Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 67: That Prescription

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Chapter 67: That Prescription

Chu Mo spoke to here, then he paused. Chu Mo discovered Xia Jing’s eyes suddenly light up when he spoke these words.

The bright rays of light in his eyes flickered passed very quickly, concealing his intent quite well, but Chu Mo knew he won.

Chu Mo already knew the root cause of Xia Jing’s rage before coming here. It was because Chu Mo crippled his only son!

Even if you have authority at all levels, even if you are a prince, even if you have wealth to match a country……and can enjoy all the splendors of the world!

But, if your family line ends, that is equivalent to lacking any hope!

What if…….there is hope, to have another son or daughter?

Chu Mo could be certain. Xia Jing’s fury would have a complete change!

Da Xia and Da Qi both historically paid attention to succession through patrilineality. This was an entirely different custom than the grasslands. A queen could appear on the grasslands, but Da Xia and Da Qi have never had such an occurrence. It was practically an impossibility.

Therefore, He could dare recklessly cause havoc at the Prince Mansion. Chu Mo believed Xia Jing wasn’t an idiot like Xia Jie. Things like hatred are sometimes dispensable, especially for people at the higher levels.

“Now, are you able to talk?” Chu Mo became serene inside. His whole body emitted a graceful aura.

Even if Xia Jing was still furious at the youngster, he couldn’t help but admit inside, that old fellow Fan Wudi sure picked a nice grandson!

‘If my son……could be like him, wouldn’t that be good?’ Xia Jing couldn’t help but sigh inside.

Xia Jie shrieked from the side at this time: “Father, kill him……get revenge for your son, kill him! Why haven’t you given the command?” As he spoke, Xia Jie surprisingly went to a guard at his side and grabbed a bow: “You all are afraid to kill……I’m not afraid of him…….”


A crisp sound, Xia Jing ruthlessly slapped Xia Jie in the face: “Go scurry back!”

“Ah……father……you……you actually hit me……you actually hit me?” Xia Jie rubbed his face and started crying.

Xia Jing’s heart couldn’t help but weaken, but when thinking of the things said by Chu Mo, he steeled himself: “Grab that spoiled thing. Watch him! Don’t let him cause trouble!”

“Yes!” Two guards carried Xia Jie away.

“You actually hit me……you didn’t kill my enemy, actually hit me…….boohoo……” Xia Jie actually began to weep while being carried away. The crying noise was distinct even though he was carried ought of sight.

Xia Jing’s face was somber. He waved a hand: “You all withdraw!”

The group of guards hesitantly withdrew. They were very afraid Chu Mo would suddenly violently attack Xia Jing. Two men were already sacrificed…… this wasn’t important to them, but if Xia Jing died……they feared their entire families would suffer.

Xia Jing coldly spoke: “Withdraw, we couldn’t stop him if he wanted to injure us!” The strength of those two sacrifices was much stronger than the hundred guards present. Xia Jing clearly knew this.

Both those two men died in an instant at Chu Mo’s hands! There was a true mighty power at the Prince Mansion, but this person had an odd temperament. He only promised to protect Xia Jing’s life. He didn’t care about anything else. Xia Jing had once witnessed this person’s methods, and he had complete confidence. Because of this, in the depths of his heart, he wasn’t actually afraid of Chu Mo.

The group of guards finally retreated.

There was only Xia Jing and Chu Mo remaining. Xia Jing looked at Chu Mo: “If you dare cheat me……”

“I’m not inclined to cheat you.” Chu Mo simply said: “The hatred between you and me, you clearly know yourself, it is because of Xia Jie.”

“He did something wrong. I’m not opposed to you teaching a lesson, but you were too ruthless. You actually trampled his family jewels……Chu Mo, honestly ask yourself, the things you have done……aren’t they excessive? Am I wrong for chasing you because of this?” Xia Jing solemnly and slowly replied.

Chu Mo laughed and said: “If these words came from another person, I would feel ashamed and responsible. But what morals do you and your son have grand prince? You yourself know best. How about I tell your older brother the hidden things you’ve done……each and every single one? So don’t say such useless words.”

“You……” Xia Jing’s face became ashen. He furiously looked at Chu Mo: “What do you want to say to me? Chu Mo, is this your attitude? Do you feel……I truly have no way to seize you?”

“Don’t get mad……anger injures the body.” Chu Mo bared a smile: “It’s just your serious expression made you look in a bad mood. You are really an old clever fox. What’s with acting like a kind-hearted elder? I want to see your true shameless colors.”

Chu Mo laughed as he watched Xia Jing become infuriated: “Don’t catch fire ha ha. I know you have an actual talent here at the Prince Mansion, and I’m a little scared of him. I couldn’t even run away if he decided to act. So, let’s stop playing around.”

Xia Jing was silent. He squinted and carefully sized up Chu Mo. This is the first time Xia Jing seriously observed this youth.

“You are a lot more formidable than I imagined.” Xia Jing dully said.

Chu Mo smiled. He walked into a cool pavilion and sat down on a bench. He patted the bench and said: “Prince, doesn’t standing and talking hurt your waist? Come over and have a seat, don’t be so polite!”

Xia Jing ruthlessly stared at Chu Mo. He walked over and sat at the far end of the bench: “Chu Mo, if I knew earlier that you were such a troublesome little bastard, I never would have let you escape alive!”

“Originally you didn’t want to let me escape alive. Only I am lucky! Look, now we are speaking open and honest. Isn’t the communication much more cheerful?” Chu Mo sat there and sucked in a deep breath: “The Prince Mansion is really special. The air is so fresh.”

