Murdering Heaven Edge - Chapter 61: That Year

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Chapter 61: That Year

Miao Yiniang quickly came back carrying an enormous serving tray. She brought back several exquisite dishes and placed them on the table. She also brought a pot of warm wine back with her. Miao Yiniang placed it between the two and said: “You two young masters drink slow, I still have a few things I’m busy with……”

“Wait.” Xu 2Fu quickly spoke.

“What?” Miao Yiniang coldly looked at Xu 2Fu and groaned. She duly said: “Are you trying to hit on me again?”

Xu 2Fu pulled back his neck. He looked over at the three hundred year old vase which was recently thrown at him. Xu 2Fu had set it next to him on the window sill. His mouth twitched, and then he said: “Little black Chu has something to tell you.”

“Ah?” Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo: “You are finally agreeing? You promise to take me as a maid?”

“……” Chu Mo was at a complete loss. He used his hands to cover his face, then reluctantly said: “Are you remembering that?”

Xu 2Fu had a jealous expression: “I say…..big sister Miao, why must you be like this? The person who rescued you that time……was also me! I also helped! Why must you always think to only repay little black Chu? What kind of logic is that? It’s simply insane!”

Miao Yiniang glanced over at Xu 2Fu, then she gracefully sat down next to Chu Mo. A burst of fragrant wind came by. Chu Mo shuffled over to the window without batting an eyelid.

Miao Yiniang was a little hurt: “Look, do you know why?”

“Isn’t this cheap……” Xu 2Fu couldn’t help but give a haughty look: “Do you like him because he always avoids you? Fine, your Xu family uncle will go far far away from you starting tomorrow!”

“I long for the day, I couldn’t be thankful enough!” Miao Yiniang said.

“……” Xu 2Fu was enraged. He lifted up a pot of alcohol and downed it in one gulp. Then he said: “I see, you don’t like me. Ah, you let a handsome devil like me go, but you actually want an ugly guy like little black Chu. I’m really deeply hurt!”

Miao Yiniang lovingly smiled. She paid Xu 2Fu no mind, but instead turned to look at Chu Mo. Her beautiful eyes fell on Chu Mo: “Well is it about that?”

Chu Mo shook his head: “Sister, you were originally a sect member of noble status. Why bother fulfilling that promise? I told you back then, rescuing you…….I was really just at the right place at the right time. I never wanted you to repay anything. You have helped me all these years. It’s already enough! There would be no Gluttonous Ogre today without you. I couldn’t have fled Yellow Flame City without you. Neither Xu 2Fu nor my grandfather were here at that time. There was only you.”

“So, strictly speaking, I saved you once. You have also saved me once. We are already even. If you wish to leave, 2Fu and I cannot say anything.”

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo with her captivating smile: “Sister likes your serious manner.”


Xu 2Fu sprayed out the mouthful of food he was about to swallow. He angrily looked at Miao Yiniang: “Little black Chu, the Xu family grandfather was wrong about you. What flower hasn’t been groped by you? You are clearly an experienced playboy! Your skill at loosening the reins to grasp them better is a true beauty.”

Chu Mo dully looked at Xu 2Fu: “Stick to business.”

“Cough……” Xu 2Fu was defeated by Chu Mo’s three words. Dejected, he said with a sad face: “Fine, ah, one less wife is just one less. The falling flowers are yearning for love, but the heartless brook ripples on. What else can I say?”

Miao Yiniang seriously looked at Chu Mo now: “Whatever you need me to do, only speak it and it’s done. Anyways, you don’t accept me as your maid, but I still see you as my young master!”

“And me?” Xu 2Fu expectantly looked at Miao Yiniang.

“You are my young master’s brother and my boss.” Miao Yiniang smiled at Xu 2Fu.

“Give me a bucket! I need to spit blood!” Xu 2Fu returned a dirty look and muttered.

Chu Mo chose not to acknowledge the fool. He looked at Miao Yiniang and said: “I want my own power!”

“Ah?” Miao Yiniang’s pupils flickered as she looked at Chu Mo.

Chu Mo continued on: “I desire this power to do many things for me after it develops! But I only need it to give me various information at the present stage.”

Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo a little surprised: “Why do you suddenly want to do that? Do you wish to give your grandfather trouble? Damn, my young master really isn’t easy. You think to do something like this, but when it comes to taking me as a maid…….”

“Can we not bring that up?” Chu Mo looked frustrated.

“Okay, you are young master, you’ve just agreed!” Miao Yiniang seemed to be very happy. Her face was all smiles: “Speak, what do you want me to do?”

“I want……to make you responsible for this matter.” Chu Mo said: “After all, with 2Fu and my status…….we can’t do this while being in the spotlight.”

Miao Yiniang thought it over, then nodded: “Okay, this is no problem, but I also have a question.”

Chu Mo pathetically looked at Miao Yiniang: “So long as it isn’t about becoming my maid……”

Miao Yiniang scoffed off her smile, gave Chu Mo a dirty look, and angrily said: “Of course it isn’t about that! My question is, what degree do you want to develop this power to? Speak directly. What is your wild ambition? Subvert the royal power? Do you wish to be the king of the underworld?”

“Subvert royal power? No, I have never thought of doing that. But, setting up a formidable power, and becoming the king of the underworld…….this is a possibility!” Chu Mo’s voice was slow and even as he said each world. An unspeakable aura emitted from his body.

