Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 70: History of Miao Yiniang

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Chapter 70: History of Miao Yiniang

Chu Mo also thought to tell his master, then master and disciple could work together with all their might, but he decided against it in the end.

Let’s say the Demon Lord believes his words without needing to explain anything. That amount of medicine is definitely not a quantity one or two people could harvest! Could it be Chu Mo would let this world-ending cultivator go everywhere and plunder?

Apart from that, how could he make the medicine for him? Should he go in the mountains and dig a cave? A master cultivator doesn’t necessarily have the skills to make medicine!

Chu Mo already knew his master wasn’t a person from this world. Then without exaggerating, the Demon Lord is no equal to Chu Mo when it comes to finding things in Da Xia!

He ought to be worried about his master as a disciple.

So Chu Mo decided to temporarily not tell his master about the medicine. After all, Master said he wouldn’t leave anytime soon. But when he sees master tomorrow, should he ask him how he is doing?

He remembered the time master drove him away, his condition seemed very bad. But he was much better this time meeting him. Chu Mo didn’t know the reason for this.

If it weren’t for the jade clearly analyzing the Demon Lord’s present condition, Chu Mo would even believe his master’s poison had been cured.

“This matter will take a long time to talk about. I originally left Yellow Flame City intending to cross the ice-field, and seek a master at the Immortal Sky……” Chu Mo recollected those short times. There was still a bitter feeling inside. A teenage youngster, traveling all alone on the snowy icefield. People who had not experienced it could never understand that feeling.

“Immortal Sky? You actually wanted to enter that place?” Miao Yinian’s pupils flashed with disdain. Yet she still said: “But with your talent, entering the Immortal Sky…..should be no pressure.”

“Ha ha, I was denied!” Chu Mo bitterly laughed, then he told of meeting the Demon Lord, and the disgrace suffered at the Immortal Sky.

Miao Yiniang listened stupefied, then she lovingly looked at Chu Mo: “Young master, I know you suffered many hardships over the past half year, but I never thought you would experience so many things.”

She then muttered: “Demon Lord……I have never heard that name.” Miao Yiniang’s beautiful eyes flickered: “He said he wasn’t of this world, don’t tell me it is the Spirit World?”

“Spirit World? What place is that?” This is the first time Chu Mo had heard of this place. He also hid an idea in his heart: Could Xiaoyu be in that place? Therefore he eagerly looked at Miao Yiniang: “Sister, quickly tell me!”

“The Spirit World ah…….I only heard it mentioned. My sect actually wasn’t that powerful, at least not in my generation. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been miserably chased by those people.” Miao Yiniang softly smiled. That smile carried much bitterness inside: “But my master’s sect, it was actually one of the top sects in the Vermilion Bird continent several hundred years ago.”

“Big sister actually comes from the Vermilion Bird continent?” Chu Mo immediately stared with big eyes, his face shocked. According to Chu Mo, the Azure Dragon continent is already very large. He had known Miao Yiniang for four years, but Chu Mo never thought she was someone from another continent.

“Yes ah, that is a sad past. I never wish to remember.” Miao Yiniang softly sighed. The space on her brow became very serious.

“If you don’t wish to remember, then do not tell.” Chu Mo also had things he didn’t wish to remember. He knew that kind of suffering.

“Ha ha, it’s actually nothing. It all happened a long time ago.” Miao Yiniang softly spoke: “My sect was called Misty Palace. It was a name that shook the Vermilion Bird continent in the past. The sect was considered on the same level as the Azure Dragon continent’s Immortal Sky.”

“Four hundred years ago, Misty Palace reached a flourishing period. An ancestor inside the palace succeeded at breaking through the innate state, smashing the void and leaving. It is said the place he went to is the Spirit World!” Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo: “Legends say, that is a place filled with Spirit Qi. It is completely different that this world that only has Yuan Qi!”

“Then……our world, how many cultivation ranks are there in total?” The strongest cultivation rank Chu Mo actually knew was his grandfather’s. A peak yellow rank four cultivator, on the cusp of breaking into the fifth rank.

The strongest he had heard of was Da Xia’s current military Marshal, Fang Mingtong. But Chu Mo didn’t know what realm Marshal Fang had reached.

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo: “You have already stepped into the cultivation path. I will explain to you.”

Miao Yiniang softly spoke: “This world’s realms are split into nine ranks. The first and second ranks are considered idle. The third and fourth are stepping into the Yuan Closure. The fifth rank can kill a thousand men. The sixth rank can move unhindered through the secular world. Only at the seventh rank is it seen that climbing the mountain is actually very difficult. The eighth rank can see the door. The ninth rank is the boundless innate road, only to realize there is a clear blue sky outside!’

“Ninth rank boundless innate road……to realize there is a clear blue sky outside.” Chu Mo mumbled, then he somewhat bitterly said: “Looks like……my current realm is actually very weak. I wish to reach the ninth realm…….how much time does that take?”

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo, somewhat speechless: “To speak in such a way, do you wish to make sister feel ashamed?”

Chu Mo raised his head and looked at Miao Yiniang.

Miao Yiniang said: “You should know, big sister is already twenty three years old. I’m ten whole years older than you! My current realm isn’t past yellow rank three. Like this, big sister was called a rare talent within the sect. And now you……are only thirteen years old. Your realm already exceeds big sister! Do you believe your cultivation slow? Half a year ago, you were only a yellow rank two. Do you know how hard it is to break the Yuan Closure?”

