Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 75: Crumbling Xia Jing

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Chapter 75: Crumbling Xia Jing

Not just anyone has the opportunity to sit with the Grand Secretary and share a drink at the table. Chu Mo had eaten countless meals at the Xu household, but this was the first time drinking with Xu Zhongliang!

So Chu Mo was a little tipsy when he walked out, and he was in a good mood.

Chu Mo was a little startled when he arrived at the Prince Mansion gate. The gate was restored to it’s original form overnight!

Dignified! Towering! Serene! Imposing!

The gate looked like it had never been destroyed. There wasn’t a trace that looked like it was recently built.

The vermillion colored gate was tightly shut. Two Qilin stone statues stood majestically atop the gates. The words ‘Prince Mansion’ were written on an old interesting and appealing sign. It was expensive wood at first glance, looking ancient and heavy.

“Gee……” Chu Mo blinked over and over. He thought: The prince is worthy of being called Da Xia’s most powerful person. The gate was completely smashed yesterday, and today it’s back to the original form. It looks like I was a little too soft!

“Too bad I don’t have a good reason to smash it today.” Chu Mo muttered to himself, then he thought: I will attack the Immortal Sky one day. I will bring its gate to ruins. I will completely destroy everything! I will make you all rebuild……hmph!

The two guards at the gate weren’t the same as yesterday, but they clearly recognized Chu Mo. They saw Chu Mo harbor evil designs towards the gate that was rebuilt all through the night, and they immediately shivered all over.

The two yellow rank two guards would have kicked away any other ordinary youth loitering around.

But this master……he stole all their nerves, leaving them with no courage to spare.

“Chu……noble son Chu……our prince has a decree. Directly receive noble son Chu even if he arrives without notice.” One of the guards drummed up the courage to come before Chu Mo. He spoke with extreme respect.

Chu Mo glanced at the guard, then he pointed at the vermilion colored gate: “The gate isn’t open. How should I enter? Is this how you treat the guests of the Prince Mansion? How about I do the same as yesterday? Smash it with one kick?

“Cough cough……noble son Chu jokes. We will open at once!” The guard said.

He actually didn’t have the prince’s command. Could the Prince Mansion gate be so easily opened?

But how could the master before them be controlled? Chu Mo tore down the gate yesterday and entered, and then didn’t he leave without any damage? Heaven knows what would happen if they didn’t open the gates for Chu Mo. Would he kick it open once more?

The gate’s wood was no ordinary timber. The materials were extremely precious. Even the prince mansion……didn’t have that much!

So they knew the prince certainly wouldn’t blame them. He could even offer a reward.

The two guards opened the Prince Mansion gate right away. They welcomed Chu Mo inside like they were greeting their ancestors.

The two guards were quick as thieves. They immediately closed the gate as soon as Chu Mo entered.

But this scene was still witnessed by a few people. They were immediately shocked and awed.

“The Prince Mansion has opened the official gate. They welcomed Chu Mo inside, the one who caused a disturbance here yesterday……”

“What is going on in the world?”

The couple of people who witnessed the scene all stared foolishly.


Chu Mo was directly invited into prince Xia Jing’s study!

It is no exaggeration to say Xu Zhongliang may not even receive this kind of treatment.

There are few people in the whole world that can enter into prince Xia Jing’s study. They are all Xia Jing’s most trusted subordinates. There are provincial level officials at the very least.

But Chu Mo is a thirteen year old youth, openly sitting in Xia Jing’s study.

All of Da Xia’s bureaucrats would be stunned if this news spread outside.

Someone came by with tea, then Xia Jing appeared in the study after a short time. His face immediately exposed a moderate smile when he saw Chu Mo: “Apologies, I made noble son Chu wait.”

These words spoken by prince Xia Jing would truly cause someone to be stupefied. If a third person was here to witness the scene, they would be scared stiff.

Chu Mo waved his hand: “I just arrived. Old…..cough cough, great prince, we shouldn’t waste words. I know you don’t like me. I also don’t like you. Where is the room you prepared for me? We will start!”

Xia Jing’s spreading smile clearly slowed. He cursed inside: Little bastard, you see the prince, and you still want to call him old thief? If this prince didn’t need you……forget the fact you are a petty General’s grandson. This prince would cut you down even if you were a General!

He could only think these words. He couldn’t speak his desire to kill Chu Mo out loud.

“Good, noble son is in a happy. I’ll guide you there now!” Xia Jing said. He personally guided Chu Mo to a place deep inside the Prince Mansion, a secluded area.

Chu Mo didn’t see a single person along the way. Chu Mo understood, Xia Jing didn’t want to let others know his disgraceful business. Chu Mo also wasn’t worried about Xia Jing scheming anything. This old thief is a clever man. He is not that stupid.

Chu Mo wasn’t afraid even if Xia Jing was that stupid. His master is in Yellow Flame City!

The two were lost in thought along the way, neither saying anything. Chu Mo was very quickly directed into a large courtyard. In addition to the main house, the other buildings all looked like tall warehouses.

“These storehouses are all filled with a large amount of medicine. There are ordinary medicines all the way to the top grade Yuan medicine. Everything you can imagine!” Xia Jing looked at Chu Mo and said: “Noble son Chu may grab whatever medicine he needs!”

