Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 62: Those Former Events

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Chapter 62: Those Former Events

Ordinarily this would be no big deal. Scholars visit brothels. It is an elegant thing.

Xia Jing was nearing sixty years old, but he took extremely good care of himself. He had a scholarly aura and a temperament of someone with high status and authority. It was enough to attract countless women.

When a man like him, a prince and Grand Secretary, patronizes a brothel hostess, it is normally be considered a great fortune to her.

This type of thing would fail to make Xu 2Fu and Chu Mo meddle in another person’s business.

But a rumor circulated in the upper circles of Da Xia. Although Xia Jing is the prince and the Grand Secretary, he has a significantly perverted habit! That is, he likes to torture pretty young girls to death!

This rumor was actually already a fact……a tragic fact!

Because over the years, several popular hostesses from the top level brothels disappeared without a trace. There was never any questions, as if they never existed at all.

Many people thought a grand person was buying them out when it first started. They were becoming outer workers or concubines.

But in this world, there is no wall that gossip cannot penetrate. Gradually, a shocking rumor began to spread: The prince Xia Jing engaged in excessive amounts of debauchery when he was younger. Some time after giving birth to his son Xia Jie, he lost the ability to have sex.

What does an overflowingly powerful adult that can have any woman lack? Several hundred women had been conquered in the prince’s mansion. Not being able to have sex……is simply the greatest punishment from the heavens!

This is a the greatest disgrace as a man! Don’t even mention that he is a prince.

Xia Jing searched for a medical cure when it first started. Who knows how many top grade medicines and Yuan pills he acquired. But everything…….was completely useless.

Everything was strong from head to toe……apart from that place.

It is an enormous torment and disgrace for a man. A person might not suffer over a short period, but who could bear it over a long period of time?

As a result, the psychology of Da Xia’s incomparably dignified man started to change.

He started to persecute the women in his palace in the beginning. The affair spread after he tormented wildly and killed several.

As a result, Xia Jing changed his target to the most popular hostesses at Yellow Flame City’s brothels.

Those women were cut off from the world, talented and good-looking, and they lacked any status. No one would dare come running before Xia Jing and ask for justice if one of them died.

The even more terrifying thing is this. Xia Jing’s degree of perversion increased with his age!

Some of the women in his hands would occasionally survive when he first started, but later on, not a single one could live on and return to the world.

Who in Da Xia would dare challenge the prince besides the emperor? And who would dare run to the emperor and accuse his son?

So Xia Jing became reckless and wanton outside the law.

Xia Jing was scared to the heavens the first time he saw that hostess. He thought she was a heavenly fairy, and he began to have feelings for her. But he knew his own defects well. This girl would certainly not live once she fell into his hands.

As a result, he constantly controlled and endured. Because after all, a hostess like her could bring his brothel an enormous profit. Furthermore, it would be bad practice to touch his own brothels hostess.

Later on……who would dare be a hostess for this brothel? Even the brothel manager would hold resentment against him.

Anyone would be afraid of his high authority, but at the same time, the people below him need to make money. He cannot commit offenses to the below below him.

But he finally couldn’t bear it in the end. He drank too much, and the expression in his eyes was full of desire for the hostess.

Other people didn’t notice, but the hostess herself……she saw it clearly. She thought of the rumors she had heard, and was immediately scared out of her mind.

She went and begged to the boss, but the boss said she was being overly sensitive. He said the prince is the brothel’s real owner. How could he cut down his own money tree?

Coincidently, this was the first time Xu 2Fu snuck away from home to visit the brothel and drink. He mentioned his family name after arriving at the brothel, then said he wanted the most popular hostess.

As a result, he ran into this stunning beauty with red eyes, like she has just finished crying. Xu 2Fu naturally had to ask. Does she not like young master? Does she think young master too young? Is that why she weeps?

The terrified hostess realised Xu 2Fu wasn’t a snot-nosed little child after finding out his real status. She told everything to Xu 2Fu. Then the tears started flowing. She would rather end her own life than be tortured to death.

Xu 2Fu liked the stunning beauty at first glance. How could he watch her certain death? Xu 2Fu slapped his chest on the spot and said he would certainly rescue her.

That is the story that shocked Yellow Flame City. A nine year old noble son redeemed a sixteen year old hostess.

Chu Mo also participated in that story, but it was all kept in the dark. The two noble sons’ power and methods combined, and they accomplished the task in the end.

The brothel owner made noise for a long time, and Xia Jing was also secretly enraged. It is said he broke a lot of valuable antiques. But he could only settle the matter by leaving it unsettled in the end. He is the dynasty’s Grand Secretary. Is he going to go argue with his assistant’s grandson?

Even if he spoke with Xu Zhongliang, nine times out of ten the old man would say: Children act on their own. He’s softhearted, and he couldn’t watch the girl fall to prostitution……

What could Xia Jing say to these words?

Xu Shan hurried up from the south and ruthlessly gave Xu 2Fu a beating. So why was Xu Shan then silent about the matter afterwards? He found out the truth from his son, and he began to look down upon prince Xia Jing’s perverted hobby!

