Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 72: Yuan Beast Blood Bath

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Chapter 72: Yuan Beast Blood Bath

Soon after, the Demon Lord started to teach Chu Mo the general knowledge of cultivation. The Demon Lord’s knowledge was far greater than anyone else Chu Mo had met in the world.

Chu Mo discovered that the Demon Lord’s answers were actually on a higher level than the explanations that came from Qi Xiaoyu!

Chu Mo was extremely curious about the Demon Lord’s past, but he didn’t dare ask at this time. A beating would certainly be unavoidable.

After teaching for two hours, the Demon Lord withdrew a large barrel, and he placed it into the room. A dense bloody smell started to pass over, and a terrifyingly mighty pressure started to spread at the same time.

This mighty pressure made Chu Mo feel like he couldn’t breathe. He looked at the barrel of blood, and his mouth twitched. Chu Mo said to the Demon Lord: “Master…..what is this?”

“Giving you a bath!” The Demon Lord spoke simply.

“A bath……” Chu Mo was dumbstruck. His mouth twitched, and he was completely unwilling inside.

“You will soon enter the bone refinement state. Your physique is currently too weak. It is only around the fifth rank, you need to increase. You will eventually reach the ninth rank physique at some point in time.” The Demon Lord said without any expression.

“Ninth rank physique?” Chu Mo muttered. He was startled inside. He thought of Big Fool……cough cough, Gao Yingjun. Isn’t that guy at the ninth rank physique?

“Enter!” The Demon Lord commanded.

Chu Mo didn’t dare resist. He was very unwilling, but he knew Master had his best interests.

Chu Mo reluctantly stripped down to his underwear and plunged inside, but he immediately screamed. Chu Mo grabbed the sides wanting to jump out.

The Demon Lord pressed down on his head and pushed Chu Mo’s entire body back inside.

Chu Mo shouted: “I’ll burn to death……this blood……how can it be so hot? This isn’t blood……is it magma? Hiss……I feel like my entire body will melt……master……quick let me go……just a moment!”

The Demon Lord didn’t pay attention to him. He only pressed down on Chu Mo’s head with his hand. Chu Mo struggled for his life, but he was unable to escape from the barrel.

“It burns to death……I’m already dead……” Chu Mo eyelids sunk down, and he weakly muttered.

“You never said anything when I originally tortured you. Did your courage get eaten by a dog?” The Demon Lord coldly asked.

“You weren’t my master at that time, just a big bastard……when facing an enemy’s torture, naturally I must grit my teeth and endure. I cannot let my grandfather lose face!” Chu Mo returned a haughty look: “Now you are my master. You are the person in that I am closest to in this world. I naturally must yell when I suffer pain!”

Faced with Chu Mo’s response, the Demon Lord stared blankly. Then he coldly snorted and didn’t say anything else.

Chu Mo felt his whole body had completely fused together with the blood. He already couldn’t feel anything. Only his ability to think let him know he was still alive.

“Master, what kind of blood is this? How is it so dreadful? Chu Mo weakly asked.

“Four kinds of rank seven Yuan beast blood. You can’t handle an higher rank Yuan beast blood with your current physique.” The Demon Lord plainly answered.

“Rank seven Yuan Beast……one-armed uncle would go crazy if he knew I took a bath in rank seven Yuan beast blood!” Chu Mo muttered: “Do I just have to soak one time?”

The Demon Lord coldly laughed: “Why? Your physique should increase to the seventh rank in two years time. It won’t be perfect, but it is manageable. The materials in this world will only let you reach this degree at most.”

“Ah! Let me die!” Chu Mo grieved. Chu Mo clearly knew that the Demon Lord already blocked the noise in this room from the outside world, so he wasn’t afraid of his miserable cries escaping to the outside.

“Survive the first one, it will be much better later on.” The Demon Lord said.

“The problem is, I feel this time is very hard to endure.” Chu Mo’s head drooped as he spoke.

But there was a clear change after Chu Mo entered. The mighty pressure from the blood completely disappeared. Apart from the bloody stench, Chu Mo didn’t sense anything else.

“You still take me for the evil person that originally tortured you.” The Demon Lord plainly said: “You need to soak three times a month for two years.”

“Not every day?” Chu Mo immediately felt his life had hope. His face revealed a happy color. The needs of people are indeed dependent on the situation……able to change at any time!

Chu Mo felt like dying after soaking one time. He felt complete despair after finding out he had to soak for two years. But master said he only needed to soak three times per month……Chu Mo naturally felt very happy.

“Soaking every day……your body would immediately rot off.” The Demon Lord said: “Besides, do you really think these Yuan beasts are raised by me?”

“Ha ha, master is the best!” Chu Mo remembered to flatter.

