Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 63: Provincial Governer’s Noble Son

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Chapter 63: Provincial Governer’s Noble Son

Chu Mo looked at Miao Yiniang: “There are still people causing trouble here?”

Miao Yiniang’s face also carried an uncertain color. She said: “It has been a long time since anyone caused trouble.”

Xu Fufu looked at Chu Mo and laughed: “Perhaps they came for you!”

Chu Mo curled his lips and coldly said: “It must be said, many more people hate you in Yellow Flame City than hate me!”

“Fine, you two calm down, I’ll go down and look.” Miao Yiniang said. She stood up and moved to leave.

Xu Fufu said: “Since the opportunity is here, let’s go together. Who is so blind that they would dare run into my territory and cause trouble?”

Miao Yiniang said: “That’s enough. Who in Yellow Flame City knows this is your business?

Xu Fufu laughed: “This is simply seeing injustice on a journey, grabbing a sword, and helping!” He looked with bad intentions at Miao Yiniang’s bursting chest: “My blade is very good, do you want to try?”

“Scram!” Miao Yiniang kicked Xu Fufu in the butt, directly sending him out of the room.

The noisy sound below became even more distinct as soon as the door opened. A young man could be heard yelling unsatisfied: “I have really never seen a restaurant like yours, you actually won’t let me go upstairs? Fuck, uncle has plenty of money! Do you know who my father is? Do your want your restaurant shut down?”

“Ha ha, who is your father? I should go ask your mother. How could outsiders like us know? Our little restaurant’s business is really good. You should just accept the situation and move on. Does noble son disagree?” Miao Yiniang talked as she moved downstairs. She gave Chu Mo and Xu Fufu a passing glance along the way.

The noisy group of people were on the third floor.

In fact, the third floor was the most lavishly decorated floor!

This floor was made up of several large and small rooms. Each room was carefully decorated, and had its own unique style. It showed very high quality and taste, but the rooms were not pompous or gaudy.

The richest people in Yellow Flame City likes this floor the most. Even several of the people that could eat on the fourth floor chose to stay on the third.

The fourth floor decorations were reserved. People without self-restraint felt it wasn’t good. Furthermore, the entire fourth floor atmosphere was high-class. It was extremely formal, and one would not normally go there unless they were entertaining important people.

The style on the third floor was much more suited for friends and family gatherings.

Miao Yiniang’s spoke very vaguely. If the level of her voice was a little less, you couldn’t even hear her scolding someone. The young man didn’t hear her, and he saw the beautiful Miao Yiniang softly step down the stairs. His eyes immediately locked onto her.

Miao Yiniang wrinkled her brow. She felt the most disgusting is men overflowing with lust, hoping to take a bite of her. Xu Fufu seems very flirty and often hits on her, but in reality, he is very respectful to her.

“Are you the boss here?” The young man saw Miao Yiniang’s unwelcoming expression right away. He retracted his cheesy expression and coldly spoke.

He comes with evil intent!

The closely following Chu Mo and Xu Fufu looked at each other. They both understood the opponent’s intent.

“Not bad, noble son appears to be a person of status at first look. Making noise here, do you wish your status to fall?” Miao Yiniang dully said.

“Ha…….a small restaurant owner speaking such words. Looks like you are able bully people.” A thirty year old man stood next to the young noble son. His face looked violent. He wore splendid clothing, and he appeared to have some skill. He coldly said to Miao Yiniang: “Is a supporter behind the scenes? Is that why you don’t place anyone in your eyes?”

Miao Yiniang plainly smiled: “You speak serious words. We are only a restaurant here, that’s it. We open our doors wide and welcome anyone to eat. But if there is trouble…….it is best to do without.”

“Ha ha ha ha, this is the first time noble son has seen someone more arrogant than myself. And it is a female restaurant owner, really interesting……really interesting!” The young man’s facial color became cold as he spoke: “Zhang Mo, tell her who I am!”

The violent looking man coldly said: “He is the Qing province governor Zhang Chong’s noble son, Zhang Qingyu!”

Chu Mo and Xu Fufu heard the three words Qing province governor, and they were immediately a little startled. They looked at each other, and Xu Fufu’s mouth slightly opened. He barely whispered: “Xia Jing!”

The Qing province is the closest province to Yellow Flame City. It is also the largest province among Da Xia’s nine. The Qing province’s governor Zhang Chong obviously has great authority. He is a truly powerful official. And this Zhang Chong is a zealous follower of Xia Jing.

Xu Fufu winked at Chu Mo when he spoke: Look, didn’t they obviously rush here for you?

Chu Mo was a bit helpless. He knew that Xia Jing and Xia Jia would come for revenge sooner or later, but he never thought they would come this fast. He just returned to Yellow Flame City, and they have already started. But isn’t this method a little low in level?

Chu Mo was a little vexed at the same time. Does the prince of Da Xia not have any brains? He shouldn’t use this kind of method to find trouble. The best method for a person of Xia Jing’s status to get revenge, it is simply to make the person disappear from the world!

Xia Jie also extremely hated Chu Mo. He hated being unable to tear Chu Mo to pieces, but he also wouldn’t use this brainless method.

‘Could this provincial level noble son be acting on his own?’ Chu Mo thought to himself.

Zhang Qingyu’s father is the close follower of prince Xia Jing. This is no secret in Da Xia.