Xu 2Fu couldn’t help but be shocked. He mumbled: “This guy……he really changed!”

Miao Yiniang’s beautiful eyes became even more colorful. She smiled and said: “It looked like you experienced many things over the past half year! You’ve had such an unexpected and large transformation, but I like it!”

Chu Mo face was steady, but he bitterly smiled inside: Sister, how could you begin to know what I have experienced over the past half year?

Xiaoyu disappeared from this world because of me. The person that caused her to leave is already dead, but they were from Da Qi!

What is Da Qi? Da Qi is one of the Green Dragon continent’s number one powers!

The combined power of Da Qi is no less powerful than the mighty empire of Da Xia!

He had never directly crossed swords with Da Qi, but the hatred of both sides……is to the death!

Chu Mo also didn’t feel he could keep hiding his status. Da Qi would know one day that he destroyed the plans they set up for twenty years……and the main linchpin is the grandson of a Da Xia general.

Would they let him go at that time?

Chu Mo wasn’t the kind of person to take a beating while sitting down. There was pride and stubbornness in his bones that ordinary people couldn’t comprehend.

“I think, it is feasible!” Miao Yiniang looked at Chu Mo, then she looked at Xu 2Fu: “You two young masters sit tight. I believe……it won’t be difficult!”

“I will have one-armed uncle come find you for specific matters. He has several elite soldiers that have retired in his hand. The degree of loyalty for those soldiers doesn’t need to be stated. Their personal skills are all extraordinary. They can form the initial foundation for our power.”

Miao Yiniang nodded: “Very good!”

Xu 2Fu suddenly said: “If it is like this, I think our Gluttonous Ogre should start a wide scale expansion! It will not only give us money, but it will also provide a prime shelter!”

“Not bad, only…….is there enough money?” Chu Mo thought of his Yuan stones and felt very painful.

“There is enough money in the accounts to open up ten branches with some leftover.” Miao Yiniang said with a smile: “You two bosses don’t even do anything. Let me take care of the business. There’s no need to question me. If I had a mind, I would already be one of the richest women in Da Xia!”

“Ha ha, we are all family. Why do you cause a divide?” Xu 2Fu was the kind of person to take advantage even in death.

Miao Yiniang stared at Xu 2Fu and said: “Shut your mouth! Otherwise this girl will throw you out the window!”

“So violent. I didn’t mean it like that……” Xu 2Fu weakly explained.

Miao Yiniang grabbed a pot of wine. She first gave it to Chu Mo to drink, then to Xu 2Fu, and finally she took a large drink herself. She looked at the two after finishing, and she said with emotion: “I will speak honestly. I am much older than you two masters, but this life is still yours! Therefore, your business is my business! Don’t worry two young masters, Yiniang will do her best!”

Miao Yiniang took a cup and toasted.

Chu Mo and Xu 2Fu looked at each other, and then they both took a drink.

Xu 2Fu said: “Little black brother is right. We were only in the right place at the right time when we saved you. There is no reason to keep this promise.”

Chu Mo nodded.

Then Xu 2Fu said: “And big sister is so beautiful!”

“…….” Chu Mo and Miao Yiniang were both completely stunned. They speechlessly stared at Xu 2Fu.

“Cough cough… meaning is, even if other people encounter this kind of thing, they could not sit back and idly watch.’ Xu 2Fu lacked confidence as he explained.

Chu Mo saw the reddish eyes of Miao Yiniang, and he remembered what happened at that time.

One must speak about the time four years ago when talking about Miao Yiniang.

Chu Mo and Xu 2Fu were only nine years old at that time.

They would just be snot-nosed babies if they were in an ordinary house, but these two had done many things that far surpassed the adults by the time they were nine.

Right, that was the year Xu 2Fu paid the debt for the most popular hostess at Yellow Flame City’s largest brothel.

Xu 2Fu suffered a lot of pressure because of this. He not only received pressure from his family, but also pressure from different social circles. There was obviously a lot of strong support behind the largest brothel in Yellow Flame City. There was even a rumor going around. People said the hidden boss was prince Xia Jing.

But everyone knew the part about Chu Mo and Xu 2Fu was no rumor.

It takes at least seven or eight years for a brothel to raise a proper hostess. It could even take ten years. This process requires a lot of resources and meticulous care to train an excellent hostess.

It doesn’t need to be stated how much resources and energy the most popular hostess consumed.

Even the best brothel couldn’t afford to lose their most popular hostess.

The so-called most popular one was snatched away by Xu 2Fu, the important son of a top-level official. The brothel was miserable.

They would probably go bankrupt within a few years.

The brothel tried every possible way. They used the carrot and the stick, called on several relations, and requested Xu 2Fu give up the hostess.

But this time, the person supporting Xu 2Fu to take away the hostess……was Chu Mo!

The girl would have an extremely miserable fate if Xu 2Fu didn’t take her away!

In theory, brothel hostesses are skilled talents that don’t sell their bodies. Each one of them possesses unordinary skills. They could play instruments, play chess, read, paint, embroider, etc.

The most popular was naturally the most skilled.

But the part about not selling the body……really exists only in theory. The idea of these girls only selling artistic skill was a thin piece of paper. It was easily poked through by people of power!

The person who had their eyes on the hostess was none other than the cabinet’s Grand Secretary. The man with the most power in Da Xia——Xia Jing!