Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 65: Angrily Smashing Prince Mansion

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Chapter 65: Angrily Smashing Prince Mansion

Miao Yiniang was startled. Her eyes revealed a worried color: “Why didn’t you stop him?”

Xu Fufu laughed: “Could I stop him? His current power is much higher than mine. I already can’t even see him! Besides, it’s good for him to go cause some trouble. Otherwise that old son of a bitch Xia Jing will believe everyone in Da Xia is afraid of him.”

“You… could have persuaded him!” Miao Yiniang stomped her foot, then said: “Do you believe the Prince Mansion is filled with ordinary people? Is it that easy to break into?”

“You ah, you’re in such a concerned state of chaos.” Xu Fufu looked at Miao Yiniang, then he muttered: “Isn’t it a good thing when an old cow eats young grass? I am also young grass!”

[TL: An old cow eating young grass is a saying for an older man in a relationship with a much younger woman. Xu Fufu is saying ‘I can be your young grass instead of Chu Mo.’]

“Xu 2Fu!” Miao Yiniang’s pupils revealed and ice-cold light. She was truly angry.

“Ha ha ha, don’t catch fire. I’m just teasing you.” Xu Fufu softly said: “You really don’t need to worry. Your young master may be a hundred percent bloody, but he isn’t a blockhead without brains. He has quite a lot inside. Take it easy this time. Xia Jing and Xia Jie, those sons of bitches will certainly suffer.”

“How do you know? Is it because of the letter? Do you take Xia Jie for a fool? Do you think he would personally write a letter and give it to someone else?” Miao Yiniang’s stare wasn’t kind, and she spoke in a huff.

“Ha ha, don’t’ worry. Little black Chu isn’t that stupid. He certainly has a plan!” Xu Fufu said completely unfazed.

“How do you know?” Miao Yiniang asked.

“I believe him!” Xu Fufu dully said: “Big sister, I’ve been with him since we were in diapers. If he was truly an impulsive person, he wouldn’t have left Yellow Flame City at that time!”

“So it’s merely because you trust him?” Miao Yiniang looked at Xu Fufu in disbelief: “You don’t even know his plan……”

“Ha ha, sister, do you dare make a bet with me?” Xu Fufu’s face revealed a dirty expression.

“This girl can’t be gambled for so cheaply.” Miao Yiniang coldly smiled.

“No no no, I have respect for sister. How could I gamble for you?” Xu Fufu’s face looked innocent.

Miao Yiniang looked at Xufufu with distrust: “Speak.”

“I bet, Little black brother will certainly bring the prince’s house to ruins, and he will return back intact! Xu Fufu said. He remembered the relaxed smile Chu Mo carried when he left: “If you win, I guarantee, if I make another move at big sister, you can have all my shares of the Gluttonous Ogre!”

Miao Yiniang coldly smiled, but she still asked: “What happens if I lose?”

“If you lose, you have to give little black brother a kiss in front of everyone. And not on the cheek! Remember ah, in front of everyone!” Xu Fufu could not help but laugh as he thought of the scene.

“You……” Miao Yiniang’s face became red. She nibbled her teeth and grunted: “A kiss is a kiss, what’s so special? I’ll bet with you! I also want him to return unharmed, but I’m not as optimistic as you! I’m personally going to the Prince Mansion to watch myself!”

Xu Fufu chuckled: “Okay, wait for me to take care of things here. We will go together!”


Gluttonous Ogre was located in the heart of Yellow Flame City. It wasn’t too far way from the Prince Mansion.

Because of this, Chu Mo appeared in front of the Prince Mansion after not much time had passed.

Xia Jing’s mansion, as the prince of Da Xia, was considerably extravagant.

The area was extremely vast. In addition to the numerous yardage, there was a huge garden, a lake, a rock garden……waterside pavilions, basically everything.

It was simply a royal garden duplicate! There were even precious flowers and trees the royal gardens didn’t have!

The mansion’s gate is majestically towering. Two tall stone Qilin statues stood atop the gates.

[TL: A Qilin is a mythical Chinese animal. It reminds me of a half dragon half unicorn. You can read more about it here]

The vermillion colored entrance was lofty and thick. There were also two strong guards stationed at the gates. Their appearance was solemn and their posture straight.

There was a sign with two bold letters hung on the gate. It said ‘Prince Mansion’!

Chu Mo hadn’t yet arrived at the gate when a guard yelled out: “The Prince Mansion is an important place. Unauthorized persons must leave!”

Chu Mo chuckled, and he moved unfazed towards the Prince Mansion gate.

“Stop!” The guard immediately pulled the sword out of the sheath, then moved towards Chu Mo: “What are you doing?”

“Causing trouble!” Chu Mo started his footwork skill after responding. His image flashed. He arrived before the guard lifting a raised fist.


The bodyguard was sent flying by Chu Mo’s fist.

If Chu Mo didn’t control his power, then this fist……would have struck him dead!

Even though he held back, the bodyguard was still sent flying quite a few feet. He heavily crashed into the ground and started to moan.

The other bodyguard immediately rang a bell next to the gate, and he shouted: “Enemy attack!”

“Get lost!” Chu Mo rushed forward, lifted the bodyguard by the collar, and threw him far away.

Soon after, Chu Mo raised his foot and kicked towards the vermilion colored gate!

The Prince Mansion gate normally didn’t open. Prince Xia Jing rarely went outside. Normally the small gate on the side was used. It was usually only opened for important celebrations or festivals.

Because of this, there were several bolts on the inside!

The wooden gate door was more than a foot thick. The outside was also wrapped in copper plating, and it was painted a vermillion color. There were also the pure copper bolts inside. It could only be smashed open by a battering ram that could explode with thousands of pounds of force. Using bare hands……it is practically an impossibility to smash open.