Prince Xia Jing losing favor was a huge blow to Zhang Chong. His supporting mountain directly collapsed. How long he can maintain his reign as a provincial governor…….is really hard to say.

So Zhang Qingyu naturally hated Chu Mo. He believed Chu Mo is the origin for Xia Jing’s downfall. After all, this is what the rumors say.

Chu Mo felt that Zhang Qingyu heard he was in the Gluttonous Ogre, and he directly rushed here to find trouble.

But Zhang Qingyu never imagined that he wouldn’t even get to see Chu Mo. He was unexpectedly blocked off by the restaurant workers before he could go upstairs!

A person with Zhang Qinyu’s status would normally have the qualifications to eat on the fifth floor. The problem is the Gluttonous Ogre personnel had never seen him before.

Zhang Qingyu was naturally in a rage. If he wasn’t hiding his status to cause Chu Mo trouble, he would have smashed this place a long time ago.

Miao Yiniang is extremely clever. How could she not understand what is going on after seeing the situation? She turned around and told Chu Mo and Xu Fufu to return. She would settle this.

Her intentions immediately made Zhang Qingyu even more angry. He coldy said: “What? Is the provincial governor not worthy of this restaurant’s boss?”

Miao Yiniang was just about to speak, but Xu Fufu came down from the stairs. He stopped on the last step. Because from there, he was higher up than Zhang Qingyu. He looked down upon Zhang Qingyu and laughed loudly: “A provincial governor really isn’t bad, a high level official!”

Zhang Qingyu had naturally done his homework before coming to seek trouble. He knew who this handsome young man was. His face revealed a slight smile when he heard Xu Fufu speak flatteringly. He even pretended not to notice Xu Fufu stood on the step to become a head taller.

But Xu Fufu continued on: “But a provincial governor’s son…….what is he?”

Zhang Qingyu’s face immediately changed.

Xu Fufu provoked him: “This is Yellow Flame City! Not the Qing province! Do you want to cause trouble here, or leave? Your master hides at home all day with his tail between his legs. He doesn’t dare come outside and face reality. What have you come out all cocky for?”

“You……on what basis do you speak this way to me?” Zhang Qingyu wanted to punch the young man on the steps right in the face, but he sized up the situation inside, and didn’t dare.

This young man’s status was much more impressive than a provincial level noble son like himself. If he really did this, his father and even Xia Jing probably couldn’t protect him.

“I’ll give you three words.” Xu Fufu pupil’s coldly flashed as he looked at Zhang Qingyu: “Scram!”

“That’s only one word.” Chu Mo pointed out.

“Ah, I still have two words huh?” Xu Fufu’s mouth twitched: “My math isn’t too good, see forgiveness. Then how about I add two words.”

“Leave now!”

A harsh bark.

It actually made Zhang Qingyu’s body slightly quiver.

Xu Fufu disappointedly shook his head. He turned to Chu Mo and said: “Really embarrassing……do you see? This terrified little thing came running here to find trouble. Ah……not enough to make me lose face.”

Zhang Qingyu’s face became bright red. His blood began to boil, then he faced Chu Mo and yelled: “The bastard named Chu……he only has the ability to hide behind a woman and a brother. This boss came to bring you trouble today!”

This voice made Miao Yiniang and Xu Fufu’s faces greatly change, and become extremely agitated.

As for Chu Mo——


The clear noise of someone being slapped in the face resounded.

Noble son Zhang Qingyu spun around in place more than a dozen times by the strike.

He cried like a baby, and spat out a mouthful of blood. There were also over a dozen teeth mixed in with the spit. Finally he splashed onto his butt on the floor. His face looked completely ignorant, with dull eyes. Chu Mo actually slapped him silly.

“Uneducated thing, speak to me like that again, and I’ll have your life!” Chu Mo stood at Miao Yiniang’s side. He coldly stared at Zhang Qingyu sitting on the ground. The thing he hated most since he was a child is people cursing his family name.

Everyone knows the army General Fan Wudi raised an orphan child named Chu Mo.

Because of this, when Chu Mo was present, any mention of his father and mother was taboo. If someone dared curse Chu Mo’s parents, it didn’t matter who, Chu Mo would completely lose his mind.

Zhang Qingyu acted recklessly. He felt the son of an army general, not even blood related, could be cursed or hit. What could he do back?

The rumors say prince Xia Jing fell out of grace because of Chu Mo, but that is because there is a young princess in the rumor! Otherwise, why was the emperor indifferent when Chu Mo was being hunted down?

So in the bottom of his heart, Zhang Qingyu never placed Chu Mo in his eyes. He never thought Chu Mo would act without first explaining, or at least cursing him. But rather Chu Mo simply slapped him right away. Chu Mo slapped him silly, and scattered his wits.

“Bold, you actually dare strike the provincial noble son in public!”

“Grab him!”

“Quickly bind him!”

The young man next to Zhang Qingyu commanded in a low voice: “Kill if he resists!”

Several men slightly hesitated, then charged at Chu Mo!



They each pulled out weapons, and murderous looks emerged.

“Want to kill me?” Chu Mo’s pupils shined a cold light. He raised his hand, blocked Miao Yiniang and Xu Fufu, then said: “You all don’t move!”

He suddenly rushed forward after speaking. His image flickered like a demon, and several people were sent flying out the window.