Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 66: Maverick Youngster

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Chapter 66: Maverick Youngster

“Go away!” Chu Mo roared: “You bullying dog! The most fierce person trying to kill me at that time was you!”


An enormous sound.

The opponents long sword snapped. Chu Mo’s blade……already stuck into the man’s neck.

The coming people were scared stupid. The remaining half of the sword in the man’s hand clanged to the floor. His face was pale, fearfully looking at Chu Mo.

Of course he knew who Chu Mo was. He really pursued Chu Mo to kill him half a year ago.

But a mysterious woman blocked him at the very end, and she let the young man escape. He dared be certain, this youngster was no match for him half a year ago. Don’t speak about one Chu Mo…….but even ten wouldn’t be enough to kill the man.

How could he change this much over half a year? Without one landing one strike……he was defeated?

Is this a dream?

“Why aren’t you speaking? Weren’t you quite forward when you originally chased me?” Chu Mo pressed down with Murdering Heaven onto the thirty-eight-year-old man’s neck.

A wound immediately appeared, and blood flowed out!

“Ah……don’t……don’t kill me. I, I was following orders.” The man immediately begged for mercy.

“Little animal, go die!” an old voice came from behind Chu Mo. A shrill piercing noise followed right after.

Chu Mo didn’t even turn to look. He backhanded with Murdering Heaven that was lodged in the thirty-eight year old’s neck.




A miserable yell followed after a loud clash.

An old man used his hand to block the blood flowing from his shoulder, and incredible screams came from his mouth.

An arm and a broken sword fell to the ground.

Chu Mo’s blade first broke the man’s sword, then it continued on, chopping into the his arm. Soon after, the blade moved back to the thirty-eight-year-old man’s neck.

Everything moved unbelievably fast!

And the hand holding the blade……was unexpectedly the left hand!

Chu Mo shifted his body, and he coldly stared at the old man behind him with the cut arm: “Old thing, among the most fierce people trying to kill me, you were the strongest, a yellow rank three Yuan Closure cultivator, a master of the killing blade, and extremely skillful. Do you still remember what you told me at that time?”

The old man astonishingly stared at Chu Mo: “It’s you! You……how could you……how in such a short time…….become this amazing?”

“You said, you would cut off my skin as punishment if you grabbed me. You said you were an expert in the death of a thousand cuts. You also said your sword skill was exquisite. You could cut me three thousand six hundred times before I died. You said you really enjoyed the process, and you loved to hear the miserable yells of your opponents. At the end when your opponent could no longer scream, you would finally cut off their tongue. Then you would watch your opponent’s expression, from hatred to hopelessness, until they finally lose their senses…….the mood becomes very delightful.” Chu Mo looked at the old man, and he said awed: “You said……at my time, you would make me feel very satisfied…….is that not right?”

The old man was already scared stiff by Chu Mo. He stood there, and his eyes filled with shock: “Not possible, not possible, in half a year’s time, even a sect genius could not have such large progress……absolutely impossible!”

“I’m not as weird as you, so, I won’t cut you to pieces slash by slash. There are three scars remaining on my body from you. They aren’t deep because my friend risked her life to save me. I was fortunately able to flee Yellow Flame City.” Chu Mo didn’t take notice of the old man’s words. He plainly said: “But the scar you have left in my soul…….is very deep! I just gave you one cut. There’s three more to go……are you ready?”

“Ah!” The old man suddenly gave a terrified scream. He turned tail and ran!

Yuan Closure cultivators haven’t completely lost their fighting ability even if they lose an arm. But the fear in his mind already thoroughly penetrated, and there was no way to control himself.

“You want to run?” Chu Mo coldly laughed. Murdering Heaven flew out of his hands, whooshing through the air. It flew into the back of the old man, and it stuck out from his chest.

The old man’s body flew a hundred feet forward due to inertia, and he crashed to his knees on the ground. He twisted his head, as if wanting to look at Chu Mo, but his head powerlessly dropped. He weakly collapsed to the ground.

Violently killed on the spot!

“You are still short two cuts!” Chu Mo said.

“Ah!” the thirty eight year old man saw Chu Mo lacked a weapon. He suddenly snarled, pulled a dagger from his waist, and ruthlessly struck below Chu Mo’s ribs.

The angle of attack was right at the heart!

This blow……cunning! ruthless! extinguishing! quick!

Chu Mo stamped with his footwork skill. His image flickered, and then he raised a fist and struck at the man’s chest.


A bone-splitting noise.

The thirty-eight year old man spit out a mouthful of blood. He was sent flying, and he ruthlessly struck into a tree. He bounced another ten feet off before crashing into the ground, dead on the spot.

Chu Mo slowly walked towards the old man. He pulled out Murdering Heaven. The silver colored sword wasn’t smudged with a drop of blood.

“Xia Jing, have you still not come out? Don’t think of gathering more troops. They cannot stop me!” Chu Mo lifted Murdering Heaven, and he advanced towards the Prince Mansion rear courtyard.

The central residence in the rear courtyard was the house of Xia Jing! All of his concubines lived in the rear courtyard.

Chu Mo believed Xia Jing must have received the news by now.

“Chu Mo!” a harsh bark came from the rear courtyard.

The sound of a large group of bodyguards running followed soon after. Prince Xia Jing came out of the rear courtyard while under the protection of a hundred bodyguards. Xia Jing’s son, Xia Jie, was at his father’s side, giving a poisonous look to Chu Mo.