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched, actually somewhat speechless.

Miao Yiniang continued: “First, second, and third ranks correspond to the strength of oxen and horses, tigers and leopards, and finally dragon-like power. So a yellow rank three’s power could already be considered very powerful! They have broken through the Yuan Closure, and reached the peak cultivation of the body refinement stage. Rank four, five, and six realms separate into the Iron Bone state, Iron Blood state, and the Golden Stone state. At the Golden Stone state, one could practically be considered the strongest warrior in the secular world! Da Xia’s military Marshal is rank six at most!”

Chu Mo said: “Rank six can move unhindered through the secular world……”

Miao Yiniang nodded: “Right, at this rank, one can truly move through the secular world without any hindrance. The old devil in the Prince Mansion ought to be a peak yellow rank six cultivator!”


Chu Mo couldn’t help but suck in cool air. At the same time, he began to sweat about his behavior today. He bitterly laughed: “I really am ignorant and fearless.”

“You think? Otherwise why was I so worried about you?” Miao Yiniang gave a haughty look to Chu Mo: “Rank seven, eight, and nine are considered the Intent refinement phase. They are divided into the Understanding Intent state, Comprehending Intent state, and the Intent of Heaven state. At the Intent of Heaven state, the rank nine experts are the large sect masters! This level of expert, there aren’t many under the heavens!”

Chu Mo let out a long sigh. He said: “It appears that I am a frog at the bottom of a well.”

[TL: A frog at the bottom of a well is an ignorant person. Read about the story here]

“There’s no use being discouraged. You have a master from the Spirit World. The cultivation method is certainly countless times better than one from this world! Your rank up speed is certainly faster than we could even imagine.” Miao Yiniang somewhat enviously spoke.

Chu Mo thought of the words said when master gave him Heaven’s Will My Will——

“This is Heaven’s Will My Will. It is said to be the most powerful scripture on the earth!”

“Not one of!”

“Although there are only two two incomplete chapters, but if you can thoroughly comprehend the two incomplete chapters, it will guarantee you, will be unrivaled throughout the world!”

“The cultivation speed of the top scriptures on these four continents aren’t even one tenth of this one!”

Chu Mo at last understood why master spoke that way. Heaven’s Will My Will originally didn’t belong to this world!

“No wonder my cultivation speed is that fast.” Chu Mo secretly thought. Then he asked Miao Yiniang: “So big sister’s master, what unforeseen event happened to your master?”

“Misty Palace was glorious in those years. Only it is a pity……after ancestor ascended, Misty Palace lacked a mighty person in charge. Ancestor’s mighty name yet lived on for another two hundred years. But after a long time, at my generation, hundreds of years had passed. Several Misty Palace elders lacked hope at breaking through, and they successively passed away. This caused the successors to increasingly decline.”

Miao Yiniang’s carried a bitter expression: “Contrary to what you might expect, the Misty Palace still has several of the world’s top scriptures and skills. These things caused too many people to covet……”

Chu Mo looked at Miao Yiniang. He didn’t know what to say to comfort her. He could only quietly listen.

“Ten sects allied and broke through the defense array of the Misty Palace. The elders all went out to welcome the fight. Not a single one escaped. That day……battle cries shook the heavens!”

“Master brought a dozen of us outstanding sisters together. Master said we couldn’t stop the attack……and we could fight to the death, but the bloodline of the Misty Palace couldn’t be cut off! As a result, those elders divided up the possessions of the older generations. They passed out their storage rings to us twelve sisters. Each person received one ring. All the scriptures and skills of the Misty Palace were divided into twelve parts……”

“I was sent away by a transfer spell by several masters, directly to the Azure Dragon continent. The other sisters were all sent out.”

“Master told us twelve sisters at that time, whoever seeks revenge must wait until they reach the innate realm. But master knew the possibility was slight, practically impossible. They let us have a chance to pass down the scriptures and methods of the Misty Palace. They didn’t wish for the Misty Palace heritage to break off. I am a representative of the Misty Palace.”

Miao Yiniang’s tears could no longer be held back. She softly said: “Big sister is very powerless, all these years, I haven’t even dared expose the slightest rumor, much less pass on scripture or skills……because the people of the Vermilion Bird continent, they are always seeking me and my sisters. They cannot find us on the Vermilion Bird continent. They will certainly come seeking on other continents. Big sister’s power is too weak, I never dare……”

Chu Mo looked at Miao Yiniang’s face full of tears, and he softly comforted: “Don’t worry big sister. Our future will certainly be better and better! This power being set up is not just mine, it is the three of ours!”

“Yes, big sister is truly too happy seeing you return!” Miao Yiniang lifted her head and looked at Chu Mo: “Especially the moment I can’t surpass you. You don’t know how happy I am! It makes me even happier than my own breakthrough!”

“Right, how exactly did you end up being pursued back then? Were those men from the Vermilion Bird continent?” Chu Mo asked.

“No, I was transported to the Azure Dragon Continent. My entire being was ignorant, not knowing where I was going or where to go. As a result, I caught the eye of several disciples that emerged from a sect. Their strength was a little less than my own, but not much less. I wasn’t a match for all of them solo. I went on the run after killing two of them, until I met you and Xu Fufu.” Miao Yiniang said: “As a result, big sister must use her life to repay your kindness!”