Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 64: Behind the Yellow Bird

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Chapter 64: Behind the Yellow Bird

The street immediately burst with commotion and shocked cries.

Several people were normally walking on the street. They never thought half a dozen people would fall from the sky, and then ruthlessly smash into the hard limestone ground. Three of them even passed out. Two of them were laid out on the ground whimpering, who knows how many bones they broke.

Chu Mo walked over to Zhang Qingyu, pulled him up by the collar, hauled him to the window, and let his body suspend in the air. He coldly asked: “Noble son Zhang, you want to kill me?”

The fourth floor of the Gluttonous Ogre wasn’t especially high, but it wasn’t low either. This altitude was enough to kill a person if they fell at the right angle.

A cool wind blew past, Zhang Qingyu’s body suddenly trembled, soon after……he soiled himself. He was actually scared **!

[TL: ** in raws.]

“Noble son Chu……noble son Chu, I was wrong. I never wanted to kill you! Boohoo…….I only wanted to teach you a lesson. Get……get revenge for Xia Jie. I really never thought to kill you ah……don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. I’m begging you. Please don’t kill me!” Zhang Qingyu’s body suspended outside. Urine and feces dripped down his elegant clothing, stinking to high heaven.

The people below exploded, scattering far away. It was really losing face to the extreme level.

“You didn’t want to kill me? Why did your subordinates want to kill me?” Chu Mo coldly looked at Zhang Qingyu. He was so scared that all the color had left his face. Chu Mo was completely disgusted.

“They……they aren’t my men……” Zhang Qingyu whimpered: “They are Xia Jie’s subordinates……they are all men from the prince’s house! They have nothing to do with me!”

Miao Yiniang was behind Chu Mo, and she was originally worried the situation was getting a little out of hand. She relaxed a breath when she heard those words. Shen then disdainfully laughed, and softly said: “Truly a small-minded toy.”

Xu Fufu couldn’t help but laugh: “Yes, he says his own subordinates acted without permission? What a fool!”


Chu Mo tested out his right arm that wasn’t completely healed. He gave Zhang Qingyu a smack, and he still felt a little dull pain. Chu Mo then coldly laughed: “Do I believe what you say? Right, I have a grudge with Xia Jie, but you sully your master’s name in public. My grudge is clear, given that I hate Xia Jie. But I have never seen such shameless behavior!”

The crowd below couldn’t help but loudly applaud.

“Noble son Chu is a good person! He is a worthy grandson of the general. His gratitude and grudges are clear!”

“Noble Son Chu distinguishes from right and wrong, even behind closed doors!”

“He even resolves on behalf of his enemies. This kind of attitude……is worthy of admiration!”

“Absurd……when did my little black brother become so shameless?” Xu Fufu looked shocked at Chu Mo.

“Really, even though he originally had such intelligence, he wouldn’t use it in public like this. Goodness, where did my good hearted young master go?” Miao Yiniang said with a tinge of emotion.

Zhang Qingyu immediately regretted saying those words, but his little life was clutched by the hands of another. His senses had flown away. How could he dare lie? He even lost his ability to think. Zhang Qingyu whimpered: “I’m not deceiving you. I carry a letter from Xia Jie. You will know at first glance!”

“Damn, there’s even evidence?” Xu Fufu was startled.

“Pig!” Miao Yiniang had nothing else to say.

Zhang Qingyu struggled, and he fished out a letter from his pocket. He opened it trembling: “Look, look, here is Xia Jie’s seal. This handwriting……is also his!”

Chu Mo squinted, glanced at it, and coldly smiled. He was just about to say something.

At that time, there was shrill piercing sound in the air


A feather arrow flew towards Zhang Qingyu’s back!

Not good!

The enemy wanted to kill the witness!

Chu Mo was immediately furious. There wasn’t much he could do, so he threw Zhang Qingyu into a fruit stand below.


The arrow violently stuck into the Gluttonous Ogre’s wall, almost entirely sinking in. There was only the feather tail sticking out of the wall, fiercely trembling

This arrow was meant to kill!

Zhang Qingyu wouldn’t die from being thrown into the fruit stand, but falling from such a height made him cry like a little baby. Who knows how many bones he broke.

Miao Yiniang’s body already became a shadow when Chu Mo threw Zhang Qingyu down. She flew out the fourth story window in the direction the arrow came from.

Xu Fufu’s face became ice-cold as he called over several people. He commanded something to them, and then he walked to Chu Mo’s side: “Xia Jie……he seeks death!”

The people below in the street fled in all directions. The recents scene was really too shocking. The events were exciting, but they would rather have their lives.

“Go grab that letter and bring it back. Also, compensate the fruit stand vendor ten times over.” Chu Mo stood beside the window, his expression wasn’t too good looking. Had it not been for the arrow, it could be said Zhang Qingyu was only a little slow. He just wanted to please his master, and bring Chu Mo trouble.

But this letter and the arrow made Chu Mo have an ice-cold feeling. He was unbelievably angry!

Because he is being framed!

Chu Mo would be put in another inescapable situation had Zhang Qingyu died here today.