“I’m not happy! You little bastard! You have turned the Prince Mansion to a pile of rubble! Those rare and precious flowers, I couldn’t even cover the cost if I sold you!” Xia Jing’s anger still lingered, and he stared Chu Mo down.

“How trivial. This little loss is nothing for the prince whose wealth rival’s a nation.” Cu Mo plainly smiled.

“You killed two of my followers. They both came from sects!” Xia Jing coldly stared at Chu Mo: “This matter, nothing I say could make you burdened!”

“Ha ha, I never counted on the prince being so kind.” Chu Mo laughed: “You only need to give condolences to their families. They will naturally seek revenge upon me.”

Xia Jing’s pupils flickered at Chu Mo, and some uncertainty emerged inside. In just a little over six months, how much did this youth experience? He was actually able to have such a large change. No only has his strength improved to this kind of Realm, but he has even gained courage and insight… is shocking.

Xia Jing is the prince, and he had been in a high position for many years. His anger was no joke. Ordinary people wouldn’t dare say provoking words to him. Even people from sects are very polite to him.

This youth is yet unrestrained in his presence. Chu Mo clearly knows a true talent resides in the house, yet his attitude doesn’t change. He even talks cheerfully. This amount of courage alone was enough to stir Xia Jing.

‘And he……is merely thirteen or fourteen…….if I let him become an adult, what kind of monster will he become?’ Xia Jing’s eyes narrowed. If it were not for Chu Mo’s earlier remark, he would pay any price to have his talent come and exterminate this little thing!

These two are currently sitting here peacefully talking, but don’t forget, this guy killed his two followers. Chu Mo put the whole Prince Mansion into ruins. Chu Mo said the loss of property was nothing, but in reality, it is an enormous figure!

Even Xia Jing feels the pain. Don’t mention that the hatred has not relieved in the slightest. It is deep! He really didn’t dare believe that Chu Mo has peaceful intentions.

“The remark you just made earlier. What do you actually mean?” Xia Jing finally couldn’t help it, and he started the question. It’s not that his shrewdness is shallow, but rather this little thing is too shameless and cunning. Chu Mo prattles on about nothing, and he doesn’t get to the point.

“That remark? What did I say?” Chu Mo looked slightly startled, his face confused. He saw the face of Xia Jing immediately darken, and he laughed: “Ah, you are talking about the prescription……okay, I’ll tell you about it.”

“Hmm” Xia Jing was just short of calling out his great talent to kill Chu Mo. This boy is really too angering.

“I just said, the reason for the hatred between us is because of Xia Jie. You hate me because Xia Jie is your only son. Am I right?” Chu Mo looked at Xia Jing and plainly asked.

“Not wrong.” Xia Jing stiffly replied.

“Very good.” Chu Mo nodded: “Your son is a thing we won’t speak about. If we make his shameless actions public, I can’t guarantee the emperor would protect him! Those things are enough for him to die a hundred times! Am I wrong?”

Xia Jing’s face became unsightly. His chest heaved up and down. Who could listen to their son be criticised like this? Their actions would be even stronger than Xia Jing’s.

But Xia Jing is a big man in high authority. He is incomparably angry, but he still nodded: “It could be considered so.”

Chu Mo didn’t bicker over the wording of the questions. He simply said: “Then the smashing of his genitals. First, it could be considered removing a public hazard; Second, it could be considered saving his life! Because if he hadn’t encountered me, sooner or later he would have encountered someone else! Even though the road appears uneven……Da Xia still has justice in the end! I don’t believe the current emperor would continue indulging Xia Jie after discovering his deeds. Is what I said right or not?”

Xia Jing recalled the night he was removed from the Grand Secretary position. He had never seen the emperor in such a fury.

The emperor’s face showed a type of anger and disappointment. The scene of him scolding Xia Jie……was burned in his eyes. Xia Jing couldn’t help but tremble all over. He nodded his head: “Not wrong.”

“So, you all making me an enemy is fundamentally wrong! You have taken grace and returned with hate!” Chu Mo said with a tranquil face: “I saved your son’s life! You all sent men to kill me. You caused me to leave my homeland. I sadly left Yellow Flame City, and on the outside, I narrowly escaped countless deaths.”

Xia Jing dropped his eyes and controlled himself. He was so angry that he didn’t know what to say. Clearly Chu Mo crippled his son, and now Chu Mo declares himself Xia Jie’s greatest benefactor.

“I am a generous man, my heart is vast!” Chu Mo said.

“Then why have you come to the Prince Mansion?” Xia Jing coldly asked.

“Just because my heart is vast, it doesn’t mean I’m happy about the things you’ve done! I am very saddened! Naturally I need to let off some steam! I originally didn’t wish to cause trouble. You all keep making the same mistakes, but I am a kind and honest person. I don’t wish to lower myself to your level, but you all are incessant! You provoked me again and again!” Chu Mo slapped the bench, and he made an enormous noise. He looked at Xia Jing with rage: “Old thief, you dare claim today’s events aren’t your fault?”

Xia Jing snorted, and he didn’t speak. His eyes flickered with intense light. This little animal calling him and old thief was really annoying. He is Xia Jing……has he ever been embarrassed like this before?

Chu Mo coldly smiled: “You all never wanted to leave me be from the beginning. You wanted to kill me. Is it excessive when I come to the Prince Mansion and cause trouble?”

“That prescription…… Xia Jing’s face was dark. He looked at Chu Mo in shock: “Can we talk about it now?”