Chu Mo was immediately happy when he saw Xia Jie: “Yo, little sister Xia Jie. Long time no see. Have you become all the more ** glowing?”

“Chu Mo, you seek death” The enemies saw each other, and their eyes became red. Chu Mo would already have died a hundred times if a stare could kill.

Xia Jing’s eyes immediately became red after seeing the corpses of the old man missing an arm and the thirty-eight year old. These were two bodyguards that he had spent a lot of money for. They came from sects, and they had been in the Prince Mansion for many years. They had received great trust from Xia Jing.

He never thought the both would fall at the youngster’s hand today. This made Xia Jing both scared and furious, and his abhorrence towards Chu Mo reached the highest level.

“Chu Mo you little animal, you actually dare return? Prince still hasn’t settled the score with you. You unexpectedly come slaughtering in my Prince Mansion? Do you take Da Xia’s laws for mere decorations? Do you think no one in Da Xia can control you? Don’t think you can be an outlaw just because you are a General’s son! This is the land of Da Xia……” Xia Jing was so angry that his hair stood on end and knocked off his hat.

But Chu Mo didn’t let him finish speaking. He coldly smiled and interrupted Xia Jing: “This is Da Xia’s land, not your land prince Xia Jing! It is the current emperors!”

Chu Mo disdainfully looked at Xia Jie who was beside Xia Jing: “You both just used the foolish son of the Qing province governor. You tried to kill him and frame me. Is this how you settle the score?”

“You speak nonsense! A whole pile of bullshit!” Xia Jing roared.

“You know whether or not it is true. Da Xia’s laws naturally aren’t decorations, but I must ask the prince. When your son tried to snatch a common girl in the streets, where did Da Xia’s laws go? Chu Mo looked at Xia Jing, then coldly said: “Then you sent out two men to kill me, the very same two men I just killed. Da Xia’s laws……where were they?”

“You venomously slander!” Xia Jie shrieked. His voice resembled a little girl.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but laugh: “Ha ha, miss Xia……how am I slandering you? Do you have evidence or testimony?”

“Chu Mo……I will kill you!” Xia Jie’s expression was incomparably wild. His family jewels had been trampled, and he had been stomped into a eunuch. Now he was being made a mockery, so Xia Jie immediately went wild. He commanded: “Shower him with arrows! Kill him!”

The group of guards naturally didn’t listen to his orders, and they all looked at Xia Jing. Xia Jing also hated Chu Mo to the extreme at this moment. He regretted not sending more men back then to cut this little animal to pieces.

Chu Mo looked at Xia Jing and plainly said: “Old thief Xia Jing. Do you have the stones to talk one on one?”

“Outrageous, you actually dare address the prince by the taboo name!” The guard at Xia Jing’s side snarled.

Chu Mo couldn’t help but laugh: “You also know his taboo name?”

“Father, don’t listen to the animal. Shoot him to death!” Xia Jie gnashed his teeth.

Xia Jing looked at Chu Mo, and he coldly said: “Little animal, don’t think you can leave the Prince Mansion alive today! I not only will kill you, but I won’t let your grandfather go either! And that Gluttonous Ogre restaurant? Do you think I don’t know that is the business you and that Xu family scoundrel set up? Prince will personally burn down everything of yours!”

“Old thief, you speak slanderous words. The Gluttonous Ogre’s business is indeed good. It could even catch the discerning eye of an old thief. So, you want to plunder another person’s business. All you have to do is speak, no one would dare oppose you in Da Xia right? Don’t lump Gluttonous Ogre in with me. You speak such remarks without any evidence.” Chu Mo plainly said: “But it looks like the prince doesn’t want to let this one go.”

“You! Chu Mo! Prince will hack you into pieces!” Xia Jing completely went insane as soon as he heard these words. What did he hate the most? It was exactly these words!

Xia Jing is is the grand prince of Da Xia. Apart from the emperor, he is the most powerful man in Da Xia!

No one could change this fact, even if the Grand Secretary position was removed!

But his only son had the family jewels stomped out by this youth. He is useless eunuch now. If he had the ability to have children, then it would be no problem. The beautiful women at his sides are like clouds, he could easily have another three boys and five girls.

But he can’t get it up!

Xia Jing……already lost that ability!

The main culprit behind ending his family line is right before him!

How could he not hate?

Chu Mo slightly smiled. He looked at Xia Jing prepare to give the command, ready to turn Chu Mo into a hedgehog. Chu Mo simply said: “Isn’t it strange? In such a short period of time, I Chu Mo…… could I turn from someone chased out of Yellow Flame City by you into the present me. I can now single-handedly attack your Prince Mansion. How could I kill your two powerful guards? You……don’t you feel curious?”

“Prince isn’t curious at all. In any case, you need to die.” Xia Jing’s was so entirely mad that he was about to spit blood. He lacked any interest to talk.

Xia Jie shrieked from the side: “Quick……kill him! Kill him!”

Chu Mo looked at Xia Jie: “Adults are speaking. Little girls step aside, don’t interrupt!”

“Chu Mo……” Xia Jie’s voice was indeed very high pitched, especially when angered. It made him sound even more like a girl.

Chu Mo didn’t pay Xia Jie any heed, and he fixed his eyes upon Xia Jing: “You should know, I was a genius in Yellow Flame City. I was called the master of miscellaneous knowledge! I never stopped studying various things, even after entering the sect. I found an ancient record in master’s library. There was a kind of prescription……”