On the outside he ruthlessly punished his son, but on the depths inside, he yet secretly praised his own son’s actions!

He could make that old bastard suffer, and he even stole away his brothel’s most popular girl……this is something to be overjoyed about!

Of course, as a father, he couldn’t raise his son that way, so Xu 2Fu got a beating.

Xu 2Fu left home afterwards in a depressed state!

He and Chu Mo decided to head towards the military camp and relax.

Then along the road, they encountered the injured Miao Yiniang!

Miao Yiniang was being hunted down by people at the time. She suffered serious injury and would soon be beyond cure. She saw Chu Mo and Xu Fufu from far away, and she believed them to be saviors. Miao Yiniang saw they were just children when they got close, and she lost all hope, fainting on the spot.

Miao Yiniang wasn’t as elegant at that time. She was covered in dirt and blood. Normal children would have turned and ran.

But Chu Mo and Xu Fufu only looked at each other. They lifted Miao Yiniang up and ran off. The two were young, but they both had begun cultivating Yuan power. Lifting up a person was naturally no problem.

They found a secret location and hid Miao Yiniang inside. Then Chu Mo made Xu Fufu stay and watch Miao Yiniang. He tore off a piece of bloody clothes, returned to the original location, and waited there.

Seven or eight men came by after a short time. They looked vicious. They pointed their blades at Chu Mo once they saw him, and they asked if he had seen an injured girl.

Chu Mo acted scared, and he brought the group to a riverbank several miles away. He said a girl jumped in the river here, and she was swept by the water.

The group carefully searched all around, and they finally discovered a piece of bloody cloth in the brush. It was definitely the cloth worn by Miao Yiniang. They completely believed, and they didn’t make things difficult for Chu Mo. The men then pursued to lower reaches of the river.

Miao Yiniang avoided being seized!

Xu 2Fu’s trip to the military camp never completed, because he carried Miao Yiniang to Yellow Flame City. He found an extremely hidden place to heal her wounds. Miao Yiniang then stayed in Yellow Flame City after her injuries healed.

Chu Mo and Xu Fufu never asked about her history. Miao Yiniang also never said. But just by looking at her talent, Miao Yiniang should be a cultivator from a sect. She never denied this point.

Several people tried to cause trouble when the Gluttonous Ogre opened, but they were practically all taken care of by Miao Yiniang.

The room became quiet. The three seemed to recollect former events.

The event four years ago had a deep influence on the three. Chu Mo kicking Xia Jie into an Eunuch definitely had something to do with those events. He felt the father and son were both animals, and not even death could wipe out their crimes.

“All in the past, I heard Xia Jing fell out of favor. Ha ha, those events are worth a toast.” Chu Mo lifted lifted up the pot of wine and poured three a glasses. Then he lifted his glass and laughed: “I believe, we will be even better in the future!”

Miao Yiniang radiant pupils flickered. She looked at Chu Mo and said: “Right, this girl also believes the future will be even better!”

Xu Fufu raised a glass and sighed: “Hey, I’m down a wife, it’s really sad! I’ve lost my love. I need to get drunk, you two don’t speak to me!”

“Cut it!” Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang both gave Xu Fufu a dirty look.

“Fool!” Chu Mo said.

“Really stupid.” Miao Yiniang nodded: “I don’t know how Liu Mei’er endures you. She is dead set on you.”

Liu Mei’er was the popular hostess at that time.

Liu Mei’er lived in Yellow Flame City at one of Xu Fufu’s courtyards after being redeemed. He took her out and made her a manager of the Gluttonous Ogre when it opened shop. There was a lot of interaction between her and Miao Yiniang. The two were like sisters. Miao Yiniang was naturally very familiar with Liu Mei’er’s situation.

“Ha ha ha, that is my Mei’er……of course she is dead set on me!” Xu Fufu said pleased with himself.

“Is big sister Mei still good?” Chu Mo asked.

“She says she really wants to thank you.” Miao Yiniang said smiling.

Xu Fufu immediately got mad. He looked at Chu Mo angry: “Little black Chu……!”

Chu Mo looked innocent: “What does this have to do with me?”

“How could it not have to do with you? Mei’er still won’t let me touch her. She says I swindled her, and the real savior is you…….” Xu Fufu looked like he would spit blood: “Uncle has such bad luck! I donate money, donate energy, and even get a beating, yet I don’t get the least bit of credit in the end…….”

“Ha ha ha……” Chu Mo almost passed out laughing. He looked at the fool and said: “Some day, how about I give you a good recommendation when I see sister Mei?”

“Fine fine, but don’t tell her anything. I want to try myself. Little black Chu, everyone says I am the number one playboy in Yellow Flame City, but that is when I’m not with you! Whenever I am with you, all the beatiful women only see you! They must all have eye diseases!” Xu Fufu returned a dirty look and muttered.

A noisy sound suddenly came from down below. The three at the table couldn’t help but wrinkle their brows.