Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 71: Wishful Thinking?

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Chapter 71: Wishful Thinking?

Chu Mo looked at Miao Yiniang, then shook his head: “Look, why bring this matter up again?”

Miao Yiniang regretfully faced Chu Mo: “Okay, I won’t bring it up later. You just said establishing this power has something to do with your master. We were torn away from the topic.”

Chu Mo smiled: “Not torn away, I now have the knowledge of big sister, at least……I now know I am very weak. I still have a long road to walk!”

Chu Mo softly sighed. His eyes revealed a firm and persistent color: “My master is severely poisoned, and I want to cure him. I need a large amount of drug ingredients. The amount is beyond enormous. If you knew how much, it would certainly scare you to death. So, I must have a formidable power to help us. And undertake this matter.”

“So it is like that. Don’t worry, your problems are my problems.” Miao Yiniang earnestly spoke, staring at Chu Mo’s distinct black and white eyes.

“Big sister’s problems are also my problems. Wait until the day. I will step into the Innate state, go to the Vermillion Bird continent, and completely wipe away big sister’s enemies!” Chu Mo smiled.

Miao Yiniang wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes. She sweetly smiled: “Big sister believes you will certainly do it! Big Sister will certainly see that day!”

“Yes, who do you think I am ah!” Chu Mo said. Although he hurt a little inside, because……this is not his way of acting.

Miao Yiniang smiled: “You are this world’s most outstanding……little man!”

Chu Mo endured the pain in his innermost depths. He looked at Miao Yiniang and thought: Men are men, why must she add on the word little? I’m already thirteen! I’m not little!

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo: “So, are you really going to cure Xia Jing’s defect?”

Chu Mo smiled: “If he is really able to obey and listen, curing him……will be no problem.”

Miao Yiniang said: “The things he has done over the past few years are deserving of death. Helping cure him……it is letting him off too easy. But generally speaking, none of those big characters are completely clean!”

Chu Mo nodded: “Yes ah, I said cure him, but there is actually more. I plan on obtaining a large amount of medicine from him. I am also no good person…….”

“How can that be the same?” Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo: “Don’t compare yourself with that filthy person. In your heart, you are the best person in the world!”

Chu Mo softly said: “I feel I am the most ordinary person in the world. There is goodness, and also selfishness. I am not good or evil, only pieces of each.”

“Who would say they aren’t selfish in this world? Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo: “Big sister is no good, she shouldn’t ask you about the prince. Only she feels that old thief is getting off easy.”

“This matter, you should actually watch him yourself.” Chu Mo said: “I still will help cure his illness, and naturally I will have his life!”

Miao Yiniang’s pupils flashed. She smiled: “As it ought to be!” She still worried Chu Mo would come out at a loss from that old thief. She didn’t care about anything so long as Chu Mo wasn’t hurt.

Just like Chu Mo said, sometimes, people aren’t separated into good and evil, only pieces of each! To live in this world, everyone must eat, everyone has emotions and desires. Who is not the least bit selfish?

Chu Mo returned alone to the General’s mansion after the meal.

He didn’t see one-armed uncle. Chu Mo reckoned he was busy with the Yuan Beast goods.

Chu Mo started to think over the events today after returning to his room, summarizing the successes and failures.

This is a habit acquired by Chu Mo over the past half year. Only like this could he become even better and progress faster.

“I already knew the Prince Mansion housed a terrifying power, but I never thought that person would actually be that powerful. Sister Yiniang said he should be at the peak of the sixth realm……couldn’t he easily strike me dead?” Chu Mo muttered to himself. He felt somewhat afraid inside.

“It looks like I need to think about the totality of things before I do them……for instance, what kind of method will I use to block that incredibly strong man at the Prince Mansion?”

Chu Mo squinted then muttered: “Medicine!”

“Xia Jing suffered my curses with great difficulty, all so that I would cure his sickness!”

“Then……a strength that has already reached the peak of the sixth realm, a Golden Stone cultivator that can move unhindered through the world. Why does he want to hide in the prince mansion of the secular world? He wants resources!”

The current Chu Mo was no longer that helpless youth fleeing from Yellow Flame City half a year ago. Chu Mo far exceeded his peers after going through so many experiences. He now understood the importance of resources.

Exceedingly high level cultivators need an alarming amount of resources. They must continuously cultivate every day. Where would they find the time to gather resources?

So, staying at the Prince Mansion is the best choice!

“I caused a lot of trouble inside the Prince Mansion, and he didn’t act. So the contract between him and Xia Jing must be to only protect Xia Jing!” Chu Mo closed his eyes and thought: Otherwise, Xia Jing only needed to make him act in the beginning. How would I even be standing here today?

“It must be like that!” Chu Mo’s eyes flashed bright crystal rays of light. He muttered: “In other words, I only need to know what he wants. Then I can use him the same!”

