Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 74: Young Hero

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Chapter 74: Young Hero

Xu Zhongliang became happier the more he spoke: “We were all guessing before. What person inadvertently gave a big favor to Da Xia? His majesty said that he would give the person a Hero Medal if he knew who it was! The Lord wasn’t joking! Ha ha ha, Chu Mo oh Chu Mo…….you’re all right! Da Xia’s Hero Medal, there haven’t even been one hundred issued since the founding of the country. That’s nearly a thousand years of history!”

Xu Zhongliang looked at Chu Mo like he was staring at a rare treasure: “Eighty of those medals were issued during the founding of the country. No one has received one in the past two hundred years! That old guy Fang Mingtong has been drooling at the mouth for one, but not even he has gotten a Hero Medal! And now a thirteen year old baby is actually going to get one. I really want to see that old Fang Mingtong’s expression when it happens.”

Chu Mo yet wryly smiled at Xu Zhongliang: “Grandfather Xu, could you first state how you all are aware of this matter? It isn’t normal……this matter just happened on the grasslands. The news shouldn’t have transferred this fast? Also……not many people know the name Lin Bai on the grasslands?”

There was something else Chu Mo didn’t say. Chu Mo knew that his people obviously wouldn’t give his name away, and they wouldn’t go recklessly spreading it around. One reason is to protect Chu Mo. The other reason is because the grassland needs to publicise a figurehead, and that person is Nuo Yi!

“Little guy, are you looking down upon the intelligence ability of our Da Xia?” Xu Zhongliang smiled like an old fox. He squinted his eyes, and he looked pleased with himself. Should it really be a shocking thing?

Chu Mo couldn’t help but wryly smile. He really never thought that Da Xia’s intelligence ability was this powerful. They possibly already entered into the inner circles of the Wang Court. It was practically impossible for them to know the name ‘Lin Bai’ otherwise.

In addition, they also didn’t know right away that Chu Mo is Lin Bai.

Could Da Qi find out Chu Mo is Lin Bai now that Da Xia is aware?

He remembered the dry old man that caused Qi Xiaoyu to collapse……Chu Mo s heart grew cold. Da Qi would certainly know the actions of ‘Lin Bai’ at an earlier time.

“Grandpa Xu, can we discuss something?” Chu Mo carefully asked as he looked at the happy Xu Zhongliang.

“Ah? Speak.” Xu Zhonliang looked at Chu Mo.

“That……could you please not tell other people about this?” Chu Mo scratched his head: “Once it gets out……I’m afraid too much trouble will fall upon me.”

Xu Zhongliang pondered a moment, then he nodded in agreement: “Child, you have obviously grown up! But you will received an award for this matter. Won’t his majesty have to eat his words otherwise? I will look after this. I will only let a few people know. For instance, the emperor and Marshal Fang Mingtong. They would never sell you out. It will be very hard for others to find out about your contribution to Da Xia like this.”

Chu Mo said: “I never wanted others to know when I originally decided to help.”

“Such integrity!” Xu Zhongliang praised: “Young man has such a heart, such a boldness, and such an ability……won’t your future have a meteoric rise?”

Chu Mo somewhat shyly smiled. He had known the old man for several years. Xu Zhongliang treated him like his own grandson, but it was the care that the older generation shows towards the younger generation.

This was the first time Chu Mo received praise like today.

“The intelligence we received wasn’t especially detailed. It only said that a youth named Lin Bai destroyed the plains laid by Da Qi over the past twenty years, and he did it within a month. He pulled up all the secretly hidden roots in the grasslands. He helped the fugitive princess Nuo Yi break apart the Hao Yue clan, and he helped stabilize the regime. It is also said that the second prince’s death, brother Jin, could be related to with him……” Xu Zhongliang looked at Chu Mo: “Tell me the specifics……what exactly happened. I will go to the palace in the afternoon and meet the emperor.”

“Da Xia’s intelligence ability is amazing. What about the havoc I caused yesterday?” The corners of Chu Mo’s mouth slightly pulled up: “It should be nothing right?”

Xu Zhongliang somewhat strangely looked at Chu Mo: “The families of the deceased haven’t investigated. Who would look into you? Only Zhang Chong……could be a little trouble. That person is small-minded.”

The cabinet member just called a border called a border region official small-minded. He truly considered Chu Mo one of his own.

This is certainly much more complicated than the older generation looking after the younger!

At the same time, Xu Zhongliang would never say this in front of Xu Fufu.

“That’s a small problem.” Chu Mo smiled. He said: “His son was fooled by Xia Jie. He took a fake letter and stamped a false seal, and then he took some Prince Mansion bodyguard impersonators and sought trouble with me. He was almost killed by the prince’s men in the end. They wanted to frame me, and I became his rescuer in the end……so the Qing province official owes me a huge favor! I haven’t come to seek payment, and they still dare search for me?”

Xu Zhongliang looked at Chu Mo dumbstruck. The Grand Secretary’s mind naturally wasn’t blank. He was just processing the whole situation in an instant. He softly sighed: “There is a talent in every generation…….I’m truly old! You melon head, really……you’re too smart!

