Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 69: A Kiss

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Chapter 69: A Kiss

A large majority of people in the crowd knew Xu Fufu. A couple people curiously asked when they saw him: “Noble son Xu, what do you mean by ‘If you make a bet, you must accept losing’?”

“Ha ha……I made a bet with boss Miao Yiniang. I said my brother Chu Mo would return from the Prince Mansion safe and sound. She didn’t believe, you all will see the result. She lost.” Xu Fufu spoke completely pleased with himself.

Miao Yiniang’s face became scarlet red and endlessly bashful. People could still feel her shyness even if her face was covered in a veil.

“Ha ha, so it’s something like that? Quickly speak, what are the stakes?” The person asking was also a son of a cabinet member. He wasn’t very old, and he was well acquainted with Xu Fufu. He couldn’t help but smile after hearing Xu Fufu’s words.

The other people all looked curiously at Xu Fufu. The wealthy aristocrats in the upper circles were actually very bored all day long. They flocked in the direction of activity. Of course, exciting oneself is a job in itself.

Xu Fufu said pleased with himself: “The stakes ah……simply if sister Miao loses, she must give my brother a kiss. Furthermore……it cannot be on the cheek!”


The surrounding crowd burst out in laughter, exploding upward. Even confused little children in the crowd started to whistle and cheer.

Someone couldn’t help but laugh: “Has noble son Xu changed gender? Why doesn’t he act for his own benefit?”

Xu Fufu’s face collapsed: “This uncle wants to keep living.” He looked over at Miao Yiniang: “If you agree to bet, you must accept losing! Quickly kiss!”

The surrounding people lacked fear within a big crowd. They roared: “Quickly kiss! Quickly kiss!”

“Kiss once!”

“Don’t kiss the cheek!”

“Right right right, don’t kiss the cheek, don’t deceive!”


“Don’t pretend to make contact!”

Chu Mo’s mouth twitched. He stared dumbstruck at the excited crowd of people. But he soon ruthlessly looked at Xu Fufu and roared: “Xu 2Fu!”

Xu Fufu started to withdraw, and he returned a silly look: “Brother, this is good fortune I have given you. No need to thank me!”

Chu Mo angrily said: “You just wait!”

The people relatively familiar with Chu Mo shouted: “Little brother Chu, you must comply!”

“Ha ha ha, yes, little brother Chu. You must agree. Look how pretty she is. Are you willing to refuse?”

“It is truly good luck with women, I want it but I cannot have!”

Miao Yiniang’s beautiful eyes fell on to Chu Mo’s face as the crowd of people talked, then she walked forward with a large smile. Under Chu Mo’s dazed vision, She faced his forehead——

With a lip-smacking sound, she laid down a heavy kiss.

The surrounding people were all stunned.

Chu Mo was also stupefied. Although it was only on the forehead, Miao Yiniang’s soft cold lips still gave him an indescribable feeling. He went numb from head to toe……hard to say the feeling.

But the surrounding crowd bustled with activity.


“That is refusing to keep a promise!”

“Too much, we want to see you kiss the mouth! The mouth!”

Miao Yiniang bitterly smiled at the surrounding onlookers. Then she looked at Xu Fufu hiding in the crowd, afraid of being beaten up: “Our original bet was to not kiss the cheek. Right?”

Xu Fufu’s mouth violently twitched. He didn’t know what hit him. He is an expert playboy, and he always plays tricks on other people, but they never backfire. He now ended up in Miao Yiniang’s clever hands.

Faced with Miao Yiniang’s interrogation, Xu Fufu could only bite the bullet and say: “You really are a liar……”

“How did I lie?” Miao Yiniang’s coldly smiled: “The rules were to only not kiss the cheek. You didn’t say must kiss the mouth. It is a loophole in the stakes you set. Your IQ is lacking……”

She then looked at Chu Mo with a captivating smile: “Young master, let us go!”

Chu Mo faced Xu Fufu and he revealed a dangerously cold smile: “Good, let’s go!”

Xu Fufu trembled. He knew he went a little too far this time. He not only was outschemed by Miao Yiniang, but now Chu Mo was also provoked. He truly wanted to cut off his own two hands, but that would not be enough……he must apologize as soon as possible!

“Hey, big sister, little black brother……wait for me!” Xu Fufu shouted out, then he chased after Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang.

The group of people gathered at the prince mansion gate began to scatter at this time. They all thought inside: Todays activity was truly amazing. Wouldn’t it be good to see such colorful activity every day?

The three people already walked very far away.

Xu Fufu followed behind with a pleading face. Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang coldly ignored him.

“Ah, little black brother, are you still not over it? Talk to me, what did you do in the Prince Mansion? Why did that old son of a bitch let you go?” Xu Fufu also pleaded at Miao Yiniang for help while he spoke to Chu Mo.

Miao Yiniang was also curious, but she didn’t feel like helping Xu Fufu. She coldly ignored him.

“I say sister Miao. You really aren’t right like this. My brother being mad at me is normal, but why are you mad at me? You were very willing to make the bet with me!” Xu Fufu spoke and smiled: “Aren’t women’s faces soft? On the outside they say they don’t want it, but don’t they wholeheartedly agree inside?”


Miao Yiniang kicked Xu Fufu’s butt: “Scram!”