Other people couldn’t be certain where the arrow flew from, and the blame would be placed on Chu Mo.

As far as the letter? Chu Mo dared come to a conclusion……given that Zhang Qingyu readily insisted the letter is from Xia Jie, it is absolutely a fake!

A far as Chu Mo goes, beating up a provincial noble son wouldn’t be a problem, so long as he didn’t die. But it would be a completely different matter if he died!

Even Xu Zhongliang, the recently appointed Grand Secretary, would be implicated!

Because his grandson Xu Fufu is also there.

Including the Gluttonous Ogre and Miao Yiniang, no one could get away!

“Looks like I always underestimated them before.” Chu Mo coldly said: “I believe your relationship with the Gluttonous Ogre cannot be hidden much longer.”

Xu Fufu’s trusted men went down to clear up the destruction and take back the letter. He heard Chu Mo’s words, and indifferently laughed: “If it can’t be hidden, then it can’t be hidden. I built this restaurant with my own hands. I didn’t use family money! All of the funds are clean! Whoever wants to file a complaint against the Xu family has really miscalculated.”

“But today’s affair is a little unexpected. Looks like, not only is that idiot Xia Jie scheming, but I’m afraid his father Xia Jing cannot escape blame. Damn, this skill is truly fierce. On the surface, it appears to be a clash between noble sons, but it is on a higher level in reality. Killing several birds with one stone, really a good trick.”

Xu Fufu and Chu Mo are both extremely clever. These situations are not strange even though they are young. Deceiving them is practically an impossibility.

Xu Fufu’s subordinates brought the letter back at this time. Xu Fufu looked it over, and his brow wrinkled.

Chu Mo simply said: “Fake?”

Xu Fufu nodded: “Xia Jie’s brains didn’t spoil along with his dick. He isn’t enough of an idiot to leave evidence in another’s hands.” Xu Fufu was about to rip apart the letter as he spoke.

“Don’t.” Chu Mo stopped him.

“Why? We can’t use a fake as evidence? Nothing would happen even if it went all the way up to the emperor. We would be branded as false accusers.” Xu Fufu strangely looked at Chu Mo: “You can’t be thinking of using this letter to sue them?” Little black brother……I remember you weren’t so foolish?”

“Sue them? I’m not that foolish.” Chu Mo coldly smiled: “But, wouldn’t it be a pity to tear apart such a good letter? I had to fight my way out and flee Yellow Flame City in the past. I walked alone on the ice-field, narrowly escaping……I have returned today, and I still haven’t settled the score. They have taken the initiative. Do they still believe me to be the same person? The one they could easily bully half a year ago?”

Xu Fufu squinted: “You want to…….”

“Ha, this is something I will tell you later. Remember to tidy up everything broken for me!” Chu Mo patted Xu Fufu’s shoulder: “Those men I threw outside are certainly not from the prince’s mansion! Tie the ones up that haven’t died for me to use! In addition, send people to guard that idiot Zhang Qingyu. Don’t let him die. Then inform his father to bring people! This is a big favor! We saved his son!”

“My goodness, little black brother, you really aren’t that simple youth anymore. You are truly ruthless, and without any shame! But I like it!” Xu Fufu grinned. He hits a man’s son, throws him out a window, and then he wants the man to be thankful. This is something the previous Chu Mo definitely couldn’t do. At most he would’ve sat behind the scenes and given Xu Fufu this idea.

“Yes, I will leave this to you.” Chu Mo curled his lips and thought: Is this much? I will let you go through the things I have experienced. You would be even more ruthless!

Compared with Seventh Elder of the Immortal Sky and Elder Hao Yue, would I be considered shameless? I am still a pure little snowflake compared to them!

“What are you leaving to do?” Xu Fufu said to Chu Mo. He looked at the letter in his hand, and he said speechlessly: “You wouldn’t be going to the prince’s mansion to cause trouble?”

Chu Mo grinned wide: “Listen to the news!” Chu Mo’s figure flashed as he spoke. He jumped out the window and glided two hundred feet through the air. He landed on the rooftop across the street on his tiptoes, then he leaped up again, disappearing out of sight.

Xu Fufu stood at the fourth floor window feeling anxious. His Yuan power is only at the second realm. He would dare jump out the window, but to do it like Chu Mo is an impossibility.

“He’s going to the prince’s mansion to cause trouble? Why is he leaving behind a sworn brother?” Xu Fufu swore, and he finished taking care of matters there. He was actually a little relieved in his heart. Someone of his status would be unsuited to appear in the prince’s mansion. Xu Fufu would bring his grandfather great trouble without any valid justification.

Miao Yiniang returned at this time, and her facial color was a little unsightly.

Xu Fufu asked: “Didn’t find anyone?”

Miao Yiniang shook her head: “Dead!”

“Dead?” Xu Fufu stared blankly.

“Suicide.” Miao Yiniang gritted her teeth: “I was only one step behind!”

Xu Fufu’s brow wrinkled, and he mumbled: “Looks like……this will be some fun!”

“And young master?” Miao Yiniang somewhat strangely asked.

“He’s attacking the prince’s mansion.” Xu Fufu’s smile was gloating, yet it held some regret.