Xu Zhongliang smiled as he spoke: “The arrow is the key in the end. Zhang Chong would really be mad at you if it weren’t for that arrow. You beat the Zhang family noble son until he soiled himself. But with the arrow, the things you’ve done can be let go. Ah, I truly envy old General Fan……he has such a good grandson.”

Xu Zhongliang raised his head and kindly looked at Chu Mo: “It is truly good fortune! My grandson Fufu is able to become your brother!”

Chu Mo smiled: “It is also my fortune!”

“Brothers, brothers for a lifetime!” Xu Zhongliand spoke, then he said: “Tell me about what happened on the grasslands.”

Chu Mo told about his time on the grasslands. He told about everything except the Immortal Palace and Qi Xiaoyu.

“Brother Yin was actually killed by you. Good! That animal deserved to die!” Xu Zhongliang listened to the very end. He finally sighed with emotion: “The youth are the strength of a nation. It would be much better if all Da Xia’s youth were like you!”

“I’m also amazing grandfather!” Xu 2Fu pushed open the door and entered. He just heard the last sentence. His eyes were big, and he looked narcissistic as he spoke.

“If you took your intentions towards women and used them for something good, then you would manage to become outstanding.” Xu Zhongliang meanly stared at Xu Fufu.

Xu Fufu hid his neck, and he sadly looked at Chu Mo. He thought: Little black Chu, what outrageous thing did you do on the grasslands? What’s made my grandfather so happy? And now I’m getting scolded!

Everyone ate lunch in a good mood, including the scolded Xu 2Fu.

Chu Mo carefully told Xu Zhongliang how Xu 2Fu and he owned the Gluttonous Ogre. This is because Chu Mo knew the matter wouldn’t stay hidden long.

Xu Zhongliang’s face was quite profound. He lightly told them: “I knew a long time ago! You all aren’t bad!”

Xu 2Fu nearly cried. He at last received grandfather’s consent about something.

But the old man still warned the two. You need to keep it low-key. You can’t recklessly publicize, even if everyone knows the Gluttonous Ogre is your business.

Chu Mo and Xu Fufu were already well aware. The two weren’t foolish. They already took the initiative and passed the reigns on to others.

Xu Zhongliang hurriedly rushed to the palace after lunch. He wanted to tell the emperor that Chu Mo is Lin Bai. This was an enormous deed.

Chu Mo didn’t discuss the war that could break out at any moment with Xu Zhongliang. It would be needless talk. Da Qi’s grand project was ruined. Da Qi has to deal with the grasslands, and they take their time making a decision.

But they have been building their strength for several years. There will be a war between Da Qi and Da Xia sooner or later.

Now would be the perfect time for Da Qi’s military to start making preparations for war. They can use the defeat suffered at the grasslands as fire in their bellies.

Xu Zhongliang wouldn’t tell Chu Mo if he didn’t realize it himself, and since Chu Mo is clever, Xu Zhongliang didn’t need to say anything.

The grand secretary had left. Xu Fufu still had no chance to ask Chu Mo what happened because new information came. The Qing provincial governor already sent men to find Chu Mo!

“They have the face to come seek you?” Xu Fufu looked at Chu Mo. He spat out in anger: “The nerve!”

Chu Mo smiled: “The Qing provincial governor likely doesn’t know what happened.”

“This Xu family uncle will let them know!” Xu Fufu looked at Chu Mo: “Let me handle this! I guarantee the Qing province official will be deeply grateful to us brothers. It will be an added bonus if I can make a split between him and that old bastard Xia Jing!”

Chu Mo looked at Xu Fufu. He laughed: “What? Are you upset?” Xu Fufu would rarely handle these things himself in the past.

Would the former Xu Fufu come out even if the Qing provincial governor personally paid a visit? That is impossible!

The grand Xu family young master cannot be ordered around. Even if the opposite party is a provincial noble, he is nothing in Xu Fufu’s eyes.

Xu Fufu was silent a moment. He looked at Chu Mo seriously: “I can’t lag too far behind my brother.” Todays events made Xu Fufu aware that his brother since youth had experienced a large change. A change much greater that he imagined!

This was the first time he had seen his grandfather personally eat a meal with Chu Mo after all these years. This was the first time he so openly praised Chu Mo. This was also the first time his grandfather proposed a toast to a youth!

What kind kind of concept is this? He could make the great Grand Secretary propose a toast. Could Xu Zhongliang be like this to a youth he merely liked?

That is a joke!

Chu Mo looked at Xu Fufu with a serious expression, then he couldn’t resist smiling: “Don’t be discouraged. I’m ten streets behind your ability with girls!”

“Scram!” Xu Fufu returned a haughty look, and he made the subordinates prepare the horses. He was going to personally tell the envoy of the Qing provincial governor: “You wish to take someone away from this Xu family uncle’s hand?……prepare to shed blood!”

Chu Mo also left the Xu household, and he strolled towards the Prince Mansion.