“Deserved to be kicked!” Chu Mo said from the side.

“Ai ai ai, you two…….uh, I won’t speak. Is it okay if I don’t speak?” Xu Fufu felt wronged, like a doormat, he followed behind the two.

Miao Yiniang couldn’t stop her curiosity. She looked at Chu Mo and asked: “What happened in the end?”

Chu Mo said: “We will speak when we get back. We can eat a good meal. I don’t want to spoil it, I am very hungry right now.”

Miao Yiniang captivatingly smiled: “Good, I will have the chef make something for you when we get back!”

“I want to eat deep sea king crab……I also want to eat……” Xu Fufu immediately became happy as soon as he heard the words eat.

“Go away.” Miao Yiniang coldly smiled.

“Too much, you all can’t be like this to me!” Xu Fufu sadly rushed up: “Is my mistake still not good? Don’t I tease everyone? How could something so little stick, bothering your whole body…….uncle Xu is the legendary playboy of this generation……”

Chu Mo’s slowly turned with a dark expression, and he said to Xu Fufu with all earnestness: “2Fu, we are brothers. Yiniang is our big sister. The relationship is very clear between us. But is that relationship clear to outsiders?”

Xu Fufu immediately stared distracted. To say the truth, he was most afraid of seeing Chu Mo’s solemn expression. Because Chu Mo is truly angry every time that happens.

Faced with Chu Mo’s question, Xu Fufu could only lower his head and softly say: “It’s my fault.”

Miao Yiniang’s eyes became misty. Her pretty face softly looked at Chu Mo through the veil.

Chu Mo continued on: “We are noble sons of Yellow Flame City. In the eyes of those other elites, we are just the wild playboys of noble parents……we don’t have any reputation. Just like today, I smashed the Prince Mansion gate, and they only stood and watched the noise. But sister Miao Yiniang isn’t the same! She is a girl, and she appeared in the spotlight as your restaurant manager……”

“Our……” Xu Fufu weakly added.

“This already isn’t very easy.” Chu Mo didn’t feel like bickering with him, and he continued: “Your actions today, there would be no harm if it were only us. If it was like your normal jokes with Yiniang, she wouldn’t really get mad at you. But this time, you went too far! Do you know what those people will say when they return? Won’t they say the Gluttonous Ogre’s boss seems calm and mysterious, but actually… Do you think this will be good for her reputation? Big sister still has to find someone to marry!”

Xu Fufu’s face was a little pale. He was silent a moment, nodded, and then he looked at Miao Yiniang: “Sister, I was wrong. Really wrong. I’ll give you an apology. I was thoughtless today……”

Miao Yiniang’s eyes became misty, yet the face behind the veil was happy: “Good, my young master knows you worry about me. It is not a problem. I do not wish to marry! Look, you shut Fufu up. Okay Fufu……older sister isn’t mad at you. Really, your gamble included sister’s desire over the years. If it wasn’t for the crowd, sister’s kiss wouldn’t have been on his forehead……”

“……” Chu Mo looked at Miao Yiniang completely shocked.

Xu Fufu scratched his head and said: “Actually I know, sister isn’t mad, but I really didn’t think this matter over. I should be a little punished…..I will punish myself by only eating the deep sea king crab! I will try my best!”

“Get out!” Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang both scolded.

Xu Fufu ultimately couldn’t eat all the deep sea king crab. He didn’t even have enough time to hear all of Chu Mo’s story because a man sent by his grandfather came and snatched Xu Fufu away.

How could the Grand Secretary Xu Zhongliang not hear about the activity at the Prince Mansion? The person who came to get Xu Fufu also had a message for Chu Mo. He said master Xu wanted Chu Mo to drop by for a visit when he had time.

Chu Mo naturally promised. He said he would have time in the next couple of days. Xu mansion… had definitely been a long time since he visited.

In the end, Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang both returned to the room in the Gluttonous Ogre.

Miao Yiniang sat opposite of Chu Mo, and she listened to Chu Mo’s story. She asked somewhat startled: “So it is like that?”

“Yes ah, just like that.” Chu Mo set down the wine cup and said: “This is the weak spot of that old bastard Xia Jing. Otherwise, would I have the nerve to cause trouble in the Prince Mansion?”

“You ah, it is still too risky.” Miao Yiniang softly said, then she asked: “Do you really plan……to cure that old thief’s illness? He is really cheap!”

“We must establish a power. It won’t be good if there is no adult help at the crucial time. My family and 2Fu’s family cannot easily help. Furthermore, I selected Xia Jing……for an even more important reason!” Chu Mo said in a low voice.

“What reason?” Miao Yiniang’s beautiful eyes gazed at Chu Mo. This young man, his temperament is truly charming! To tell the truth, she really wasn’t mad about Xu Fufu’s gamble.

Miao Yiniang’s heart jumped as she remembered the recent kiss, even though it was only on the forehead. She became completely bashful. I shouldn’t……do I really like this young man? How could it be? I am much older! Ah……I really have no face!

Chu Mo couldn’t hear Miao Yiniang’s inner voice. He also didn’t carefully observe her expression, because he was also hesitating. Should he talk about his master’s condition?

But he had to let Miao Yiniang know sooner or later. Because one of the main reasons Chu Mo is establishing this power is to seek herbs for the Demon Lord.