Chu Mo looked at Xia Jing: “I grab myself?”

Xia Jing looked at Chu Mo: “What is noble son Chu’s meaning?”

Chu Mo smiled and shook his head: “I understand your meaning, but you are thinking too much grand prince. I already said that I would help you to resolve our longstanding grudge. In addition, I will be doing a good thing for all the pitiful women in Yellow Flame City.

Xia Jing’s face blackened. There was only one person in the world who would dare be so presumptuous before the prince, and he was standing right in front of him. Not even the current emperor has criticized him in front of his face. Those women are indeed worthy of pity, but this has to do with the prince’s face!

It is also the royal face!

Chu Mo payed no mind to Xia Jing’s darkened face. He simply said: “You don’t need to pretend to be generous. I have no interest in your medicine. Do I look like a person who needs ingredients? I don’t have enough idle time to search through ingredients myself. Give me a storehouse manager, then give me several strong young men. Let them help transport medicines. I mentioned a list earlier. It would be best if the warehouse has everything. If not, you need to immediately go find it!”

“Good, I was overthinking.” Xia Jing acknowledged his mistake extremely calmly. Then he said: “I will arrange it immediately!”

Chu Mo said: “Also, I wrote a letter. Have someone send it to my home. I could stay here at least seven or eight days! Have someone bring me three meals each day. You don’t need to appear. I don’t wish to see you.”

Xia Jing’s face blackened. His lips violently twitched, and he deeply sighed: “Good!”

“Then I’ll write out the list for you now.” Chu Mo coldly smiled inside: Old thief, do you truly believe……your illness is that easy to cure? If I didn’t empty out your entire Prince Mansion property, then I wouldn’t be young master Chu Mo!

Chu Mo swiftly started drawing out a list of items as he thought.

The initial sentiment to establish a power was indeed to gather medicine. But now an enormous fattened sheep is before him, who wouldn’t slaughter it?

Xia Jing didn’t care at all when Chu Mo started. He didn’t even look. It was only a prescription in his eyes. Even if this little bastard wants to swindle him and write expensive ingredients, what could that do? Xia Jing has plenty of money, enough wealth to rival a nation.

He even has a method to attain rare top grade Yuan medicines that are scarce in the large sects. He won’t hesitate in the slightest so long as it can cure his ailment, no matter what the cost.

But Xia Jing gradually started to feel uneasy…..because that little bastard had been continuously writing for the time it takes two incense sticks to burn!

He already filled three large sheets of paper……and showed no signs of stopping!

Xia Jing couldn’t help but stare. The corners of his mouth immediately twitched violently.

Chu Mo’s handwriting was extraordinarily elegant. One could tell he had a talent with calligraphy at first glance. He hadn’t yet reached the realm of a master, but it was already very close.

Even Xia Jing had to admit that Chu Mo’s writing could already steamroll over countless self-proclaimed calligraphers.

Of course, this was absolutely not the reason why Xia Jing’s mouth violently twitched.

The words on the paper were extremely small. They could still be read clearly, but there were at least thirty of forty medicines written on each page.

Damn, the old man’s illness……it really needs that much medicine to cure?

Xia Jing angrily thought. He approached and grabbed a piece of paper right as the ink was drying. He only took one look, then immediately stared blankly.

This time his mouth didn’t twitch, but rather his entire body was in a stupor.

The grand prince is majestic and unmoving. He carries a dignified presence. It is said that an approaching landslide couldn’t alter his appearance. But Xia Jing started with large eyes at this moment. His mouth was stretched so wide that a goose egg could fit inside.

“Seven Star Grass……50,000kg? Chu……noble son Chu……you certain?……you didn’t write wrong? It isn’t 5kg?” Xia Jing couldn’t help but ask after a long time.

Chu Mo paid no attention to him. He simply kept writing: “Keep looking further.”

“Dragon Tail Grass…100,000kg; Purple Dragon Cane……15,000kg; Snow Ginseng……40,000kg……” Xia Jing could read no further. He would certainly collapse if he kept reading. He could even go crazy and rip this little son of a bitch into shreds.

A long illness makes a patient as knowledgeable as a doctor. Xia Jing knew practically all of these ingredients.

For instance the Dragon Tail Grass, it is used for blood circulation. The price isn’t expensive, practically every large medicine shop sells them. Seven Star Grass prevents wounds from festering. The price isn’t expensive for Xia Jing. It is the about the price of a small dish to him. Purple Dragon Cane and Snow Ginseng are used to restore Qi. The price is relatively high, but that has never been a problem for Xia Jing.

But everything has a premise, that is: One cannot demand 50,000kg in a short time! Even if Xia Jing can afford it. This quantity……how could he possibly scrape it together?

He looked at Chu Mo still diligently writing. Xia Jing finally broke down, and he raged: “Chu Mo…….are you still bullying me? Could it be some form of amusement? Fuck……opening up Da Xia’s largest medicine shop wouldn’t require this much medicine!”

Chu Mo raised his head and coldly looked at Xia Jing: “You want to be cured or not?”