain reply.

Chu Mo’s heart finally calmed.

From running amok in the Prince Mansion, raining curses upon prince Xia Jing absolutely unrestrained, to serenely facing the great servant in the Prince Mansion. The thing Chu Mo entirely relied on……was the jade on his body!

Otherwise, it would be easy for the Prince Mansion peak rank six cultivator to easily kill Chu Mo.

Chu Mo looked at the prince Xia Jing and thought: Authority and influence……can do many things in this world, but there is still something even more important!

That is……controlling the fate of others!

But, strength is needed. This strength is not martial power, but rather a combination of abilities!

Chu Mo finally understood why top rank doctors receive such respect in the world.

When one can grasp another person’s fate, even if they are very weak, not a person will dare touch a hair on their head!

This……is also a type of power!

Chu Mo looked at Xia Jing standing there respectfully. Chu Mo somewhat impatiently said: “What are you doing? Quickly go prepare. This isn’t your business here. Don’t forget to shut the door.”

“That……the letter young Chu is sending home?” Xia Jing carefully reminded.

Chu Mo slapped his head, then smiled with his teeth at Xia Jing: “I just about forgot, thank you for reminding!”

A word of thanks was just short of bringing Xia Jing tears of joy. A thought rose in his heart: This youth……he really isn’t that vile.

Chu Mo started to quickly write a letter. He thought a moment, then he quickly wrote another: “Give this letter to Xu Fufu. Also, the matter with Qing province Zhang Chong’s noble son……don’t get involved. I want that person Zhang Chong.”

Xia Jing was first startled, then immediately smiled bitterly: “This matter, I originally had a plan to turn it back around. But young master Chu wants that person. Prince promises to not get involved.”

“You are truly over it?” Chu Mo looked somewhat shocked at Xia Jing.

Because Chu Mo already made things clear. The provincial governor Zhang Chong would certainly hate the prince to death if Xia Jing didn’t interfere. A chasm would certainly develop between the two. Chu Mo didn’t believe the prince would look this over.

Xia Jing lightly sighed: “If you can cure this illness, I will become an idle prince from then on…….how about it?”