Chu Mo’s heart finally settled down after thinking these things, and he started to cultivate.

He is only a little bit away from reaching the fourth rank. According to Chu Mo’s calculations, after about ten days, on approximately the new year, he should be able to break into the fourth rank!

He is in the Yuan Closure realm, but the fourth realm is equivalent to stepping from the body refinement stage into the bone refinement period. It is stepping into a completely new domain. Each aspect of strength will certainly increase a large amount.

“Would grandfather be shocked into disbelief if he knew I used half a year’s time to break into the fourth realm?”

Chu Mo thought as he started Heaven’s Will My Will.

Like dark colored water, a large amount of Yuan Qi from within Yellow Flame City started to advance towards the General’s house, madly gathering together.

As soon as it started, several people in the Prince Mansion, the Emperor’s Palace, and the Marshal’s Mansion……their eyes all opened, and their faces revealed a shocked color.

“Yellow Flame City…….when did suck a cultivator come?” Several people had the same thought occur at different places.

Because the rate that Heaven’s Will My Will sucks in Yuan Qi is beyond terrifying. It completely smashed the balance in Yellow Flame City. Therefore, those people all felt it within the first instance. But they had no means to find out who the person was. They still were not at that level!

Chu Mo had no clue that his cultivation actually shocked the strongest characters within Yellow Flame City.

He already entered into a meditative state. His whole body appeared to be asleep. A large amount of Yuan Qi followed his meridians and madly rushed inside. Yuan Qi accumulated in Chu Mo’s dantian, increasing in size and becoming more dense.

Cultivation is a very long process. Even if one is a world-ending talent, they still must work hard.

Chu Mo woke up from the meditative state early morning the next day. He felt entirely refreshed, and his strength seemed to have a little improvement.

“This type of Yuan Qi accumulation will experience a change after a certain point. It is like water. One drop is very weak, practically doing nothing, but countless drops of water can break dams, topple mountains, and it can ignore any obstacle, pushing open a path!” The Demon Lord sat on a chair in Chu Mo’s room. He looked at the joyous Chu Mo who had just opened his eyes: “This type of change, we call it……a breakthrough!”

“Master, you returned!” Chu Mo’s face revealed a happy expression.

“Yes, your recent performance isn’t bad, but what you did yesterday was slightly reckless.” The Demon Lord plainly said: “There exists a person strong enough to crush you in the Prince Mansion.”

“You know what I did?” Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord a little stupefied.

The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo: “I wasn’t in Yellow Flame City yesterday, but a Spirit Record is always on your body.”

“Can it be that you know everything I say?” Chu Mo stared with big eyes at the Demon Lord.

“I don’t know everything.” The Demon Lord plainly said: “Wait until you cultivate the Spirit Sense, you will understand. A Spirit Record is on your body. I can feel whenever anything strange happens. For instance, I could sense you at the Prince Mansion. I also felt another Spirit Sense user observing you.”

“The sixth realm has Spirit Sense?” Chu Mo asked.

“They do, but very weak.” Demon Lord nodded.

“Then did he discover master?” Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord, his heart filled with curiosity. What realm is his master in?

“Someone like him? Maybe in the next life!” The Demon Lord plainly said.


Chu Mo let out a long breath: “That is good!” At the same time he thought: Doesn’t master seem a little bit different than before? It seems……he isn’t as cold as before? Chu Mo had spent many entire days with the Demon Lord, and he understood the Demon Lord very well. Chu Mo could feel the change in the Demon Lord’s nature very clearly.



“Your body……is it temporarily unhindered?”

“For a couple years, unhindered.”

“How did you do it?”

“Why do you ask this?”

Chu Mo looked at the Demon Lord, then he earnestly said: “I want to seek a cure for you!”

The Demon Lord shook his head: “Don’t, there is none in this world!”

“Do you know the materials needed to cure it?” Chu Mo asked.

“They aren’t in this world.” The Demon Lord shook his head and plainly said.

“Then can’t you temporarily leave?” Chu Mo asked.

“I must stay here for a period.” The Demon Lord said.

“Good!” Chu Mo relaxed a little inside, then he looked at the Demon Lord: “Master, this world’s medicine has some similar properties. There may not be the exact medicine to cure the Seven Demon Poison, but there must certainly be medicine with the same nature!”

The Demon Lord had approval for Chu Mo’s words on the inside, but his face revealed a cold smile: “Do you think I don’t know? Given that you find the medicine, then what? Are you going to take ten thousand kg, or a hundred thousand kg of medicine and place it into one pill? This type of thing would be impossible for the world’s greatest pill refinement master, let alone yourself! So don’t think the heavens will open! Focus on cultivating.”

Chu Mo was scolded, but he was actually very happy inside. He thought: Master, I cannot, but the jade can! Wait until I refine the poison curing pill. What will your expression be then?

Chu Mo felt extremely happy when he thought of that scene.