“Oh come on! You were just gnashing your teeth at me.” The Demon Lord coldly smiled.



“What exactly is a physique rank?”

“People absorb the energy between heaven and earth, and they can let their original martial studying manner increase in power. But these things are external martial power. It is extremely limited towards changing the body. Your body cannot bear the strong energy after reaching a new height, so you must increase your physique quality when you wish to increase to a higher realm.

[TL: When he talks about the absorption of energy between heaven and earth, he is talking about cultivating.]

“So it is like that……” Chu Mo considered it over.

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “A person’s physique can go from the first to the ninth rank, and then to the Innate! The Innate physique……it seems to only exists in legends. I at least have never heard of one. But I have seen a few people with rank nine physiques. They possess unimaginable power using just their muscles!”

Chu Mo thought of Gao Yingjun. He immediately acknowledged the Demon Lord’s words. That giant lacked any cultivation, and he had no realm. He could casually punch with a force of over ten thousand kg with just his muscles. It is truly an astonishing feeling.

“Then……is a rank nine physique considered incredible in master’s realm?” Chu Mo wanted to know if this physique was the norm in the Demon Lord’s world.

It would be terrible if he could be an overlord in this world, and then he would be sludge in a higher world.

“No matter which world, they are all the same.” The Demon Lord plainly said: “The cultivation realms go higher and higher, but as for the physique…….it only goes from one to nine, and then to the Innate! Your physique would be considered top level even in the Spirit World, but I want to make you even better.”

Chu Mo was immediately filled with gratitude. This was also the first time Chu Mo heard the words Spirit World from master’s mouth.

The blood from the cask was still hot like a broiling flame, continuously heating his body. That type of feeling was much more difficult to endure than the Demon Lord’s prior torture!

So Chu Mo needed to distract his attention. He could finally endure it a little like that. He is a staunch person in the end. He understood master’s pain and understood that type of treatment. Few people on the four continents could enjoy the moment.

Yes, enjoy.

“Master, can you tell me about yourself? For instance……when you were in the Spirit World? Later on……I wish to go to the Spirit World. It would be better if you told me about it. What kind of place is the Spirit World?” Chu Mo asked.

“I am not of the Spirit World.” The Demon Lord didn’t refuse Chu Mo’s question this time. He pulled of a chair and sat opposite of Chu Mo: “I come from the Immortal World!”

“Ah?” Chu Mo’s eyes couldn’t help but grow large upon hearing the Demon Lord’s words, even though he was tortured by the rank seven Yuan beast blood until he couldn’t feel life or death. His mouth was so wide that you could place an egg inside: “Immortal……Immortal World?”

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “Have you ever heard the saying ‘There are people beyond the people, and there are heavens beyond the heavens.\'”

[TL: The phrase means that there is an ocean of things out there beyond your little pond.]

“Of course I’ve heard……” Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord shocked: “Master, your meaning is that there is an Immortal World above the Spirit world? Then……is there anything above the Immortal World?”

The Demon Lord raised his head, recollecting something, then he sighed: “There is also the Heavens.”

Chu Mo was entirely shocked. He almost entirely forgot the pain coming from his body. This is beyond what he could possibly dream. His own master actually comes from a world higher than the Spirit World.

“In the Immortal World……are there only immortals living there? And the Heavens? What kind of people live there? Gods?” Chu Mo asked with a shocked face.

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo, and he plainly said: “Boy, those things are endlessly far away from you. I don’t ever wish to talk about them with you. It’s not that I wish to conceal things from you, but I’m afraid you would suffer! The world you live in, on these four continents, it is called the human world. It is also called the ordinary realm.”

“Then why have you suddenly told me these things today?” Chu Mo asked.

“You are a little stronger than I even imagined. It is not a big deal that you are aware.” The Demon Lord said.

“Ha ha, then, I am very strong! I will eventually go to the Spirit World and seek my wife!” Chu Mo closed his eyes, and a smile spread: “I grew up in the ordinary realm, but why does that matter? I have a master from the Immortal World! I have the best cultivation scripture in this world! I have nothing to be afraid of!”

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo, and he hesitated. The words he was about to say never came out.

He wanted to tell Chu Mo about the princess’s race. A person like her marrying someone from the ordinary realm is an impossibility. In addition, her clone body crumbled, and she could only send the most weak message. Her original body suffered heavy damage, and she most likely wouldn’t remember Chu Mo at all!

The Demon Lord knew that the boy would suffer a serious blow as soon as he heard these words.

He is strong, but the Demon Lord feared he could not withstand this kind of blow.

He found it best to let him discover for himself at a later day.

Perhaps he may not necessarily even find that girl when he ascends the the Spirit World. Right now he his small. There is still a long time……won’t it weaken?

This is what the Demon Lord thought.