But Chu Mo only used a kick!


The copper bolts inside immediately bent out of shape, who knows how far they flew.

A powerful force, even the hinges and walls on both sides shattered into small pieces.

Collapsing with a loud rumble!

The thick heavy gate tower above immediately lost support, and it collapsed down with a rumble. The sign saying ‘Prince Mansion’ was directly crushed by the pressure, breaking apart!

The wealthy aristocrats of Da Xia all lived around the Prince Mansion. The street was peaceful, but there were still people walking around.

They all lost the ability to think after seeing this scene. Dumbstruck, they foolishly stared. The Prince Mansion gate fumed smoke and dust everywhere, a complete mess!

Then the people made a mad dash back to their homes after returning to their senses. They wanted to pass on the shocking news.

The street quickly became lively.

“Heavens, there is actually a person that dares cause trouble at the Prince Mansion. Is this maddness?”

“Why does that youngster look a little familiar?”

“It looks like old General Fan’s grandson ah…….”

“Half a year ago……didn’t he make Xia Jie a eunuch? Why has he returned? Didn’t prince Xia Jing give the order to have him killed?

“He actually dares come striking back? He truly has courage! Hahaha, interesting!”

Every person that could live here had high authority. They were all the wealthy aristocrats of Da Xia. They all stood from far away and watched the activity at this time. But now they looked like a group of common people at the marketplace. Their faces were all glowing with excitement.

Today’s excitement……is truly too big!

Chu Mo completely smashed the Prince Mansion gate with one kick. The resentment inside leaked out a little. Kicking down a large gate like this is no challenge for a Yuan cultivator on the verge of breaking into the fourth realm.

Practically everyone living on the edges of the Prince Mansion property were guards and subordinates. Because of this, a large amount of guards charged towards Chu Mo after the dust settled.

Chu Mo thundered loudly: “Da Jie, you son of a bitch! Come out for me! I spared you in vain before. I never thought you would actually send men to assassinate me!”

“Xia Jing! Xia Jing……you old thief, you also come out! If you don’t give me an explanation for today, I’ll smash your Prince Mansion!”

The crowd watching outside clearly heard everything. They were all left speechless.

This youngster……isn’t he too fierce? He actually dares call prince Xia Jing an old thief!

Chu Mo directly face the group of approaching guards.

The most powerful of these guards didn’t exceed the yellow rank two realm. Could they be Chu Mo’s match? Chu Mo took care of them in the blink of an eye. Although Chu Mo held back, the group of guards lost their entire ability to fight, and they had difficulty just climbing up from the ground.

“Xia Jie…… get out here!”

“You have the courage to use the Qing prefecture governor’s son to kill me. You don’t have the courage to come fight me directly?”

“Xia Jing, you are the prince of Da Xia. Did you teach your child to be this way? No wonder the emperor took away your Grand Secretary position. His majesty is truly wise! You can’t even teach your child, how could you rule a nation?”

“Both of you come out! Today we will have a good talk! The matter six months ago still isn’t finished. You both still want to kill me? Do you really think you can bully uncle Chu Mo?”

Chu Mo moved into the Prince Mansion interior while yelling. At the same time, he destroyed everything inside the Prince Mansion.

“This flower isn’t bad, do you want it? You don’t like it? You don’t want it? Okay, I also don’t want it. It’s a little unsightly. I’ll smash it!”

“What about this tree? What? Still no response? Hasn’t it grown a little tall? Cut it down!”

“The rock garden is an eyesore here. They would be better filling the lake!”

Boom rumble rumble!

Splash splash!

The whole Prince Mansion was in ruins after a short time.

Chu Mo’s voice spread far away, everyone outside could hear him clearly.

Each and every one was entirely speechless. Has the Fan General’s grandson gone crazy? He actually dares cause such a disturbance at the Prince Mansion. Is he not afraid of death?

Everyone who has entered the Prince Mansion knows that the flowers and trees inside……not a single one is ordinary!

They were all extremely rare and valuable species. Some would even quickly become extinct!

The Prince Mansion was like a duplicate of the royal gardens. For it to be smashed by someone, it made the crowd of people that rushed over to watch extremely happy.

Xia Jing naturally has his own faction, but it is not without enemies. Because he has been too overbearing over the years, he has forged a lot of enemies. These people had a lot of support inside for Chu Mo’s actions. They eagerly wished he became even more violent. They wanted him to smash the entire Prince Mansion.

And Chu Mo is doing just that!

He just now entered the vast gardens of the Prince Mansion. They actually raised lions, tigers, and other fierce beasts there. He kicked open the cages and laughed: “You were originally kings of the mountains and grasslands. How can you be locked up like cats? Go out and play!”


The lions and tigers immediately gushed out, passing by Chu Mo’s side.

Chu Mo’s aura made the group of beasts not dare attack him. But that didn’t mean they were afraid to attack others!

Quickly, there were roars and shrieks all throughout the Prince Mansion.

“Xia Jing……prince, you orchestrate a crime, then you want to kill the witness. Do you not feel ashamed?”

“Xia Jie, you shameless thing. Cowardly little rat……do you not deserve it?”

Boom rumble rumble!

Two elegant buildings collapsed into dust.

A large amount of guards already started to circle around at this time. But they were well behaved. They didn’t attack like the first time. They all knew they weren’t Chu Mo’s match.

An indignant voice passed through the air: “Little thing, you are an outlaw, do you want to die?”

Chu Mo laughed: “Finally someone decent comes? Don’t waste words, quickly come out and play. Young master wants to continue destroying!”


Another building collapsed.

The opponent immediately roared: “You seek death!”


A sword light flashed. A man stabbed towards Chu Mo.